How did you find this blog? Call 2

My thanks to those who answered these questions first time I posted them. To others, a request: Please consider answering. Your answer will add to the picture and, for all you know, help us make crucial decisions about its future.


Talking with my brother about the post-Frank future of this blog, we concluded that it would be worthwhile to know the answers  to a couple of questions.  Please, if you would, respond to the first two questions. If you wish to respond to the others as well, great,  but the first two are the more important.

The questions:

  1. How did you find this blog?
  2. Why do you read it?


  1. What do you get out of reading it?
  2. What features or materials do you wish were here that isn’t?


19 thoughts on “How did you find this blog? Call 2

  1. I found this blog through Hampton Roads.

    I read it because it clearly and powerfully articulates the capacity of our potential, showing us our ability to intuitively connect to other knowledge and dimensions. It sparks my own vitality and awareness and creativity. I’ve found it life changing, in terms of my choices and actions.

    What do I get out of reading it? I find my awareness expanded in a moving and useful way.

    I don’t need anything else to be here.

  2. How did you find this blog?
    I did a web search for Frank DeMarco after reading one of your books, which I found after searching for Monroe Institute after reading Monroe’s books.

    Why do you read it?
    To get another perspective, both informational and approach

    What do you get out of reading it?
    Validation, contemplation and focus. Reading “fresh” content keeps the subject matter “in mind”. Once information stops flowing, it makes it feel like I’ve reached an end, so I’m always looking for as many perspectives. Information that resonates with me creates validation. Information that does not, helps me understand my own perspective.

  3. 1. How did you find this blog?
    I bought one of your books, presumably because Amazon suggested it (though I don’t really remember) and then I found you on the internet. I bought the Kindle version of The Cosmic Internet in January, 2016, and Rita’s World a week later. I googled your name around that time and found your blog. (I think the first blog of yours I found was at a different URL from what it is now.)

    2. Why do you read it?
    The biggest reason is because I am interested in the structure of reality, the view from the non-3D, etc. Same reason I read and reread Seth.

  4. 1. Saw your books on the TMI website, and bought one – don’t remember which one, and then either google searched you – or you might have mentioned the blog in one of your books. I don’t remember which.

    2. I read the blog because: I totally resonate with almost all of it, I enjoyed meeting you and taking your guidance class, it’s congruent with my own experiences, I relate to your personal stuff that you share, it supports me on a daily basis in having a bigger, deeper awareness of who “I” truly am, and how I relate to everything, it supports me in listening to my own guidance and getting to know all of “me” better.

  5. How did you find this blog:
    …. and very peculiar you are asking these questions now. Because last week a lady within a Seth-Course – asking me about how come in me to find your blog … after recommending your blog &books to hers. She googled you afterwards (she is channeling books herself and looking for an editor).

    I cannot recall exactly how to “find Frank” as it is a long time ago since back then.
    But when to read “the Sphere and the Hologram” – to recall the book felt “familiar” and felt “a feeling-tone” if to have “known” Rita and Frank once before. A feeling of Rita and Frank to be old friends in eons of “time”(so to speak).

    What do you get out of reading it:
    Beacause it is giving me the validitation about other existences & simultaneous time. And confirming all of consciousness continues to grow(expanding)when to read Franks`.

    Inger Lise Karlsen

  6. I’ve read the Sphere and the Hologram and Rita’s World. The first book was recommended by a friend, but I was familiar TMI through Bob’s books. I’m interested in comparing sources from a non-physical perspective to build a metaphysical map as well as to find helpful material for navigating life.

  7. 1. I found the blog after reading Cosmic Internet and wanting more.
    2. I read this because it offers new and expanded perspectives of reality. I never feel “been there, done that” with this blog! And I often have an “Aha” moment when an idea comes up that I had never considered.

  8. I am a long-time Seth reader. Someone on a Facebook Seth page linked to one of your YouTube videos. I was intrigued and read the Rita books. Then I was hooked and proceeded on to read and re-read pretty much everything else you have published.

    I feel quite comfortable here in the atmosphere you create and have actually become more open and authentic myself, a better person I think, from reading the blog and your books.

    Also, in hindsight I needed encouragement to focus upon and trust my intuition. Your work complements and embellishes Seth’s for me with new insights and information.

    I always appreciate the links to articles and books. Currently reading John Klimo’s Channeling that you cited a while ago.

  9. Although I’ve been to TMI twice, I didn’t find Frank there. I found The Cosmic Internet in the sidebar of John Peterson’s Future Edition newsletter. Not sure how I found the blog from there, but it was at least 5 years ago. I keep reading it because his process is genuine and because it’s not New Age propaganda, channeled from an “Ascended Master”, assuring us that the Rapture is happening next week. Frank is a seeker of the true nature of reality and I am too. I’ve read a lot over the decades: all of the Seth Material, A Course In Miracles and also Paul Selig’s work, to name just a few. Although I wish I had access to my inner teachers verbally, I appreciate all of those who take dictation and produce material in finished form!

  10. “Post-Frank….”? Argh. : (

    How did I find this blog?
    (Warning to readers: I’m long-winded, read at your own peril…)

    Well…I believe J. Edwin Carter was to blame. (😉). Many years ago, a dear friend and neighbour, now just passed, randomly stopped at a used book store in a small town in Central Canada while on a road trip. I remember him telling me that some feeling he had, made him walk right up to one specific book on a shelf, take it down, and buy it, without even looking in it. It was “Living is Forever”. He lent it to me years later, during a dark time. Reading it really helped me put things into perspective then. I never wanted to part with the book afterwards and my neighbour let me have it. (Thanks, Neyber, we sure do miss ya.) Several years later, I told someone about Carter’s book, and it struck me that I’d like to write to him and thank him for writing it, as it had certainly helped me. When I googled his name, a link to a posting from “I Of My Own Knowledge” came up – if I remember correctly, Frank was remembering the anniversary of Carter’s passing…I think he posted a photo too. After that posting, there was another one, which I read. I was stunned at how “true” what I was reading, rang for me. And I have been reading ever since.

    Why do you read it?
    What do you get out of reading it?
    (For me, these are the same, so I’ll answer together.)
    I read it because it makes me think, expands my comprehension, and sparks more insights than anything. I get direction and guidance. More often than not, whatever I am wrestling with in my life, is addressed in whichever posting I happen to read. This gets crazy, as it is too frequent and too specific to be “coincidence”, and I never seem to read them in strictly chronological order…..on days with multiple postings, or when I’ve missed a few postings, I just start reading whichever posting draws me, and I find insight/answers to my “stuck-ness”. I journal the paragraphs that particularly strike me, and then re-read, and write out whatever comes. It ALWAYS leads me where I need to go. I can’t imagine morning coffee time without it’s companion blog-posting & journaling.

    What features or materials do you wish were here but are not?
    Whatever Frank would wish to share about his own experiences. I would also hope that an Archive of this entire blog remain accessible. If volunteering or donating was required, I’d be happy to do so.

    Thanks again, Frank!

  11. I found the blog after reading several of your books and googled you out of curiosity. Frank – your personality and attitude toward the information you seek and get is the reason I read it – you are continuously searching for truth and often experience and express self doubt and confusion. You never come off as a “know it all” – just a fellow traveler and seeker.

    I’ve also enjoyed links and recommendations I’ve found on your blog – most especially the book “Channeling” by Jon Klimo – I never heard of it anywhere else – simply extraordinary in its breadth.

    In short, I read your blog never knowing what to expect and I like that! You are spontaneous and one of a kind. Thank you!

  12. 1. I met Frank at TMI’s Professional Division and was intrigued by his ILC work. I picked up “The Sphere and the Hologram,” started reading it, and couldn’t put it down. It made so much sense. I followed the bread crumbs to the blog, which was about the time Rita had started chatting with Frank after her transition.

    2 & 3. This feeds my soul. I find shared community with other consciousness explorers. Reading all the blog posts (everyone’s) is my most favorite way to spend a morning. Coffee and deep thoughts — what could be better?

    4. What goes on here is perfect. It’s what I need, when I need it. It’s the kick-in-the-pants when I’ve gone on autopilot. It’s the word of encouragement. It’s the spark that inspires. And for this all, I am deeply grateful.

  13. 1) I think it was an amazon review of a book Frank had published that mentioned Franks’ blog.
    2) I love the nudges, sparks, nuts for my mind to chew on. I can relate to the posts and discussion here more than to the news. It rings true. Has been a tremendous help in turning my attention repeatedly back to the important things. Also the opportunity to comment – to fix some words onto the insights sparked by what Frank says, is important to me. There used to be a bit more conversation, that I value highly, too. The mood of respect for any guidance people bring forth is making the blog feel like I am with friends. Without Frank it is not the same. But the writings will keep the spark-potential alive.

  14. 1. Web search after buying and reading the first 2 Rita books. It was a thrill to discover a near-real-time account of your dialogues.
    2. The TGU conversations. They resonate.
    3. Your dogged persistence at transcribing and sharing your interactions with your greater self is like a personal trainer, a motivator and (nearly) daily appointment to keep me actively in touch with mine.
    4. A statement that you are finally writing that distillation they have been nagging you about! In 2100 you will be regarded as a hero if you do.

  15. I was surfing the internet and I ran across someone on a blog mentioning Frank’s work and TMI. Years ago I attended a Gateway program at TMI that has led to so many incredible connections and experiences over the years. I was excited to check out Frank’s blog. It happened to be at the very beginning of his communication with Rita after she had passed. I was hooked. It couldn’t wait to see what Frank and Rita would discuss each day and we were encouraged to submit our own questions if they arose. The questions and contributions from everyone (that still continue to this day) added to the thought provoking content.

    I read this blog because it nudges me to continue to delve into the mysteries of my own community, those alternate lives that feel so close and comfortable and those darker aspects that arise to be heard and understood rather than feared, the guides and teachers, my Christed self, my Creator self. It is such an incredible journey and reading Frank’s words keeps me open to new adventures and seeing things in a new light.

    I also want to thank all who contribute here as well as Frank. In sharing your experiences and your perspectives, I appreciate the beautiful beings that you are. I have gone off in wonderful directions at your suggestions of an author, a website, a concept, an artist, a healer etc.


  16. How did you find this blog?

    I googled your name after reading one of your books in late 2015 / early 2016. Your books kept popping up on Amazon in my book searches, when I was reading people like William Buhlman, Robert Monroe and Fred Aardema. I was a member of Fred Aardema’s forum at the time.

    Why do you read it?

    I read it because over the last few years I have focused on reading (when I do read) author’s who work with their own guidance. There are lots of lots of channels out there who bring through whatever is around, but I noticed differences when an author talked with their own guidance (e.g., Paul Selig, Abraham-Hicks, yourself). So, I began reading more of your books and asking questions here.

    What do you get out of reading it?

    It is often a place to “spark from”. Reading your books and blog initially gave me ideas of how I could work with my own community and guidance. This has been a helpful thing about your blog here. After I met my primary guide in an early OBE in early 2015, I kept pursuing that discovery with whatever was available.

    What features or materials do you wish were here that isn’t?

    First, I would like to ask for better web site security (e.g., “https”). I have received spam because I have to post my email each time I place a comment on this site. This also happened with Charles Sides blog, so the problem is not limited to here. However, I do post a lot less here because of this security issue. I currently read the blog about every other day. Second suggestion, the blog is very linear (e.g., comment after comment) and this makes it less interactive (e.g., like many forums). So, I might suggest exploring that as an expansion. I will warn you that you may need someone to manage the forum for you, as it extra work.

  17. 1. How did you find this blog?
    URL in another ‘woo-woo’ site … don’t remember which one.

    2. Why do you read it?
    – Consistently and continually shows me pointers and given me sparks that lead toward more awareness and understanding of the ‘world.’
    – a place to compare notes with others on similar journeys.

    3. What do you get out of reading it?
    (Don’t see how this differs from 2.)

    4. What features or materials do you wish were here that isn’t?
    Believe the ‘mission’ (per TGU) could benefit from a page with URL’s, descriptions, and/or reviews of ‘similar’ lines of knowledge.

  18. I can’t recall how I found it. I like the information except the Thomas sayings, Jesus said, etc. I’m not interested in organised Christianity and see it as a control mechanism which abused its followers who were born into it. I prefer info from Cayce, Seth, Elias.

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