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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

4:25 a.m. Good morning, Miss Rita. As we proceed, it becomes clear – and ever-clearer – that the simple readjustment you are helping us to make is profound and not so easily absorbed. Jane Peranteau, for instance, posted this:

[Question: Are we still comprised of our strands in non-3D? That may be an obvious question, but I’m seeing everything differently now.]

It should also demonstrate the value of the exercise, in that it pulls together various unconnected ideas and shows if they do or don’t cohere.

Now, I know that “do or don’t cohere” is my phrasing and not yours. At least, I never heard you say anything like that in 3D life.

It shouldn’t – and doesn’t, I realize – surprise you that our words as well as our thoughts flow together. But if you use the relative familiarity or strangeness of the phrasing as an indicator of how much or little of the thought itself is mine and not yours, you will lead yourself astray.

Another variant of “Am I just making this up,” I suppose. In this case, “How much of this is only me.”

A useless question, for sure. Worth asking if only to protect yourself from falling into Psychic’s Disease, but not a question that can ever really be answered. It would be like asking which molecules of the air you breathe had previously been breathed by whom. It wasn’t “their” air and it isn’t “your” air.

Yes, I understand. So, to return to Jane’s question – when we are in non-3D, do we still comprise our strands? It implies an implicit – can’t believe I’m doing that, but rather than rephrase – it implies that 3D and non-3D are more different than they are.

That is the readjustment we are trying to help you make. When you realize that 3D and non-3D are not separate and distinct but are different conditions of the same reality, it will force you and enable you to see connections where you have seen only disconnection. In seeing that, you see that this particular question is an indicator that the readjustment has not yet been made. If 3D and non-3D were different in the way your lives have led you to believe, the question would be a solid one. Since they are each subsets of the same All-D reality, it isn’t. It would be like seeing differences among Wednesdays and Sundays. Yes, they are different days of the week, so you could find things common only to the one and only to the other, but in the deepest sense, they are only abstractions. There is no Wednesday to be experienced (even though you do). There is no absolute difference in days of the week, though there are relative differences in what each may be associated with in your mind.

I’m not sure that analogy, simple though it is, is clear, or will be clear to people. Some things are so simple, it is hard to make it clear that they are simple and not complicated.

You are welcome to try to clarify it, if you wish.

This life and our life after we die to this life are not really separate things, only separate manifestations of the same thing.

I am not sure that is any improvement, but anyway it cannot hurt. Very well.

It is a little frustrating, sometimes. I have the clearest sense of what you want to get across, but I’m not at all sure that we’re succeeding, because people’s expectations and their ingrained ideas are so strong.

There is nothing to be done but to keep trying. What doesn’t bridge the gap today may bridge it tomorrow, or some rephrasing may.

All right. Have we beat the subject into submission for the moment? Would you prefer to go on to other things?

Let’s proceed, for this question was not a detour, any more than one ever is. Questions emerge and are posed in their own time, and of course they belong where they emerge. It is only in attempting to impose our own predetermined order on things that we see things as interruptions. If we flow, and let them flow, we are like fish in a stream, effortlessly and graciously moving together without collision.

That’s an image from an old movie with Alan Watts or somebody, that I saw years ago.

Yes it is, and very useful.

All right. Now, to restate what we have been doing for several weeks now: When you realize that you are always in all the dimensions that exist, you realize that the 3D world you are used to and the non-3D world you inhabit after you die (and before you live) are not, at all, different “spaces.” They are not different worlds, or realms. There is no “other side.” Yes, you will continue to use such terms, just as you say the sun “comes up” and “goes down,” but in the former case as in the latter, that is linguistic convenience overcoming precision of statement.

Obviously there is difference in state. You are not yet freed of the necessity of maintaining your bodies. We no longer have the opportunities that go with being associated with bodies. But the differences speak for themselves; we speak here for the similarities, which do not speak for themselves.

When you make the effort – and it will be an effort – to assimilate this new way of seeing your lives, the advantages will be many. How can you fear death? How can you fear meaninglessness? How can you fret over what seem to be irreparably broken tasks, and severed relationships, and missed opportunities? But you must first do the work of reaching out to the new understanding and seeing how much or how little it fits with what you already know in your bones.

This has the feel of a summary statement, this September morning. But surely we aren’t at the end of a unit? I noticed, yesterday, we have about 70,000 words since June 30, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop, does it?

No harm in pausing while we see if people are keeping up. On the one hand we don’t want to weaken them by making them dependent. On the other hand, we don’t want to weaken you by making you dependent upon continuing this process rather than doing other things.

Hmm. Okay, so is that it for now?

Let’s pause and see if there is any productive feedback. People’s perplexities or objections will show us what we have not made clear. And if this is the end of this series, well, that is an accomplishment, is it not? And there are other things you might turn your attention to.

Okay. Well, we can quit for now, then. Our thanks for all this.


12 thoughts on “Rita on the advantages of pondering

  1. I was surprised by the phrase ” the non-3D world you inhabit after you die (and before you live)”, since I thought one of the main points recently has been that we are in 3D and non-3D. This phrase invokes a sequential framing that seems to go back to “the old way” of seeing things.

    If we are always All-D, then rather than seeing two populations of beings in two places (with communications or the thought that we will transition from one to the other when we die) we can see ourselves as being both 3D (more consciously) and non-3D (less consciously) right now. Our non-3D selves (less individual and separate than we experience ourselves in 3D) have a much greater sense of “self” and the context and environment we are in.

    Well, I may just be rambling here, so I’ll sign off.

  2. I came awake at 4 am this morning. and I started to think about Frank DeMarco and the comments I had left on his blog yesterday regarding the four bodies (Clay, Etherea, Astra and Mentat). I was wondering about his asthma and how this type of illness affects the four body integration.

    I lay quite still and went through a process I use often to relax my body, going mentally from head to feet and feet to head, relaxing every bit of tension. I had to do this a few times before I began to get the slightly fuzzy feeling that I associate with becoming aware of my etheric body, as if the edges of my physical body have blurred somewhat. This is was accompanied by a heavy feeling in my eyes that usually means I am about to fall asleep but instead of going unconscious I began to see Frank’s breathing problem as an etheric/physical glitch associated with a knot in his heart. I viewed this for a while and then, very smoothly transitioned to astral dreaming consciousness. I was lucid but only just, I knew I was dreaming because of the wonderful images and colours and sense of freedom I felt but I did not get the sudden charge of energy that often follows when I realize I am dreaming, it just seemed natural. Then within the dreaming state I became aware of a voice or presence of wisdom that said, in essence (for I cannot remember exactly the words used), that this was the four body state, and this was how to transit and integrate the four states as one.

    This is the first stage, the four-fold unification, a precursor to off-planet and in-planet exploration. Without the four-fold unification perception is faulty or distorted, as if one of your physical senses is missing.

    At different times of the day, and depending on circumstances one of the four bodies will be dominant. This is in alignment with the turning of the earth and the biological rhythms associated with different times of the day. Thus it is normal to be in waking consciousness during the day and sleeping consciousness at night. The reality is that, just as the sleep cycle circulates through a variety of beta, alpha, theta, delta waves, so does the day cycle; though the predominance of waves during the day are beta, just as the predominance of waves at night are delta. The interface waves are alpha and theta; experienced at night as hypnogogic imagery and dreams, and during the day as drowsiness and day dreaming.

    Developing four body consciousness enables you to develop what is called continuing consciousness, where the unified source of the four bodies rises to the surface. This is not unlike the emergence of the ego in childhood, when you suddenly realize that you are a separate entity apart from your mother, except this is the emergence of the super-ego or the Superior I when you realize that you are a separate entity that encompasses all.

    Frank, just as you said above, this is a continuum, and though I may phrase it in different terms, I believe we are talking about the same thing.

      1. 🙂 lol

        btw, related to your contact on 9-4, prior to waking on the morning of 9-4 I received a visual picture (dream like) that you wanted to provide me a message. In the vision, you were sitting at a table and with NVC the idea was presented. I was semi-lucid and stood by the table ready to listen to the message, but the experience faded.

        I clustered about the experience upon awakening, but did not pay much attention to it because there did not appear to be a specific message in the experience (eventually forgetting about it). And I did not realize until yesterday the connection between this vision and your contact earlier this week, when I reviewed my night time journal last night before going to sleep.

        Was that additional contact intentional on your part?

        Whether you did or not, this was definitely a good example of the inclusiveness of the All-D, which is why I share the experience for everyone here to read.

  3. Frank thank you very much for your humour likewise.
    This very same answer came from a popular norwegian professor back in the 1970s; after the professor held a contribution to his audience (the 150 students in the auditorium), which should become a discussion among the sudents and the professor afterwards among them.
    When the professor asking his students after contribution, in him asking if there will be some “disagreements” or “other opinions” to what he had told in his contribution, and of course asking his students to come foreward with their own for a open debate.
    Not ONE of his 150 students raising hands ! And then the professor gave a deep sigh saying: “I am sorry to have done a bad job this morning, after my one hour speech, and obviously have to do my work all over again.”
    A big laughter came from the audience (from his students), as the professor was a very well-known, and a VERY popular, also oftentimes openly-shocking among the public authorities. He was one of his kind, a spectacular out-of-the ordinary man …far from any common university-professor and teacher. He was Proffessor Arne Ness Sr. He died(passing over)many years ago at the age of 98 years old.

    But as to Ritas latest, the advantages of pondering came upon a old pocket book written by Hugh Lynn Cayce(E.C`s son), printed in 1980 titled: “Faces of Fear”, based on Readings from E.C.
    Looking into the book randomly and this falling into my eyes:
    From the book in the Appendix:
    The word “entity” is the term used to describe the soul (spirit-mind-will),plus the urges carried over from experiences in the earth and planes of development between incarnations.

    And the following reading for a person born August 15, 1879, Talladega, Alabama:
    Mrs Cayce: You will give the relation of this entity and the Universe, and the Universal Forces, giving the coditions that are as personalities, latent and exhibited, in the present life; also the former appearances in the earth`s plane, giving time, place, and the name, and that life which built or retarded the development for the entity, giving the abilties of the present entity and that to which it may attain, and how.

    Mr. Cayce: Yes, we have the entity here, and those relations with the Universe as are latent and exhibited in the present earth`s plane; also those influences from former appearances that have brought about much of these urges as are latent, and as have been manifested in part, through the PRESENT earth`s plane–many for weal, many for woe, and the entity is in that position in the PRESENT plane wjerein, yet, advantage may be taken of those conditions as may be manifested in the PRESENT earth`s plane, and bring to self those things which will build within the INNER SELF that which will (redound) to the entity“s good, morally, mentally,spiritually,financially–for through the many trials, through the many tribulations of the flesh, one faithful in siprit, faithful in that which may be builded within PURPOSE, may yet gain that which will give to others that of self, in that way and manner that will bring joy to many, and to self that lasting purpose that builds ON AND ON, until the entity is one with that Universal Force as is manifested in the spiritual life in the earth plane AS IN THE WORLDS TO COME.

    WOW, it is amasing !
    And more in the same reading(reading 4286-3) from E.C.
    E.C. speaking:

    In taking the position in the earth`s plane, we find we find the entity comes under those INFLUENCES of Mars, of Venus, of Mercury and of Jupiter, with Saturn and Moon in the adverse influence, and often many of these have come to the entity in such ways as to become aggrandizment of self`s interest, rather than the that of the thoght of development for the purpse f good for others, that has broght woe to the entity in trial and in temptin conditions for self….. And then comes a whole lot moretho the life of “The Entity.”

    ….on the side note about the Planets:
    The Planets represent these planes of consciousness. These are not physical but rather mental experiences and, in sense, are like a scool. preparing the entity for future experiences in growth in the earth and other planes of consciosness.
    The position of the planets at birth is like a map showing the mental planes of consciosness the entity has experienced and what mental urges it brings to present life.

    And at the end, after the reading, below is stated:
    Apparently her will–( mrs. X ) which is recognized as a divine gift of the Creator at the soul`s creation–has not always been used constructively.

    Implicit all of it….seemingly ?

      1. ….in general Frank, but also recalling my particular professor told his students somthing similar as yours….with your comment…”Hmm, (sigh), I must have done something wrong with my speech today.”

        And I can see writing in a hurry this morning. The writing became almost as when back in time working (as a student) …doing the notes by hand, in a hurry, to keep for later.

        LOL, Inger Lise

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