Nathaniel on the roots of emotion and drama

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

1:15 a.m. I’m ready if you are, my friends. Last time you indicated that you had your own ideas what next. “It will emerge,” I think you said.

So we did. Very well, center yourself, first.

[Pause] Okay.

Let’s talk about emotion, and drama, and the “why” of it.

Something I do occasionally wonder about. There sure seems to be a lot of excess drama all the time. Drama, or boredom. Never much quiet excitement or interesting tranquility. Why shouldn’t there be?

Except, you are not describing life as you are experiencing it.

Not as I experience it now, anyway.

Let’s back up – yet again – and remind you that a human being is a complicated set of reactions, connections, associations, through which the divine winds of the universe play. If you can keep that image in mind, if only in the background, it will help keep many a relationship clear, or anyway clearer. [Typing this, I see that some may think this means relationships between people; my sense of it was that it meant relationship between this and that described fact.]

Also, because you are so intertwined in so many ways, sharing and dividing threads in your being, you are all part of one thing; and because your consciousness is usually in a divided state, mostly because of 3D conditions and the unnoticed conclusions they lead you to, you are also in effect many individuals. That is, at the same level of inquiry. You are both one, and many. Then, remember, you are also one, or many, depending if you are looking down the scale or up. You are (each) one compared to the many elements you comprise. You are (each) many compared to the greater being of which you are only one cell.

Okay, I think by now we have all that, even if we don’t always remember it.

Then, when you incarnate into the earth, you become a note in a symphony, for what you are, how you react, what you suffer or enjoy, the suffering and enjoyment you may cause others – none of this is anything but unique, even though each note is in its own way similar to all other notes. Do you have that?

I think so. Musical notes are all the same few types, but in combination they create hugely different effects.

Yes, and it depends, what they produce, upon where they are placed, how long or short the note, what its predecessors or successors are, and so forth. But although every note is unique in placement, no note ever stands alone. No note has meaning unless considered in connection with the notes surrounding it.

That makes sense to me, though it may be disappointing to any raging individualists in the crowd.

Individualists are a note in the symphony like any others, and, like any other, they derive their meaning from the overall music, not from someone playing a single note and then setting down the instrument.

So what does this have to do with your lives? Understand, if you were not living in 3D conditions which deliberately over-emphasize separation and distinctions, everything would be different. And, since your non-3D awareness knows all this, many of you live a contradiction between conscious awareness and beliefs and unconscious contradictory knowledge. That is, even the most rabid individualist nonetheless has his or her mind in non-3D conditions, and that mind knows better. In fact, in some people the contradiction is so uncomfortable as to produce fanaticism, as the conscious mind strives to overcome its own doubt.

So why do they have a vested interest in believing what they half-know isn’t so?

There could be millions of slightly different answers to that question. A better question would be, what effect does the conflict produce?

Consider the question asked.

Consider the answer to be – emotion and drama.

I suppose that means that the same universal winds, blowing through the non-3D minds, produce very different effects [then when they blow through 3D].

But you must try to remember: one world, one reality. The non-3D isn’t elsewhere, it is a part of your accustomed 3D world. So it isn’t a matter of winds blowing here and then there, or here now and there another time. It is a matter of the same universal winds animating this All-D character that experiences itself as partly 3D, partly non-3D – and experiences itself as separate even as it experiences itself as integrally part of one undivided reality.

The result, as usual, looks different form different points of view. From the All-D perspective, it is a symphony. From within 3D, often enough it seems chaos. Painful, meaningless chaos. But that is only one perspective, and from the less real – the only somewhat real – point of existence.

And, within that only-somewhat-real level of experience, still it need not be experienced as painful chaos. You can learn to hear the symphony.

Give up fear, and belief in meaningless coincidence, and perceiving things as good and evil.

Yes, but that final statement isn’t quite what it seems. It isn’t so much that you cease to perceive duality – you are still immersed in it, after all – as that you cease to take it at face value. You acquire a little healthy skepticism about not only your emotions and reactions, but the reality of what your senses and extended senses report.

“Nothing is good or bad, but that thinking makes it so”?

Well –

[Longish pause]

It is always a difficulty, in discussing reality that involves the pain of others, to speak accurately and yet be heard by those whose hearts already incline them to suspect indifference.

In other words, you’re prepared to be called callous or unfeeling.

It won’t astonish us if it happens, let’s put it that way. It’s natural, because the insight is a slippery and tenuous one, hard for you in 3D to hold. The way to get it and hold it is to tune in not to your reasoning and your 3D reactions, but to your own internal knowing, which of course proceeds from your non-3D essence, or perhaps we should say from your total All-D essence.

Sure, I get that.

At its own level, evil is evil. There would be no denying it even if there were need to do so. No matter (in this context) that at a higher level of reality you are performing improv: Within your reality, real is real. You can’t talk away cruelty, hatred, pain, separation, anxiety, want, any of it. The seven deadly sins are no less destructive in 3D for all that they are not what they appear, and do not manifest beyond 3D as they do within it.

So, it is true what you quoted, but it isn’t end of story. It is also true that “what a man thinks in his mind, so he is.” Your thoughts are things, and have weight. Your decisions as to what to be, what qualities to encourage and which to struggle against, make a difference not only within the context of 3D improv, but much more importantly at realer levels of existence of which you can know little or nothing.

Life in 3D is not merely a stroll in the park, as you may have noticed. It is often difficult or painful, even if it is often exuberant or deeply satisfying. The reason for the depth and strength and variety of emotions filling your lives – even boredom, when that is encountered – is that the winds of the universe – the vast impersonal forces – are playing the instrument that is you, and at best you can finger the stops or sway to the music, or tap-dance to keep your balance. That doesn’t make it an ordeal or a tragedy (though some do see it that way, of course); it makes it a vivid experience, and your judgments are merely tacked on, after the fact.

Enough for now, you’ve done your hour.

Fascinating as usual, and as usual I’m going to have to re-read it to see if it makes sense. No offence – so far it always has! Till next time.


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