Hans Porr on the mental as field

[I encourage my friends to look at these. They are very interesting.]


today’s dialogue you have hit upon a subject that is very dear to me.  As a matter of fact, I have been dealing with this, or similar, in my own dialogues for now about 4 months, with my own contacts “upstairs” which I call “The Club” 🙂

(back in March or so you pushed me to try it myself, and I have been doing this now almost daily).

I want to point out three articles, one is a summary, and two are dialogues with the Club that may help with today’s insight of the “mental field.”  There are but three out of now dozens (if not a hundred)  that deal with a subject matter similar to this field idea.

Reconciling materialism and idealism: Churning: how matter and consciousness form and relate

The Pulse of Being

All is holographic: All is there already, yet created at the same time

There are many others, but it is all cross linked, so if one should strike your interest, it’s all easy to find.

Anyway, technically, I have been heavily influenced by David Bohm’s quantum physics as well as the many-world interpreation.  Just consider that Bohm constituted something new back then which he called “the quantum potential”, which is similar to a field but it is non-local, that is, it does not attenuate over distance, so space is taken out of it.  Your idea today, as far as we need to take the spacial distinction out of it, expresses this as well.

Maybe this will spark something new for you.

Sending Love


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