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Monday April 17, 2006

Let me talk to Joseph. Your society was so different – at least, I assume it had to be. Talk to me about other ways of being that have a realistic connection to modern Americans?

This is not what you really want to talk about, but I would if you wished.

Whatever is really on the agenda, then.

Your life has opened out again, you not yet quite noticing. You are in a web of relationships that offer the possibility of much wider scope for you. In fact you have moved into that new role, not noticing.

It is a comfortable role for you, and you are settling into it so comfortably that this is a reason why you aren’t noticing. You came into life expecting to be what you are becoming – and expecting to be seen as, and be treated as, what you were not yet. You had your tenses wrong, that’s all.

And now I am finally becoming what I felt myself to be.

Well look at your email to your daughter, saying your life keeps getting more magical. So it does – and so do you grow as you realize.

I spent my boyhood wishing to be an old man; my young manhood the same. Strange, it seemed so natural that I never thought about it. Because my consciousness was imbued from the other side the day before I was ten, I suppose.

Your next tactical acquisition is to be the ability to write commercial prose while connected. That is not a terribly hard thing for you, but you do need to acquire it. Then your work will flow.

I had a sense, this morning, of how past lives are real in a certain way. It is as if “I come into the world – well, I’m losing it. Your assistance please?

There is all one being. That being is living all these lives. Each life leaves problems, as each situation presents issues of various kinds, some physical, some mental, emotional, spiritual – for there can be spiritual problems posed by a life, quite apart from mental or emotional ones – and the unresolved problems may be regarded as raw material for further explorations. The things that happened to Katrina, for instance – happened! There is no explaining here life away. Neither is the result of those experiences – her soul at the time of death – something to be left in isolation. Yes it is difficult to grasp; difficult to phrase, too. But we can do this. You came in here to update the myth, to offer a way forward based on new understandings of things too simplified, or unconsidered, or not understood because not seen in context. You were thinking of the people who met and offered New Age clichés and would not think because they had accepted. Yes – and be resigned to the fact that your work, too, will often be accepted rather than felt or thought through.

I feel Columba’s presence here as well.

That is because you have changed. You have opened your access to all parts of yourself – which means potentially everything. Hence, the parts of you that expressed as individuals anywhere, any-when, are available to you. This does not mean you “were” any or all of them; it means that you can touch anything whose vibration you share.

Boy I can feel how hard it is to put words around things and to stick to a subject. I can see, too, why Carl Jung said contact with the other side tends to come initially in pompous, bombastic language as its natural style. There is so much to say, and so few boundaries that form a natural area of discussion! It’s going to be – well, no, I won’t program it being difficult – but my goodness. I think I will need charts, or how can I even hold it for myself? And that will require practice sketching, till I get the relationships I want.

[two sketches]

The ring is the soul – created at birth, continuing as body and pattern until death, then as pattern. Created but not destroyed.

The threads in a way may be considered to be the spirit –eternal, in unchanging connection with All That Is – God – the not-bound-by-time-and-space component of the incarnated individual.

Souls call to souls; souls express souls via the connections they feel. Threads are really not spirit so much as products of spirit, or expressions of energy in certain energetic equivalents of form.


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