Bruce Moen

I am informed that Bruce Moen, author of five books, creator of the afterlife knowledge workshops, presenter and workshop leader on three continents, and, not least, longtime friend of so many people at The Monroe Institute, completed his transition from 3D to All-D today at 3:20 in the afternoon.

Bruce’s and my mutual friend Ed Carter had a tradition in his family: When someone died, they lifted a glass in their honor and said, “Bon voyage.”

Same here. Also, well done.

5 thoughts on “Bruce Moen

  1. Long ago I attended among the first of his weekend workshops. His books were a great resource for me, another engineer. How it’s all put together, in an understandable way. Bon voyage, Bruce, and much love.

  2. Bon Voyage and Fare Thee Well, Bruce! I just reshelved all our TMI- related authors/books – including yours- and had been thinking I would like to move yours to my bedside ‘to read (again) stack- as soon as I am thru the Rita series! Somehow, your ‘departure’ convinces me that this is what I will be doing.. (and reading) soon! Best Wishes as you carry on keeping on! — w/ Smiles and Waves from Susan McLean P.S. I like your Bernie shirt!

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