Understanding is incomplete until it is lived

[This came as I was writing The Cosmic Internet.]

Saturday, November 27, 2010

7 AM. Today I have set for writing the first draft version of chapter 5 and thus preparing for a unified vision of the book. The intro will still have to be written last, regardless what I wrote to get myself going. Now for the first time I will be inventing from my own material rather than patching theirs – though even “my own” material is as much theirs as mine.

Well, don’t worry about it.

The levels of difference are slipping, I see. The barriers are coming down, and that is very comforting and encouraging. The thoughts that flit through just under the barrier of my awareness are almost becoming readable. A little slower on the part of the unconscious, a little faster on the part of the consciousness, and we’ll have more regular communication.

And I see that this, writing here, is a way to put together chapter 5. But I didn’t think of that.

So. The purposes of the book or to provide an unusual and a hopeful

No, you’d better do it. I can always edit.

Understanding is incomplete until it moves into day-to-day living. Until you live out an idea, it is only an idea that may be true or false or (usually) a little of each. But what good are ideas as playthings, if you need anchors for your lives? It isn’t enough to see your lives differently. You must live your best understanding, or new ideas will only add confusion.

So in this chapter among other things are three major do-it-yourself guides. If you can contact your own sources of guidance, if you can maintain your own health, and repair it when need be, and understand the meaning when you cannot, and if you can systematically regain control of what will look to you like split-off parts of yourself, you will live a richer, fuller, more joyous life, and will be able to be of active assistance to others – which you may find to be the greatest satisfaction.

First, guidance. How can you live in perpetual awareness of the non-physical part of you that will provide a helpful overview of your life, moment by moment?

Then, health. How can you maintain yourself in optimal physical and mental health, over and above any assistance you may need or think you need from medical professionals?

Third, consciousness itself. How can you overcome past traumas, integrate forgotten sources of unproductive attitudes and resistances? How can you be the higher self for so many elements at lower levels of awareness?

In short, how can you live up to a potential you can scarcely imagine? It’s all here, in a few pages. And the nicest thing is, you can move at your own pace. Of course, there is always some difficulty in defining which “you” we mean!

(I was going to include a section on how to maintain yourself in optimal physical and mental health, but this is too big a subject to tackle here. I defer it to another book which I have tentatively titled Imagine Yourself Well. In any case, perfecting your connection to guidance and learning to reprogram your consciousness will probably improve your health automatically, as a side effect. It may, it may not.)

Then I will fill in those sections. Thanks.

One thought on “Understanding is incomplete until it is lived

  1. One item of lived understanding that has become quite useful and handy: Whenever I find someone/something irritates me, I let myself be irritated, not suppressing it im me, but I whish the object of irritation well. The lady who smokes upwind so that I inhale the smoke: wish her well, she needs it. Wishing anyone/anything well softens me and lets me be more fee. And it also helps compassion to come to consciousness. And then the irritation just blows away. So suppressing was an unsuccessful strategy, but conversion works well.

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