Cover boy

The Echo World is a free-distribution monthly tabloid that circulates throughout the central Virginia area, roughly centering on Charlottesville, extending from Richmond west to Staunton, and from Lynchburg north to Harrisonburg.

The October issue, currently on the stands, features a 2,000-word article by my on how anyone can develop and experience access to guidance: in short, what I taught in a three-hour workshop at the Quest in Charlottesville a few years ago, and the key to the weekend workshop I taught with Bob Holbrook at The Monroe Institute.

And if substance isn’t enough for you, there’s that smiling face on the cover! And a book review of one of Paul Brunton’s books. And it’s free besides. What else could you ask?


3 thoughts on “Cover boy

  1. Thank you for this. I have bookmarked it. I hope to get at absorbing it later this week.

    btw … when TGU mentioned several days ago that “one of your friends was waiting for this material”, I did wonder if they were referring to me.

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