Smallwood’s monument

It isn’t really Smallwood’s, of course, but I think of it that way. When I visited Gettysburg a few years ago, I took a photo of it and later put it on the cover of Chasing Smallwood, to symbolize a pivotal moment in Smallwood’s life.

Recently a man named Joseph Mancini sent me a manuscript about past lives and the civil war, and as soon as i read the initial chapter, I was moved to send him a copy of my book. When he visited Gettysburg a few days later, on a bitterly cold day, he took another photo, from about the same angle, and sent it to me.

Nice gesture, I thought.

One thought on “Smallwood’s monument

  1. Frank, thank you for the reminder.
    I have got the “Daily Quote” by Krishnamurti`s ( I am receiving The Daily quote from Rudolf Steiners` too), today, about the perspective how we are looking at Duality.

    I am looking into your book Chasing Smallwood again about duality, it is on page 206 in my paper-book, and quote:

    …” Let me start again. The people are dividing. Looking at it as a choice between love and fear, the division is cleaner within individuals but even there is not consistent, How much more confused and confusing, then, to look at the external results ofn so many indvidual civil wars.
    If there were not so much fear, there would not be so much anger or fanaticism. If less anger, there would be less cheating in order to win at all costs.”

    And jumping down the page a bit:
    “You move toward fear or away, continually. There is no standing still.”

    Next jump down the same page:
    “The only way through it is to transcend these differences.”

    And more down the page:
    “Saying that love will conquer all is not unrealistic or mystical nor absolutist. It is merely one way of saying that they live in hope may spread their habit of thought.”

    Well, I am thinking those sentences may be valid for all of us in the world within all time-frames.

    Both Seth and E.C. says…..Our thoughts are “objects,” eventually made physical.
    I have not really seen it before now.
    Hm, I came to recall E.C. once said: “Attitude is everything.”
    B & B, Inger Lise.

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