TGU: Live the message, don’t just state it

[While writing Babe in the Woods, I got a reminder about living the message, not merely delivering it.]

January 4, 2008

Alright, my friends. If you have been nudging me to slow down and listen, the message just got through. So –

So bear in mind that the doing or being of a state of mental and spiritual existence is as important as the expression of it. What good to have to leave it because you are describing it? In other words, you are describing – and very well – the process of achieving a mental breakthrough. You hinted at in Messenger, now you are showing it step by step – this is the important part of your book, realize – but your life must exemplify it, not merely talk about it. Don’t get lost.

I understand that. Any practical tips?

Just, remind yourself that you are living the message, not merely stating it.

I sense the difficulty of immersing myself in expression while holding on to my own inner core.

Of course – but this is the bicycle you set out to ride. The easy things you’ve done (always) and so the things of the moment are more challenging – by definition.

I need a column for The Meta Arts and have been thinking about 15 years and counting, but I haven’t started on it. This suggests that other things are more likely, or preferred?

Your sessions with Jim are a better topic. Dredge.

Hmmm. Interesting thought. Thoughts on channeling.

You have plenty of them. Let them flow easily.

Alright but I don’t want to have to work harder than necessary, so help me out as I write, will you?

Of course. Always on tap. But you must do the organizing.


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