Utah trip, years ago

In July, 2004, Stephen Iordanos and I drove to Moab, Utah, from Denver, where he and I had been doing a trade show (INATS) for our respective companies. We went to visit Dana Redfield, who lived in Moab. She certainly loved desert country. Maybe everybody of a theological bent does. Michael Ventura once pointed out that God loved deserts. Dana would have agreed.


Sephen and me

Newspaper Rock

Me, taken by Stephen

2 thoughts on “Utah trip, years ago

  1. …at one time, I had quite the collection of cacti and succulents; they’ve fascinated me for a long time. Would love to have a collection/greenhouse to again admire their amazing forms. Certainly a very creative expression of God/Consciousness!


    1. Craig, I have never been to the deserts in the U.S., other than watching the prairies in Oklahoma and Texas which is a marvelleous sight for a Scandinavian. Especially Texas in the springtime with its blue flowers.

      And I have been into the Sahara Desert (Africa) once upon a time. What really amases me when in the sand dunes the feeling about how FRESH and clean THE AIR to be there.
      When climbing a big sand-dune, almost as a hill top, the FEELING about it was felt as standing upon a hill in Norway…..even if they eyes only seeing the sands all the way unto the horizon. Not to mention the fantastic starry night-sky there.
      And of course, as always,
      thank you very much for the nice pictures Frank.

      The nature is a beautiful dream without a doubt.

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