An example of quiet service

Different people will find different things in this obit of Mary Boyd Higgins. What I take away from it is an example of how your life may accomplish things from the shadows, given quiet dedication.

Wilhelm Reich was a great man; his work was important enough, ground-breaking enough, to threaten the existing ways of thinking. As a result of his honesty and integrity and his go-it-alone dedication, this man was successively persecuted by Nazis, then Communists, then both conservatives and liberals in the United States. Quite an achievement!

After his death, this then-unknown woman, working alone, gradually salvaged what otherwise must have been lost, and thereby put future generations deeply in her debt, though of course they knew it not, and would not have thanked her for it. It’s worth remembering, sometimes you find your life’s work, sometimes it finds you. Either way, pay attention.

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