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One of the joys of being a writer — I speak here with tongue in cheek — is having an abundance of unpublished and unpublishable manuscript pages that nonetheless cry out to be shared with the world. Of course, that doesn’t mean the world is crying out to hear them, but that’s not up to the author. Practically as soon as I began communicating fluently with the non-3D, I began to accumulate these very interesting conversations with various people. I broadened the range of my acquaintances, so to speak, as I acquired confidence. But I have made no effort to put this into book form, though I did think of doing so and calling it So You Think Your Life Was Wasted, because the insights in life that I was given seemed to me so helpful.

I proposed to do as I did with Chasing Smallwood, and publish this material consecutively every Wednesday, beginning August 22, 2018.

6 thoughts on “Something new

  1. LOL at your title! Sounds like some interesting stuff. I’m on deck for this. And, if TGU, et al, is/are on sabbatical or momentarily quiet, maybe more often than weekly, if you are so inclined?

    1. I originally held stuff to once per week for fear of overwhelming people. Then I moved to once a week for Chasing Smallwood and once a week for the History stuff. I have scheduled through September, the history stuff on Sundays, the TGU stuff on Wednesdays. But I’ll think about adding more. No predictions either way.

  2. I’m for more as well. They’re inspirational for me, so I look forward to them. Glad you’re doing this!

  3. Looking forward to them and also love the title. Thank you for putting your work out there for us to learn from and enjoy.

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