A Copernican shift

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

(9 a.m.) All right, gentlemen, let’s resume. Who’s up?

Okay. David? [Poynter. A “past life” that has been very influential in my own development.]

Your long search for verification, and your continuing to provisionally believe, are the text for the sermon. What was a stumbling block for you will be a show-stopper for others, unless you and others show them how the issue may be dealt with in the absence of verification.

Your friend Bruce Moen approvingly quotes his friend: Trust is always the issue.

Let us consider the Copernican Shift question that you considered turning into a book. In a way your entire life is a working-out of that question. Copernicus said that the proper center of the system of planets was the sun. Once he put the center in the center, all the phenomena that had been charted for so many thousand years were suddenly seen in a different light. That is all that happened, and all that ever needed to happen. So, your work. Take men in what you call 3D-Theater – in time-space, bounded by the body, unaware of connections beyond the physical, out of the central position in your greater being. You are, correctly, central to you. You are in no way central to any of the rest of your being that is “past-life” or “future life” or even “spiritual.”

To put it another way, each person is central to the time and place in which he or she lives! Nowhere else. Should I be central in your life? Should you be central in Joseph’s life? Obviously not.

But if each 3D-Theater personality is only central in one time/space at a time, none of them individually can be the center. Elementary, is it not? And by the way, it isn’t even as simple as this. You – in November 2004 – are not even central in your own life in January 2006. Take that more narrowly, and you can see that we are all central to our own lives only at the moment we experience as the present. We surf the moment of the present; that is our life, really. I know it doesn’t look that way to you. In any case it is a digression.

If any given present-moment personality cannot be the center, and if some center must exist if the thing is to hold together, where is that center to be found? Clearly, it can only be outside of time and space. And outside time and space means – outside of the material universe, what you call physical-matter reality.

Anything else is local.

Well, if the true center of your being is located outside time-space, outside matter, and if this proposed center has equal access to all the lives to which you are connected, as clearly it must have, then when you re-adjust the picture – what do you have?

For one thing, you have vastly expanded access to other parts of your being, as you realize (that is, clear away obstructing beliefs from the idea) that all life is going on at the same time, or rather, in the same non-time.

Once realize that “outside time-space” is not a hypothetical but a necessarily true concept, and you see that of necessity the part of yourself that is outside time-space is realer than what you experience sliding over the stream of time-space in 3D. It exists; what seems to you to be “you” within 3D merely seems to exist. Where is the “you” that began to read this, slightly in the past? Where is the “you” that will finish this – or will break off – slightly in the future? Can these transitory phenomena be considered as real as what exists outside of time-space? Plato was not merely skylarking intellectually when he compared the Ideal to the Actual, to the disadvantage of the latter. Of course, preference depends on viewpoint – but even that says the same thing yet again – for outside 3D is the non-place of all viewpoints.

This is enough to be going ahead with. Type it and if you are willing and able we may proceed upon another tack.

(1:20 p.m.) What is it we’re doing here?

For one thing, we’re radically improving your access to guidance, and none too soon. For another, we’re leading others down the same garden path. We smile. For a third, we are getting you where you wish to be and intend to be. And finally, we are accomplishing many side-purposes involving others, few of which you will ever hear about in this lifetime.

Oh, only that? I thought you had a real purpose up your sleeve.

Speak to the Egyptian.

My friend, I can feel the difference when you are in contact. May I say that I am humbled. I cannot express how much I respect you and envy your everyday life.

I in turn thank you for doing the work faithfully, as promised.

I don’t know how faithfully, but anyway I do keep coming back to it. That’s the best that can be said of me, I’m afraid. How would you translate your name? I know it is the equivalent of Joseph somehow.

If you were to call it Lives Within God, or Serves God, that would be close enough – like Joseph [Smallwood]’s “Sees Clear,” it doesn’t necessarily translate very exactly, especially between two so different cultures and languages. No reason not to call me the Egyptian if you wish, or Joseph the Egyptian. It doesn’t matter much, as you will discover.

Well as you know I always think of you as The Egyptian or Joseph the Egyptian.

I observed it.

Of course. I think of your life with such envy. I wish we could live that way here and now.

Each time expresses itself, as each person expresses himself (or herself). The advantages and disadvantages make the characteristic flower of that particular time. Times are flowers no less than people’s lives are you know.

I hadn’t thought of it that way, but it makes sense as you say it.

Your opportunities are different because your culture, your material surroundings, your history, your technology and your feelings about that technology, are all different. But by far the larger difference is that you as individuals and as part of your society are different. You know – but as David said, your readers do not know – what I am discussing here. You can give it to them in a few words.

Yes, I will.

Then – what is your task now? It is not to be pretend-Egyptians any more than pretend-Indians. It is not necessarily to affect your society by direct action – that may be reserved for others. Your task is to live what you are, to choose among the threads of personality.


6 thoughts on “A Copernican shift

  1. I got to this part:

    “The advantages and disadvantages make the characteristics flower of that particular time. Times are flowers no less than people’s lives are you know.”

    Barely had the thought ‘what would this time’s flower be like’ when an image popped into my head – the corpse flower. One of those enormous plants that blooms once a decade or something, smells like rotten meat, then closes quickly. In the meantime, the masses flock to see it. It may be just awful, but it’s really something to see, and you want to say you’ve seen it.

    An article about them popped up this week, so they’ve been on my mind. But my higher self doesn’t fail to get me chuckling.

    Thanks for posting!

  2. I appreciate David’s explanation of the Copernican shift. Seems Bob Monroe alluded to this in his writings. I missed that, having read his work from an egocentric point-of-view. I’ve gotten a different perspective since joining this blog and reading TGU and Rita’s missives.

    Recently I’ve been rereading “Rita’s World.” It was something Rita said to Frank, and it really leaped off the page for me as well. It’s part and parcel to David’s statement,

    Rita said — “You aren’t in charge of the agenda — therefore you can relax about it. You aren’t lost or perplexed at the non-3D level, and if you can learn to trust that – the easiest way to do so being ‘all is well’ – you will find your own way easier not because ‘external’ circumstances ease (they may, they may not) but because you don’t waste so much energy on anxiety.” (Rita’s World, p 221)

    Whew! What a relief to know that I was not the “queen of the universe” and everything depended me, ha!

  3. Thank you! I am grateful for the offering of further teaching. I envisioned a lotus blossom for some reason. Looking forward to future Weds postings!

    Recently, you mentioned Viktor Frankl. Not surprisingly, I was reading his book “Man’s Search For Meaning”. Equally not surprising was that it is a life-changer for me – no wonder my “Guys Upstairs” had arranged for a series of weeks to have his name come up over and over again in my day to day. After the umpteenth time, I stopped what I was doing, laughed and said out loud “Ok, ok! I’ll get the book and I’ll do it RIGHT NOW!”, and ordered it on Amazon. Following completion of the book, I was guided in meditation (in my own search for purpose or meaning) to do a writing exercise and answer the following questions:
    What do you want? (In my LIFE, not materially…)
    What brings you joy? What is/are your passion(s)?
    What experiences do you want to manifest in THIS life experience?
    In which ways can you take responsibility for creating your own life?

    Wow. As I began to write the answers to those questions, I noted something very interesting: my passions all directly related to my inborn gifts, which pointed the way to what my purpose and meaning in this life experience were. I never realized that connection/relation.

    How cool!

    Going through this exercise also brought about the mindfulness that all my thoughts and choices in life, either take me closer to my meaning/purpose, are neutral, or take me farther away. This is helping me to think and choose more consciously.

    Thanks for the Frankl prompt! I hope all the other readers/commenters are well – chime in, please! Your experiences and thoughts are insightful. : )

  4. “And finally, we are accomplishing many side-purposes involving others, few of which you will ever hear about in this lifetime.”

    I definitely feel like a side-purpose, being buffeted and sparked and guided by these sessions to that Copernican shift, in a sense so slight but at the same time so profoundly life changing. As Jane C said, quoting Rita, “You aren’t in charge of this agenda…”

    I love that sense of things easing into place. I feel more at home with myself than I ever have. We’ve got a good community going here.

  5. Frank,
    I add my voice to those who find this post useful and interesting … how odd information from 12+ years ago could be so meaningful. You think ‘they’ could have known … 🙂 ?!

    I agree with Bruce Moen’s “Trust is always the issue,”; it’s so important I feel one should consider the corollary “Finding your own unique path to trust is IMPORTANT!” This line of knowledge and this community are a major part of that path for me.

    I also get a kick out of their fairly sophisticated logical ‘proof’ that the center is “outside of time and space.” While I’m sure some would question ‘Does such a center exist?’, it’s discussions like this that begin to shift viewpoints … sometimes Copernican shifts 🙂 🙂 !

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