Why every effort counts

Why every effort counts

June 3, 2007

9:50 p.m. And still the picture is not even nearly complete. You may contact all the past, all the future, anyone and everyone in the physical or nonphysical part of the world. So just what can’t you reach?

The key is to redefine yourselves, redefine the world, so as to disable the thought systems that disable you by persuading you that it is not possible. It is that simple, that easy, that overwhelmingly powerful.

“But?” For you must feel the presence of an implied “however,” or why hasn’t everyone done it? But – merely – it is harder to do as individuals than as part of the herd. (We gave you this years ago.) The pioneers have to contend against the specific gravity of the species, so to speak. It is harder to do what hasn’t been done, because one’s internal weigher of probabilities and possibilities exerts a formidable drag. The Wright Brothers were aided immeasurably not only by all those who had attempted to build flying machines but – more, in fact – by those who had opened their minds to the possibility of practical flight and had thus hacked invisible paths into the surrounding jungle of certainty that it couldn’t be done. A positive confident attitude did not by itself provide the formulas and experience that led to success – but it did help in ways that are scarcely suspected and never seen.

Anyone reading this and listening to that inner voice saying “yes, that’s the way it is; this actually can be done, though it is going to require work and practice” — just listening to the voice helps break the logjam. Making your own attempts helps more. Overcoming your own skepticism and making the effort to not negate results by declaring that you made it all up helps even more. Working with friends is another step. Coming out into the open about your experiments and your experiences adds vastly to the effect. And so it goes, as each one pioneers as best he or she can. Every attempt – even if made in silence in a darkened room on an island without telephones, so to speak – adds its weight to the scales. We see so clearly on the side what you often have to strain to bring yourselves to believe – every effort counts. You all create together, even when working separately.

And, it should be obvious (but, we would bet, isn’t until we say it) so do we.

It is from lack of a plausible model more than from any other single thing that the division between seen and unseen world has come to seem so absolute. Well, we’ve given you a model to work with. More, we are giving you the tools to do your exploring (and hence your model-repair) with.

That is what this long effort has been about, and really there’s no need to be saying more. Everything you need has been given. It is up to you to do it, or to decline to do it.

That sounds sort of final.

No, it’s just the breaking off of the thread. You can only spend so much time telling people to walk through a doorway. At some point your telling them more becomes a substitute for them doing it.

Yes David – and I can hear that you are David. Who was it, came in, there’s last two entries?

Do you care? If I said William the Conqueror, would it matter, or Robert the Bruce, or Spiderman?

Story would tend to blur perception?

You have the idea. It’s a lot you’ve been learning, this short time.

Are you becoming a stage Irishman?

I’m only adding some local color.

Thanks for all of this.

7 thoughts on “Why every effort counts

  1. Er, this is off topic, but now is the time to close open comments. Is there some way to let the “known” folks post freely and filter the others so the porn advertising will not get through? With all due respect for porn – I know it is the foundation of free internet, but this is not the right place for that stuff.

    1. Frank’s spam filter usually gets that garbage. “XYZ video dude” will get deleted as soon as Frank notices it.

    2. Thanks for the heads-up. I suppose we have to go back to my manually approving every comment, dammit. So there may occasionally be some small delay. Anybody know a way around it?

      1. It would be nice if the blog would allow approved folks to post, and unapproved folks to wait on Frank to add them in. That would certainly get done what Kristiina suggests, keeping out Riff & Raff. Is that possible or is it beyond the blog’s capability?

        I like being able to see my stuff posted immediately and being able to check back frequently during the day to read others’ thoughts. The conversations feel more organic and flowing. I’m sure it frees up more of Frank’s time too. I’m willing to put up with the occasional spam getting through the filter, as it doesn’t seem to happen very often.

  2. “Working with friends is another step. Coming out into the open about your experiments and your experiences adds vastly to the effect … each one pioneers as best he or she can.” Wow … think we could find a blog somewhere to help with that? 🙂

    So here we are (12 years after this post) coming out in the open with like-minded friends, each doing the best we can.

    “It is a great and rare privilege to participate in the coalescing of a new civilization; rarer to participate in a new form of civilization; rarest of all—your fate—to also participate in the coming to consciousness of a new way of being human.” The Cosmic Internet (Kindle p. 144)

    Frank, my deepest appreciation for the ‘place’ you’ve helped make for each of us to be a conscious part of this shift in consciousness.

  3. The thought that came to mind in relation to just allowing belief in whatever we want to make happen, is that we are in a reality experiencing linear time. Time is required to make things happen, but it also allows for us to deny/lose faith. We want instant change. When we do not get instant change, the barrier to getting what we want is erected though seeing no change or we start having doubts. Over a period of time (however short or long that is), we might see the change we wanted, if we continue with the desired intent, but at any given moment, it may not be obvious. This was implied with examples like the Wright brothers, but it isn’t always so obvious to impatient me.

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