The perils of consuming “news”

This excellent article from The Guardian spells it out. My own experience confirms what the author says. Oddly, when you stop paying attention to what is called news, you realize, there really wasn’t much there. Certainly no analysis, certainly no consideration of long-terms effects or present term context.

(And at this point, I can imagine someone saying, “But what about National Public Radio?” To which, I’d respond, “Well, what about The Guardian, or the Christian Siience Monitor?” But even the exceptions aren’t entirely exceptions. The hazards of external rather than internal focus remain. I gave up listening to NPR years ago, and I must say, I don’t miss it.)

One thought on “The perils of consuming “news”

  1. Absolutely agree, Frank, exept for the usefullness to read our local news. If the road is closed because of the snow or something…..or, as some happenings lately: Some of the local youngsters in car collisons with bad results, driving as crazy.
    Also to be careful to drive with the tiniest drop of alchohol in your blood(or breath). We are having a very active Sheriff in the local area, and he have got a nick-name by the locals. The Sheriff is called “The eager Oscar” (his forename is not “Oscar” but a name for fun).
    The law in Norway have made a null-tolerance for alcohol, and no excuse for it. You are up loosing your driving license immideately, for how many years it is depending on if you have wounded another person, not barely yourself as the driver alone. And the driver forced to pay a huge amount of money besides being arrested – it depends how bad it is becoming…..Well, the prisons/jails in Norway is the very same as to stay in a modern Hotel for free(and eating healthy food) & further free education if wanted.

    Or else Seth have told: “Step out of the official line of consciousness.”

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