Nathaniel on Anastasia’s question

Nathaniel on Anastasia’s question

Monday, November 27, 2017

6:25 a.m. I think restricting these conversations to two or three a week may work out well, giving me time to do other things as well. We’ll see. We have one reader’s question that is a question I’ve had, namely why we identify with any one path while in 3D and not others.

[Anastasia’s question, posted 11-23-2017 in response to `Nathaniel – An end and a beginning’: “Since all the paths and all the consequences of our choices / decisions exist at all times, what determines which path / set of consequences our conscious awareness will experience? Why is our every day awareness rooted in one path / timeline and not another, since all of them exist equally, and what determines which path that is?”]

And here is a question that I know I don’t have an answer to, because I’ve wondered and have come up with no response.

That actually is not proof, because what you don’t connect with at one time, you may at another. Remember, it is important to stop thinking that “the other side” is all-knowing and instantly all-knowing, at that. If you were to refer to “the other side” as a whole, then yes, all information obviously exists. But think about the situation by analogy. Your thinking is the equivalent of our saying, from the non-3D “side,” that since the 3D includes all its geography, you should be able to be in Kansas or Siam or Alpha Centauri on command, and right away. Or, a slightly less far-fetched example, since you have the internet, all human knowledge ought to be available to you at one click, whereas, as you well know, there are practical limits to available knowledge that in a sense overrule theoretically wider limits.

You are saying, sometimes a particular bit of information is far enough from the individual or group we connect with to require a bucket-brigade to fetch it, which can take time, even though, as we all know, “on the other side there is no time.”

That’s right. It is a practical limitation that you have experienced, and anybody who has ever communicated with guidance, or with non-3D friends or acquaintances, or with others in 3D even, (given that mental communication proceeds invisibly through non-3D channels, as you have been told). It is a limitation that has caused you great anxiety.

Oh yes. At first, when I couldn’t get an answer instantly, I would worry that it was all my imagination, that there was nobody on the other end of the line, etc. But then I thought, if it is my imagination, that still wouldn’t explain why sometimes there would be a delay.

“Arranging our cover story,” you used to say facetiously.

Finally I came to accept it as a fact of life, and it made things easier.

But, you see, as we pointed out a few paragraphs ago, difficulty in obtaining information or conceptualizations or even ideas says nothing about whether the process is “you” or is “us.”

And you are about to say, it is more or less a meaningless distinction anyway.

Not “anyway”; that is why it is a meaningless distinction. As so often, you cannot quite rein in the assumptions of separation that 3D life inculcates.

I see that. By the way: “Siam”? You guys have only old gazetteers over there? You’ve never heard of Thailand?

Let’s remember whose mind we are restricted to in order to get to the pen.

Can’t blame it on me. Is it one of those chance things that really doesn’t mean anything, or what?

Remember, we move in time as you do in space. You might look at our three examples as present, past, future, as well.

Well, that’s interesting. I’d give something to know if that is any more than you tacking on a rationalization after the fact. But, you’ve surely had enough time to arrange your cover story, so what is your answer to Anastasia’s, and my, question?

The answer to what seems a straight-forward question is difficult to formulate only because – as so often – several background conditions need to be clarified. Unconscious assumptions are perhaps the most tenacious obstacles to new understandings.

I’m not sure obstacles can be tenacious, but we know what you mean. So, how do you propose to begin?

Let’s look at the subject from the other end of the microscope / telescope. How does a Sam experience its creatures’ lives? Because, remember, it isn’t really a matter of the Sam waiting for a life to terminate and return to report. It is convenient to talk about the process that way, just as it is convenient to think that the 3D life is separate from the All-D existence until 3D death, but it is only a convenience. In truth, consciousness is as undivided by time as it is by space. You may think of yourselves as reporting home every second, just as you think of receiving guidance and feedback every second.

But undivided doesn’t mean instant.

It is specifically to slow things down that is one prime function of 3D life. Perceived separation in time and space allows for analysis, choice and re-choice, alternations.

Not entirely clear.

Clear enough for the moment. Maybe another time we can get into alternations. Create your “future questions” file.

So, how does your Sam experience your life? Remember, a Sam experiences all its lives, moment by moment, continually. It isn’t sitting at a desk waiting for, or wading through, reports. It is living those lives, just as you are living them.

Yes, we know that presents difficulty. Go to “as above, so below” for an intuitive analogy. Your blood cells, etc., experience their own lives at their level of consciousness, at the same time that you experience the same life at your level of consciousness. Well, extend upwards. Your Sam experiences your life in the way that you experience your constituent cells’ lives, in a combination of awareness and inattention, much as you do. And just as your attention is not limited to your blood cells, neither is a Sam’s attention limited to any one life.

I’m struck by that “combination of awareness and inattention,” as I’m sure you intended I would be.

It merely points out that any given level of consciousness concentrates on one kind of data and absorbs other kinds automatically – perhaps through subsystems. Nobody concentrates on everything all the time. That would amount to concentrating on nothing, ever.

I sort of thought that “concentration” is a 3D-oriented idea anyway.

Long subject; another time. We haven’t gotten very far yet on our main subject for the morning.

So as you – and uncounted other lives Sam has created from its own essence – live your lives, it all flows through channels, you might say. This [non-3D; presumably All-D] world is organized. It isn’t just jello, as you were told long ago. The very nature of creation in 3D assures a chain of connection, rather than chaotic omni-connection directly to the Sam, so to speak.

That makes sense, as you say it, if you mean that life is like a tree diagram, with every extension leading backward to its source and forward to its own extension.

That’s the idea, yes. Not jello. But not a bureaucracy, either. Things connect not by rule but by their nature.

I see that, and I imagine it will be clear in writing as well. (That is, without the benefit of a direct link as now.)

But we’re only beginning the answer. This was only the first piece of information. As your hour is up, and there is much more to say, let’s resume this when you are fresh.

And, I take it, you don’t care how long from now that turns out to be.

We don’t care, but you may. Come back to the material before you drift out of reach of it, or we shall need to start all over again.

Meaning – I take it – that explanations build scaffolding, but after we have moved far enough away (in concepts? In life experiences?), we would need to begin again.

Close enough. It isn’t a stringent limitation, but it exists. As an extreme example, if you were to exit 3D before completing the scaffolding, someone else might or might not be able to continue the construction, or might be constrained to begin again on ground familiar to him- or her- self.

Well, it’s always an education, talking to you guys. See you next time, and thanks for your (sometimes cryptic) explanations.


7 thoughts on “Nathaniel on Anastasia’s question

  1. Frank ?
    My Canadian friend recommended me to read a book(she is to read several of your books, and really to have enjoyed Rita`s World) by the author Nanci L. Danison with the title “Backwards”….Returning to Our Source for Answers. Nanci L. Danison telling about her own Death-Experience and herself “EMERGING” with wha she is calling “The Source” instead of “God.”

    And sitate from the chapter “WHAT AM I?”…on page 42:
    From “The Source.”
    “My divine purpose in dividing Me was to create was to create sufficient parts of Me so that I could KNOW MYSELF EXPERIENTALLY. There is only one way for the Creator to know Itself experientially as the Creator, and that is to create. And so I gave to each of THE COUNTLESS PARTS OF ME(to all of My Spirit children)the same power to create which I have as the whole.
    And her comes what is underlined in the chapter:
    ….This is what your religions mean when they say that you were created in the “image and likeness of God.” This doesn`t mean, as some have suggested, that our physical bodies look alike(although God can adopt whatever physical form God chooses for a particular purpose). It does mean that our essence is the same. We are composed of the “same stuff”! With all the same properties and abilities–including th ability to create physical reality out of thin air.”

    This passage from CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD, written two years after my aferlife experience echoes my understanding that not only are we part and parcel of what constitutes Source, but we also have the same innate traits and abilities(though to a lesser degree).

    LIke Source, as Light Beings, we are both unified singular beings, and composite beings made up of several layers of consciousness, of which the soul is but one.

    All this means that you and I—though as souls inside bodies we vibrate at a much slower frequency than when in full LIght Being state—have the same innate nature as Source. Souls have the same MULTI-LEVEL perspective, the same access to Universal Knowledge, and the same ability to manifest reality.
    We therefore have tremendous power! Power we can harness even while in human form—if we so choose.
    Light Being/Soul powers include:
    DUAL NATURE…The next content with the below “points”

    And here she quote P.M.H. Atwater(Phyllis) about the question, “who am I?” in these words:

    I truly am an immortal soul, an extension of The Divine, who temporarily resides within a carbon-based form of electromagnetic pulsations that produces a solid-appearing visual overleaf of behaviour patterns more commonly referred to as “a personality.” Phyllis is a name given to my personality, my temporal self, but the real me is I AM.
    And what I AM everyone else is, for all of us are cells in The Greater Body, expressions of The One God.”

    Below Nanci telling: You are Light-Beig Source manifested in its own image.
    You can focus your attention and intention upon any aspect of Universal Knwlede, and gai it through Knowing. You manifest your own reality moment by moment, alone and in concert with others.

    Next Chapter asking: Waht Does God Expect of Me?

    And here comes the points in the chapter:
    Artificial Sense of Separation
    Experience of th Universe

    In the end of the chapter Nanci Danison telling:
    In sum, our sole responsibility to Source is to experience human life and carry those experiences back to Source when we are reunited with it.
    Our SOUL responsibility is to bring the Source `s true nature, which is unconditional love and curiosity, to everything we do as we evolve our way back to Source.

    Okay the end of the quotes !
    BUT, Frank ? The book further on —- within the chapters also clearly explaining the truth about what you to do Daily, being in touch with, and to do the communication with, through fullfilling your SOURCE-Creativity:
    Your own SOURCE/-Conversations with GOD-SOURCE-SELF.

    Hm, and I who felt VERY SUSPICIOUS against Neale Donald Walsch.
    Once upon a time Neale Donald Walsh held some CONFERENCES in Norway, and many of my friends were there…but I am refusing to go seeing him together with my friends: Because thought the Conferance was too expensive, and the speeches & books, by “that guy” not “reliable,” or not “trustwhorthy” enough to me… Oh well, much waters running into the sea since back then…
    My challenge is not to Judge ANYTHING obviously. I have to learn Tolerance.
    Well, well, another Place — another Time —!

    1. ” I am refusing to go seeing him together with my friends: Because thought the Conference was too expensive, and the speeches & books, by “that guy” not “reliable,” or not “trustworthy” enough to me…”

      Maybe. Or maybe another part of you knew that you already knew anything you were likely to hear.

  2. Inger Lise,
    Thanks for posting these excerpts from these books. I find it interesting who we resonate with and who we don’t, and that changes over time. I liked Neale’s books because he explained a lot how religion had misinterpreted the message. That’s where I was, as I was sorting through my religious beliefs at the time. And I distrusted Nanci’s works when I first read them. Don’t know why. I’m thinking I want to reread Nanci’s books, as she said some good things that I need to see again.

    1. Hey there Jane (Coleman), thanks for your reply, it really make “sense” to me now.
      It is the first time to read Nanci L. Danison. I had never heard about hers before my good old Canadian friend recommended the books, but to read them (I have bought two of the books, and not read number two as yet) certainly gave me “a new insight.”

      Nanci Danison make quotes by many well-known “after-life-confessions.” Such as the one by Michael Newton, Ph.D., in his first book, JOURNEY OF SOULS: Case Studies of Life Between Lives(I have the book but translated into Norwegian)…And quote what is written in Nancis` from Michael Newton:

      “Souls both give and receive mental gifts in life through a symbiosis of human brain cells and intelligent energy. Deep feelings generated by eternal consciousness are conjoined with human emotion in the expression of one personality, which is as it should be…..
      Many great thinkers in history believed the soul can never be fully homogeneous with the human body and that human have TWO INTELLECTS. I consider human ideas and imagination as emanating from the soul, which provides a catalyst for the human brain. How much reasoning power we would have without sous is impossible to know, but I feel that attachment of souls to humans supplies us with insight and abstract thought. I view the souls as offering humans a qualitative reality, subject to conditions of heredity and envronment.”
      So far Michael Newton.
      Below Nanci telling: Furthermore, both human animal and soul behave according to NATURE, as the Source designed them, when blending into personality.
      IN sum, our sole responsibility to Source is to experience human life and carry those experiences back to Source when we are reunited with it. She says: Our SOUL responsibility is to bring the Source`s true nature, which is unconditional love and curiosity, to everything we do as we evolve our way back to Source.
      The above is on page 62/63 in my book.

      In the same book Nanci told some VERY interesting things about to write and to READ books ….But just now cannot find the pages where to have read the passages…. I`ll try it later on….

      And ending for now – smilies – with Nanci telling the words on page 35: ” IN LIGHT – BEING – FORM, we continue our illusory separate lives, learning and evolving ever higher in vibrational state. We incarnate over and over again into different human and other species` bodies, becoming what humans would perceive to be TIME TRAVELERS.
      BTW: A note by me here: I have noticed she says “Other Species”…AND then came to recall Once told by Edgar Cayce…IN US TO BE “The Other Species” upon other Planets and Star-Systems – The socalled Planetary-inhabitants are US.
      Therefore “WE, The Arcturians.”
      And continue what Nanci told:
      And it is our own evolution that impels us to contrast and to compare the PRESENT MOMENT with all that has gone before and will come after. That is how we gain insight and grow from life-time to life-time, and eventually in(though already done) us to achieve “knowing” that they/Souls, are extensions of SOURCE awareness and not separate beings….etc.etc.

      Yes absolutely AGREE with you Jane C.(I have to put Coleman behind your name because it is two of you, to identify as with the name Jane).

      …and thank you to Anastasia likewise, “to push the trigger-button.”

      LOL, Inger Lise

      1. You all are an education. I haven’t read most of these books, and although I get the sense that there is a reason why I could never force myself to, I do have a good idea of how much I have missed. Well, maybe not too late. We’ll see.

  3. Really good start to a “better question” (e.g., the better the question, the better the answer). Thanks Anastasia! (and also to whatshisname)

    1. Thank you Subtle Traveller, and of course Frank for asking the question. It was a lovely surprise to stumble upon it while reading your blog!

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