TGU: All divisions are provisional

[June ?, 2007]

It was lovely lying on the side of the house under the trees. Striking how distorted our time sense can be, just as in the black box. A long time went by within 10 minutes.

Are you there? Are you available to talk?

Called or uncalled we are always here, as you know. Your attention on us seems to you to call us forth, and in a way that could almost be said to be true. But of course that is only one way of looking at things. In creating a life you create an on-going nexus, if it were a machine you would call it a feedback machine, or a – well, I don’t know. Our minds remain after our bodies are gone. It is the fashioning of those minds in the peculiarities that arise from life that is the purpose of life. It is a way in which life continually complexifies itself, makes things more interesting, adds new possibilities. Think of us as artists, creating, and what we create in turn creates as well. It is this sense in which we are gods.

Lying on the earth and immobile or relatively immobile is an exercise particularly good for you in that it reconnects you with your childhood, as you have just seen. Do you remember lying on the grass under the clotheslines across the driveway from your house back in the 1950s? You used to lie and watch the puffy white clouds against the blue sky. You daydreamed, but the daydreams did not explain why you were so happy doing it.

You have recently remembered how different a spot of the earth is that is covered with trees. You have recovered the sacred feeling that you have seen mostly in far-off places rather than nearby. The Muir Woods, Shasta, Crater Lake, Mount Hood, Machu Picchu, Iona, the countryside of Scotland, the ocean always and everywhere, the earth as seen from the air, the clouds, the stars –

It is our task to reconnect the sacred and the commonplace. Yes, the earth holds sacred spots. It is equally true that all the earth – all creation – is sacred. It is just a matter of choice as how we see it. There is no advantage to mentally projecting the sacred to distant times or places. There is no advantage to dividing your life between sacred and secular, or sacred and profane. It is true, there may be a temporary advantage of recognition. Naming a quality helps you to recognize it. But just because something is named as separate does not mean that it is separate in any real way. We have told you, shoulders do not exist. France does not exist. Individuals do not exist. They may be seen to exist from a certain point of view, in a certain way, but not absolutely. All divisions are provisional, tentative, drawn rough.

One thought on “TGU: All divisions are provisional

  1. “Think of us as artists, creating, and what we create [us 3-d’ers] in turn creates as well. It is this sense in which we are gods.”
    Wow … the ‘asides’ in these early posts blow me away!!

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