Nathaniel — terrestrial and extra-terrestrial

Nathaniel — terrestrial and extra-terrestrial

Friday, November 3, 2017

12:50 a.m. Nathaniel, and company – we’re all pretty eager to hear more about our extra-terrestrial extensions. This is one of those topics where, I suspect, objections and requests for clarifications are going to be important assists in getting clarity. But before I begin compiling and posing people’s questions, I get the sense you’d rather continue a while.

Objections and puzzlements certainly will be of service to clarity, as you say, but it will be better to try to set out our idea a little more fully, before entertaining them.

I got up because I thought I’d write down, lest I forget it, “it’s still a question of `which you.’” but then I thought, since I’m up anyway –

Still a question of “which you,” exactly. That single reframing will itself take us a certain way. That’s why we made sure to give you the message. Easier for you to remember it, and write it, than to have to try to pass it to you in the course of a session. This avoids false starts, you see.

I do. I guess I would have thought that in a session would be easier to pass over an idea, not harder, but I see that you didn’t quite say that it would necessarily be harder, but that it might involve a certain amount of chit-chat to steer me to it.

Which you? That’s always the question, and it’s always the question most likely to be forgotten or never considered. Yet so much hangs on it!

So, if you are thinking you are part extra-terrestrial, or are directly connected to one (or more) of them, you might have any amount of ideas about it, ranging from physical hybrid to mere psychological resonance. So we’re going to sketch a few possibilities. No telling ahead of time how quickly this can be done or how long it may go on. We’ll see as we go.

First off, remember and try never to forget, you are 3D entities who are nonetheless the offspring of what is essentially a non-3D entity. That is, you – All-D you, both your 3D and non-3D components, considered together – were put together, so to speak, by a Sam, and a Sam by definition is not a 3D-bound entity.

Next, remember that you are intimately connected to all other lifetimes you are involved in, call them “past lives” or “simultaneous lives” or even “future lives.” If the same pattern that is your present psyche lived in ancient Egypt, then, in effect, you did, or in fact do. So your definition of yourself may need to be widened.

Beyond that, remember that every strand incorporated in every individual you connect to in this way is a part of you. You have a very extended family. And among all those lives that are part of your life, you can’t know where all the branches of your family-of-you come from.

In other words, any strands included in your present being may include extra-terrestrial beings as well as terrestrial ones. In such case, as long as you are still dealing with compound beings as on earth, the same pattern of interrelated strands mean that your extraterrestrial family connections may be as extensive as those on this plane.

“We have met the alien and he is us,” to paraphrase Pogo.

We wouldn’t propose it as a flat exception-less statement of fact, but often enough, yes.

I know you usually shy away from speculation and abstraction carried too far, but I gather that this means that various families of ETs are interrelated, as well, that in effect all 3D beings, not only the 3D beings on Terra Firma, are part of one thing.

And we have never said otherwise. The universe – reality – is all one thing, divided nowhere absolutely, only relatively.

So, we are perhaps as alien as human.

Why not reverse it and see that aliens may be as human as alien? In fact, this may be a challenge, but

No, don’t put it that way, you’ll raise everybody’s hackles and defenses, needlessly.

You are welcome to phrase the thought.

Let’s just say that we might as well consider all living beings – at least all compound beings; I don’t know if it applies to unitary beings – as one extended family, in the same way that we recognize humans as one race subdivided into what we call races but (they being able to interbreed without creating sterile hybrids) are not really separate. Thus, brown, black, yellow, white red – at least five “races” of humans, but all clearly subdivisions of one race.

I guess I’ll just say it. You are saying that to consider other alien species as essentially different from humans is something we might call understandable racism. The differences exist, and some of those differences are startling. But all compound being are akin, and sooner or later we are going to come to see it.

In any case, that makes our point. It isn’t really a case of “you” v. “them.” You and they have already interbred. You as humans don’t remember your own origins, but as a species and as individuals, you are the equivalent of the English.

By which you mean an identifiable set of sub-species with a common culture formed of invasions of Celts and Picts and Danes and Angles and Saxons and French and Romans and Phoenicians and God knows what. The result was not a shapeless mongrel race but, over time, a clearly identifiable culture. If the English themselves occasionally overemphasized their supposed Anglo-Saxon purity as some Americans do today), still they were pointing to something real, something created in history.

If this did nothing more than shake the idea of “us” v. “them” that continually pops up in any discussion of wider extensions of accepted ideas, it would be worth the effort. You are not hermits living off in the celestial woods, in the back of beyond. Humans are the descendants and contemporaries of far-ranging explorers and settlers, and not all the exploring – not even all the settling – is physical.

Now I know people are going to want to get a story of our past and / or present interaction with ETs, and I strongly suspect you aren’t going to give it to them.

Any such narrative would be mere assertion. They wouldn’t know – you wouldn’t know – if it were fact or fantasy or disinformation or error or some mixture of them all. And what could they, or you, do with such a tale? It wouldn’t expand your horizons; it wouldn’t give you something solid, something connected to your individual lives, to chew on. It would give you spur for opinion, and if you don’t mind our saying so, you have too many opinions as it is.

Which doesn’t mean some can’t get such information.

Everybody’s access is different, and everybody’s general makeup presents different needs and opportunities. But making flat assertions of fact in the matter is not your path.

No, and I’m glad not to have to form such opinions.

But. Hear this. When you are told that you are originally not from here, when you are told that Earth is not your home, remember, that is true of everybody. It’s all in how you interpret the words. It might be said, “You did not originate in 3D. 3D is not your home.” You see? Same statement, in a way, but a very different set of implications. And there is your hour, or near enough.

Thanks, and we look forward to more another time.

9 thoughts on “Nathaniel — terrestrial and extra-terrestrial

  1. Frank? I cannot but agree with all Nathaniel says here.
    But came to recall something funny once to have read:
    I am to recall something told by one scientist once(To me he seemed more spiritual than in him to realize beause he termed himself as an Atheist). The young scientist told: ” We are etherial species wrapped into the illusion of matter.”
    The young scientist explained all matter as “Fluid” of nature. As he wrote; …. “in us to be made up of 90% water(or was it 80% ?)….” We are the walking water-sacks. Put a needle into the water-sack and we are blowing up in the air as when to put a needle in a balloon.”

    btw: Was it not an Japanese Professor/Doctor,(very popular/famous once, but cannot recall his name)who explained “the consciousness of water.”
    Or else many of the Edgar Cayce Readings telling about our first origin(s) “taking form(s).”
    Quote: We, as more etherial beings did “the travel`s” between dimensions, all planes/levels, at the same time as the time did not existed. And in us, more or less, did “the tradings” with all sorts of aliens/extraterrestials. We did all these things simultaneously.

    I know that you know the Edgar Cayce material Frank.

    1. Wasn’t that Dr. Emoto? I think that was the name. He studied the relationship between water and sound, and then between water and emotion. Emoto doesn’t sound quite right, but it was close to that.

      1. Yes. Masuru Emoto.

        btw … Excellent content today. All of it resonated. From the brief message you awoke to all the way through to Nathaniel’s final instruction or warning. “Which you?” framed the discussion perfectly.

        Thank you for continuing to share this material.

  2. (from Craig)

    Good material, and it entirely resonates w/ me, even if I’m still “getting my head around” such ideas as “simultaneous time/lives”, and such. And it was very “refreshing” for me to read this blog post today, for I’d just seen a “rather upsetting” headline, from one of these alternative news sources (which I really do not follow too much; it just happened to be up on Susan’s “Facebook” page) about how “they” are “controlling or shutting down consciousness”. Whoever the “they” are (related to some of the David Icke-esque conspiracy stuff so “rank” in our information sources today).

    This new material (as w/ the Rita mat’l, which I’m still catching up on) is very refreshing–and it helps keep me “feeling expansive”, in that it encourages further questioning and explorations of my own. Nice to have others to chat w/ about such explorations; both Susan and I sometimes feel a little lonesome, in that we just don’t share much of this material, except w/ a few friends. And for myself, I’ve grown very cautious of who I share my adventures with; too many “past burns”!

    The “which you?” also is found in, I think, “Seth Speaks” (“Which you? Which reality?” if I’m recalling correctly), and is, again, a “question of expansiveness” rather than “of limitation”. The interbreeding w/ ETs makes sense; I think we do share common “threads”, and this goes beyond the 3D aspects (much of Darryl Anka’s “Bashar” material deals w/ this question)(“Bashar”, being of the “Essesani” race, is said to be “quasi-physical”).

    I’m re-reading Jane Roberts’ excellent “The God of Jane”: A Psychic Manifesto” ATTM: the “Seth/Jane” material is my usual “go-to” printed-book source in which to “consider my reality”. And for soothing music, for me nothing quite like Deva Primal…


    1. Craig ? Thank you for sharing this.
      As you, to have had “too many burns” in the past(if it is any pasts that is)with to try telling others about my intent “to understand the world” where we`re living at large.”

      Witty, with the latest cases, or row, how the material within the books I am reading in these Days(the recommendations by Frank)….Because it seems, even if the content/the approach, in the books are all different; the main “theme” in the all two different books are how to keep THE FAITH.

      Oddly enough when nowadays to read the one book titled as “The MAGICAL battle of Britain,” by Dion Forune — Then, all of a sudden yesterday, the one book by Janes` (Seth) titled as THE MAGICAL approach fell (actually “FELL”) into my mind.

    1. You’ll have to read the material and draw your own conclusions. I don’t feel justified in superimposing my own interpretation. WORK the material; you can’t just passively receive it.

  3. This material is so amazing–I’ve been making diagrams all morning.
    I’m still thinking of those “impersonal winds,” too.
    Thanks, again and again, for bringing us the material.

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