The view from 3D you

The view from 3D you

Thursday, January 30, 2020

4:30 a.m. All right, my friends, yesterday you said you would set out the third view of our plight as 3D beings.

We didn’t say plight, though. In some ways your intense 3D existence has its enviable characteristics, as you sometimes remember.

Drama, chiefly, right? Or, let’s say intensity.

Intensity, indeed.

  • A 3D life, lived relatively in a state of isolation is, as we have said many times, in a state of intensity produced by isolation.
  • Time and space are ego-centric

No, that will be misinterpreted as meaning prideful or arrogant. I guarantee it. You’ll need to say it differently if you want to be understood.

We see that. Too bad, as alternate ways of saying what we mean are not so concise.

  • A 3D experience always centers on its own experience. The time is always “now.” The place is always “here.” The consciousness is always “me.”
  • There is nothing wrong with this state of affairs. That is how the 3D is designed to work.
  • This state of limitation is not meant to be punishment, nor permanent truncation. It is a condition, a cauldron or crucible or, say, a boot-camp.
  • The purpose of crucibles is to enable something to transform.
  • Now, you might say, “Why aren’t we perfect in the first place?” And the answer is, of course: You are. But perfect wood pulp becomes perfect paper only by undergoing a process of transformation.

Are you saying we are raw material being processed?

That is one way to see it. Scarcely the only one, however.

  • The entirety of existence, All-That-Is, 3D and non-3D, is one viewpoint. Any particular split-off consciousness is the opposite extreme. But “split off” is a relative term. We repeat yet again, there are no absolute divisions in the world; that is, in reality as a whole.
  • Just as 3D life may be seen from the point of view of the larger being, or of the entirety of human existence, so it may be seen from the point of view of any one 3D individual.

I shouldn’t think you would need to spell it out, given that that is what we live.

Ah, but we do. A detached description of an intimately experienced reality may shed surprising light on it.

Well, I guess we’ll see.

Did you feel that sudden sharpening of your attention?

I did. It felt like I was more “here” than I had been a second earlier.

Yes. That is one thing we want to point out. The following information will mean most to those able to hear it without allowing themselves to say, “Oh, I know all this.” You know all this in a certain way. If you can listen, you can learn something, less by our telling you than by our words opening a door.

  • Consciousness fluctuates. You know this. You experience it every day. But what does it mean, and why does it happen, and what does it allow?
  • Your awareness fluctuates in several ways: in intensity, in field of focus, in flavor (call it), in purposiveness. Each of these kinds of fluctuations makes a difference.
  • Sometimes your being comes into focus, and perhaps you say, “Man, if I could only live like this all the time.” Or it seems to lose all focus, and you say – if you are even aware enough to say it – “I just can’t get started.” And each of these states is, of course, only the extreme end of a bell-curve.
  • Field of focus. Sometimes you live, mentally, entirely in abstractions. Sometimes you live entirely in the 3D “external” world. Again, extremes of a bell-curve.
  • “Flavor.” Moods, call it. The world, life, feels different at different times. Sometimes you feel blessed, sometimes cursed. Sometimes you are “up,” sometimes “down.”
  • A clumsy word, but no better word has yet suggested itself. Sometimes you feel driven, sometimes you are at sea, and in between.

More ranges could be suggested, but even these four will occupy us sufficiently. The first thing for you to notice is how variable your day-to-day (moment by moment, actually) experience is. You are, and you are not, the steady platforms you sometimes consider yourselves to be.

Sounds more like a ship on the ocean, a relatively stable platform moving up and down and tilting according to external conditions.

Not an impossible analogy. Analogy, remember, not identity.

So now if you will bring to mind the first two views of your lives – from the larger being’s perspective, from the totality’s perspective (though that is an inherently contradictory description), you can now compare them to this one.

Considered together – modifying each other, or. say, shedding light upon each other – you get as good a view of the 3D soul in 3D conditions as you are likely to get. Now – to the point. Can you see why the vast impersonal forces both are and are not personal? Why you as individuals are so tied in to “external” conditions, while maintaining your relative individuality, as to be neither

That isn’t going to work, is it? You were going to say “neither subjective nor objective,” but it’s going to cause problems.

Then let’s say, “why there is no such thing as objective?”

I don’t know if others see it, but I am beginning to see it differently, yes. A difficulty in expanding our understanding is language, that insists that a thing be this or that, and has a hard time seeing it as this and that, and both, and neither

That is one value of images – and by the way is one reason dreams prefer images to words. Thus, your image of yourselves as boats in an ocean will remain clearer for many people than all our words explaining your positions in the 3D world. Again, our hope is to spark you to open a door. No one can do it for you.

I am led to the divinatory arts. I Ching, astrology, Tarot, palm-reading, geomancy, and the things that used to puzzle and irritate me as I tried to imagine how they could possibly have any sense to them: I can’t remember what it is called, but the art of reading one’s life by examining things like palms or the shape of one’s ears. Or, take numerology. What could be the base of that? Or the attribution of qualities not only to numbers or letters but to – well, to anything.

But even though you knew little of any of them, you did find the key.

I did, though it may be more an excuse to find it respectable than a real reason. Still, there it is: Connection.

And this time we, rather than you, will have to ask for a clearer explanation.

Everything relates. Nothing is disconnected. Everything partakes of the quality of a given moment (astrology) or potential (Tarot) or inherent possibility (palmistry), etc. And therefore everything that manifests contains the signs of its origin: Thus numerology.

We would caution about “signs of its origin.” Perhaps better to say, “the characteristics of the conditions in which it manifested.” Just as a horoscope may show the potentials inherent in a given moment of time, so any manifestations of connection may be interpreted backwards.

If I know what you mean, an example would be people thinking that our potential is determined by when we were born, when in fact it would be closer to say we can be born only when conditions allow for our particular combination of potentials.

Yes but no. Either way of seeing it is more or less true, but only more or less. In practice, either will serve, provided that you remember that the opposite also explains.

Call this “The view from 3D you,” and continue another time.

And when we do?

We will make a preliminary attempt to triangulate using the three viewpoints, bearing in mind that we are still correlating your 3D lives with the All That Is, via the working of the vast impersonal forces through the processing-units you could be described as being.

Thank you. This was particularly interesting, and I was surprised, at five o’clock, to see that half an hour and five pages were gone. Till next time.


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