TGU explaining an orchestrated incident

Monday, April 9, 2007

Alright, at 7:30 a.m., who is up? Joseph again?

Maybe nobody. Too much wine last night maybe….

All right, 10 minutes and a cup of coffee further on – I’m open to communication. I guess I will ask a question and see what develops. Someone please, what are the implications for him, for me, and for others, of Michael’s experience with a crack on the head opening him up?

That is the proper question, and this will provide you with a theme to be translated into a post.

All right. Shall I outline what happened?

No, we will. Our view of it differs from yours, you know, and the very telling of it will show the difference.

Your friend Michael got what you in your day call a mild concussion when someone opened a door into him – literally. The shock of the sudden impact – its unexpectedness, for the emotional body, its physical concussion for the physical body – put his “normal life” – which means, here, his normal way of experiencing the world, his normal background settings, call them – into suspension. He was not rendered unconscious. That would have moved him from consciousness to unconsciousness but would not necessarily have altered his settings when he regained consciousness. Instead he was mildly dazed, mildly shocked, because in that interval his contract panel could be reset by his Upstairs component without the passive resistance of habit and inertia.

You see? Well, no, we know you don’t and cannot see, but take it on faith: that moment allowed us to tweak the settings, and it was done. But the living out of it was yet to be accomplished. He had intense headache; he had what he took to be nausea; he had what he called pressure in the head.

Remember, he on a Downstairs level did not know what had happened; he took it to be merely a perplexing and inconvenient incident. So the physical side effects continued because the old self, the habit patterns, the Michael-as-he-was-before, attempted to carry on as if there had been no change.

He e-mailed you briefly and said what had happened, and complained of being sick; mentioned the headache. You sent back that you would try to take care of the headache for him. This message, however, we were careful that he not see until the proper time.

You tell your experience of taking away his headache.

I sat on the couch in the living room, relaxed, and did not do as I had intended. I was intending to do the “rivers of life and health” meditation for him, on his behalf, so to speak. Instead, I provided the focused intent and something else within me did the work, shaping the healing, using my energy and my focused intent, but using them in its own way. Something says don’t describe what was done, though I can’t see how it would hurt anything, but in any case it was done in — what? — a minute? Less? No more than a minute or two. Then I got up and went about my business, knowing I was finished.

Yes. Meanwhile Michael was asleep, and awoke still feeling nauseous but without a headache. He then looked at his e-mail, saw your message, and called you to thank you and to exclaim again at how your abilities and increased.

He called, you see, for one reason; he was moved to call, for another unsuspected reason.

Yes, I see that. That’s most of our lives, really – us doing things for what we think are good and sufficient reason, while we are being benevolently manipulated.

Or you might say while we benevolently take advantage of whatever opportunity arises, and while we implant suggestions designed to impel you to provide those opportunities.

So, when he called and you realized that he was still suffering other effects (that he had not mentioned) although the headache was gone, you worked with him and in a few minutes resolved them. Thus seemingly the incident was over. (And note that what he thought was nausea you correctly saw as a solar plexus chakra problem.)

It was very satisfying, because it is always gratifying to be able to help, and gratifying to have objective confirmation that my abilities are there.

And then came the unexpected, as he finds his perceptions suddenly extended (which was the point) far beyond normal range, and how many people can he tell it to besides you?

In our time we have to be a little careful what we admit, or they put us in the loony bin “for our own protection” – which means to protect the common fairytale.

Now to the point of this. You see easily that the incident with the door was orchestrated. It had to be – any collision has to be – because obviously he had to be positioned in a certain time and place for the collision to take place! (And if he hadn’t been there and the collision hadn’t taken place we would have had to find another opportunity, which might or might not have happened – Plan B, you know – but given his cooperation, that is, the cooperation of his upstairs “non-conscious” component, there he was, on schedule.)

After the collision and the alteration came the discontinuity between who he had been and who he was now. This is an essay in itself but we cannot stretch this to go into it, as you haven’t the strength to go on that long. Another time perhaps.

You helped him through the discontinuity by showing him how to realign bodies, at least that is how you think of it (at our prompting years ago) and that is good enough for going on with. So then he was on the other side of the doorway, so to speak, in a new place.

A magical place, it seems to me.

Yes, widely expanded access, and he will have to get used to living there. Every new ability brings new challenges until mastery comes.

I am running down quickly — don’t know why, so early in the day — but I don’t think you’ve quite made your point here.

Alcohol reduces stamina for this kind of endeavor. Not a reason to go teetotal, but bear it in mind. Last night’s wine de-tuned you to a degree. Nothing serious, it will pass off.

The point is this. The world is never simply “what it appears to be,” “what the evidence shows,” “what common sense or common sense is report it to be.” There is always vastly more mystery, and you can get to experience it as you are willing and able to do so. Possibly not without price, possibly not without pain, possibly not without an apprenticeship that may often appear to be nothing but empty longing. But it is there and you earn your entry by what you value and what you intend to become and to express. That doesn’t mean you necessarily get what you expect! Much more likely just the opposite, you get what you don’t expect, because you move to unexpected ground.

Regretfully I think I have to quit. I’ll go enter it in the computer. Though, I see that it is 8:25, so I’ve been doing this a little longer than I had realized.

5 thoughts on “TGU explaining an orchestrated incident

  1. Perfect for me, now. Also, good reminder for the fixer-upper and judgement departments: what the heck do they know?

  2. Interesting post.

    The first time I was in the Great Pyramid (went on an A.R.E. tour) I banged my head quite hard on the bar at the top of the passageway gate coming out of the Queens chamber. I was moving along quickly in a doubled-over position and wham!

    I have wondered if that was part of my initial Egypt upgrade. This post is leading me to believe that that was indeed the case. Thanks for posting.

  3. Beyond magical! We’ve gotten the theory and ‘big picture’ over the last five years (starting for me with the original flow from Rita in ’14) … now we’re seeing practical examples, sent ‘through’ 12 years ago. Frank, if you’re making all this up you are damn good 🙂 !

    At one point in Guidelines (’91) my body began trembling, almost convulsing. ‘They’ said ‘relax, don’t worry, we are adjusting you.’ Made no sense at the time, now does … thanks Frank!

  4. Also found this to draw me quite a bit. Ever since my concussion a year ago, I feel like I’m not the same person. Some would have it that I have lost functional ability, others that I have gained in ability to see into others. I haven’t decided which has more weight to it…both seem true. Regardless, I knew then, and am just as convinced today, that the fall/injury was deliberate. Perhaps I’m just beginning to see the “why’s”…..those seem to be infinite.

    I sure hope you expand further on this, Frank. Also, I am so enjoying your posts of your trip to Egypt – it’s a nice consolation being able to see it through your camera and impressions.

  5. An orchestrated incident. Singing the universe into existence. Notes, Chords, Symphonies. Thank you Frank.

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