The mental field, feelings, images, and health

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

4:50 a.m. So, guys, shall we continue?

Maybe. You understand, the subject is complicated. Not only is the viewpoint unfamiliar to you, there are many unsuspected and half-suspected ideas in what they call your subconscious or unconscious mind that will tend to interfere with reception.

My jumping to conclusions, you mean?

In a way. That’s how and why one jumps to conclusions: the inner preconceived ideas rush to finish a sentence in a comfortable manner.

That makes the ideas seem like they have a life of their own.

That’s almost so. It would be a way of looking at things that isn’t all that untenable. You might think of ideas as whirlpools: fixed patterns that are themselves continually in motion, but motion whose structure is held within limits by its own internal dynamics.

So that we as patterns interact with ideas as patterns.

As an electrical analogy, yes.

Electronics isn’t my strong point.

No, and neither is psychology or so many fields that might have been helpful but nobody has every qualification that would help. We do the best we can – to quote Bob Monroe.

First you[-all] must cease to define yourselves as primarily creatures of reason. You aren’t. You are primarily creatures of emotion, of feelings. Thought comes a long way second, if at all. Many a person lives without thought; nobody lives without feelings. But just because this is so, doesn’t mean it is recognized as being so.

I had a friend who was convinced he didn’t have feelings.

You had two friends that way, actually. But what they were convinced of, and what was true, was two different things.

Somebody – Cayce? – said feelings are the language of the soul.

Let’s put it in unfamiliar ways, so as to give you the shock of unrecognition if possible. What you experience as feelings could be seen as resonances of a smaller field with a larger. What you experience as thought is either the association of various fields as it presents itself spontaneously, or the rationalization of the meaning of resonances experienced.

Not quite meaningful to me. Almost, but not quite.

We are constrained by the limitations of the analogy and the limitations of your associations to the analogy. This is why when we can we prefer to stick to images.

How does that work?

Images, like dreams or daydreams, connect things by emotional logic that mechanical logic would never connect.

By mechanical logic, I take it you mean what we call thinking.

More like the limits to your thinking.

Hmm. What our previously accepted ideas allow us to entertain.

That’s right. Your mind is many things. One of them is a huge fragile malleable open-ended structure of associations. This is what any new input has to interact with, either meshing or clashing or being unable to secure entrance in any way. It is your stability, only it is a dynamic stability, changing as the field changes, responsive to alterations in the surrounding fields that affect it.

One way to seriously affect this existent structure is to enter input by way of emotional logic, and this of course is entirely disregarded by any theory that confines itself to mechanical logic on the one hand and environmental “external” influence on the other. This inter alia is why Freud’s work was a bomb in the workings of the civilization of his day. He showed in its own terms that what had looked like a closed system was not, and, worse, that the openings were not subject to any of the laws set down by mechanical logic, which is what the science of the day believed in.

All right. And so?

Your original query was as to the connections between illness and health and time, and circumstance, and mental position or attitude. This is what we are working to explain.

I don’t get the connection yet.

We are scarcely launched. Again, there is a lot of conceptual deadwood to be cleared.

I understand. I’d help if I could.

Consider your body, now. You experience it as a physical being, as a solid complicated organism that has continuity in 3D and leads an existence somewhat independent of you. That is, it breathes, it processes sugars, it maintains complicated physiological systems that interact to create ongoing homeostasis. That is, it doesn’t depend on you to exist, but it does depend on you to do more than exist. In effect, the body is presented as a ready-made chariot for you to ride, but it rides to a large extent where you want it to ride, and how you want it to ride. In other words, it isn’t independent of you, but it does have its own existence.


Yes, but maybe only poorly understood. Remember, not only mentally but physically, you are not only an individual, you are also a community. Communities get along well or badly.

An ill-assorted community may show as a physically ill individual?

That’s jumping a little too far, but you are in the right direction.

Conditions vary.

Look to your horoscope: It defines the community that constellated at that moment. Not that the moment determined the constellation; more like that constellation may have had to wait for the proper time to allow it to form in 3D. But, the horoscope will tell you many things if you will use it not to predict which door you will go through (and what will happen when you do), but what is the internal relationship pattern and how will it manifest as conditions proceed.

Yes, we touched on this sometime fairly recently. A horoscope with oppositions indicates a community somewhat at cross-purposes, etc.

It delignates accurately the energetic pattern your life begins with. How you modify those patterns is up to you, but they are your starting point.

Oh, and – why wasn’t I seeing this? – that’s the link between health and its fluctuations. What we are at birth leaves us prey to, or immune to, fluctuations in the external environment, quite independent of our own emotional world within.

Again, a little slower. You say independent of your emotional world within; we need to be sure that people understand that this assumes (correctly) that internal and external influences are, in effect, not quite interchangeable, but equally internal; put it that way. There is no such thing really as “external” because the walls between you and the world are not walls at all. At most they are shock waves between systems, or, better, interface patterns. So, external events like sunrise or sunset may impact you directly without any emotional input on your part.

Like Seasonal Affective Disorder. People are sensitive to lack of sunlight, and it has nothing to do with their being resolutely cheerful or not.

Well, you are closer there than you realize. Someone with SAD may in fact counteract it to a degree by a consciously-induced counter-irritant. Similarly, you can and often do counter asthmatic conditions by a resolute calmness, or let’s say a willed lowering of internal tension. You aren’t helpless in bodies, but you do need to keep in mind the fact that you have them.

Or they have us.

Either way. And that is enough for the moment.

Hmm. Thanks. Something to think about, here.


2 thoughts on “The mental field, feelings, images, and health

  1. Such thrilling new development! Looks like a journey to a new place is about to begin. Can’t wait to see where we get.

    I was struck by this: feelings as resonances between smaller field and larger. So if we have capacity to hold a desired resonance in our feelings, that is one way of influencing the field. Instead of just going with what comes, adding your desired resonance – hmm, isn’t this a bit like magic?. Useful in rough spots of life and health – takes practice, though. Not the law of attraction, either, because one can never quite know what the feeling-resonance one is sending is. Somehow as I’ve gotten older I’ve become cautious about how my field is behaving. It is a sort of inner posture that I can read from how I interact with objects or other beings. It is not so easy to direct as one may think. Most people are not really conscious at all about their habitual inner posture. They(or I) can vehemently deny having such at all. It is like a weather system that one lives inside. I need to look at the trees – I may feel calm but if trees are falling down, it must be storm.

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