4 thoughts on “Extremely interesting Steiner quote

  1. “There, everything that goes out of our own being appears as if it were coming towards us.” And we don’t realize it’s our own creation. Really interesting.

  2. Hi, I have the very same Daily Quotes by Rudolf Steiners`…..You know throughout the years to have heard/read, many of the very same things, or the same materials but it is at first NOW I`m really beginning to “grasp it.”
    I have realized to be a slow “learner.” I love Edgar Cayce`s quote: “One step at a time.” Recalling last night a dream where “somebody” telling me such as “all you see is but you,” or another one here the other Day:
    “All you see around mirror yourself.” Rather peculiar but those particular sentences coming from “nowhere” very often lately, also upon the awakening in the mornings. I`m not asking for it, the sentences are felt as “an open line” of telepathic transference.

    Thank you Frank & all here.
    P.S. A very Funny sentence in a dream last week which to have kept in mind, and felt as laughing by it: “God is Parking” … I began to laugh in the dream because “to know” it was meant telling my own attitude lately about “parking myself”……to have FELT stagnant (old and tired).

    1. Well, you never know. That’s how Rita was feeling, and it turned out that life had our collaboration (in 2001-2002) just around the corner, unknown to her. If you have read her Introduction in The Sphere and the Hologram, you know what I mean.

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