John Wolf on sharing process and practice

Sharing Process and Practice

by John Dorsey Wolf

One of the things which Frank has done through his work that I am very grateful for is sensitizing us to the process of receiving this material. We are all different but some aspects, such as “the useless questions”, apply to most of us.

After corresponding with Frank about the difficulties of my last posting, he thought it would be helpful to share the nature of the process I went through, “warts and all”.

For reference that posting is “On Power and Consequences” at:

It started with an inner challenge, “Take on the subject of the power of Love, and contrast it with other kinds of power.”  This message arrived with an air of “This will take some courage on your part,” and the reason for that is that I might see it as “too unmanly”, too “soft”.

This particular material came in bits and pieces over the period of a couple of weeks.  It rambled at times.  Some came as general ideas which I had to flesh out in my mind and work over language to get it coherent on paper, and some flowed almost as if it was being written for me and arrived in my head in a nearly final form, such as the material about the African matriarch.

I had interest in the subject, which no doubt attracted some of the material.  I couldn’t make total sense of it however until two things happened.  First I have been reading through Rev. G. Val Owen’s books on “Beyond the Veil”, and at one point when I was stuck, I opened up his second book and almost immediately came upon a key point: making choices on the basis of our physical life only, versus making choices on the basis of what might carry over to our non-physical life.

Several days later, I reached a point where I thought I had effectively extracted the thoughts and got them into writing; but, when I read it over I could tell something was missing.  It just didn’t feel complete.  Before going to sleep that night, I asked for help if there was something I was missing or misinterpreted, and what do you know I woke up the next morning with a key piece that wasn’t there before about how different kinds of minds are produced in different eras.  So I continue to be flabbergasted by how this works.

There is one more aspect of this that I will share for the sake of all of us learning together.  I have been trying to put what I have been receiving into practice, and have been blown away by what’s been happening.

What I am speaking of is access to and use of the power of Spirit.  For example I ask my greater being for Spirit’s energy help (not healing help in this case) to flow through other people, not specifying what that help should be, and nearly instantaneously things happen.  Helpful things.  The “old me” would have thought I knew what help they needed; worse yet, I might have tried to make it happen myself.

My core assumption is that Spirit’s energy itself knows what is in the interest of the greater good, and all I have to do with the help of my strands and greater being is point it in the general direction of the need and give the flow a start.

As you can imagine, I have many “useless” questions about it like, “Did this happen because of my request?”  “Do I really have access to that kind of power?”  “Will I screw this up somehow or misuse it?”  As a result of these kind of questions I am reticent to share details publicly in any way about what’s been going on.  Nor do I want any of it to be misconstrued as me “taking credit” for Spirit’s moves.   I’ve been told more than once to throw my doubts away, but that’s easier said than done.

I have not mentioned anything to the people involved, and do not intend to.  I just want to apply and practice and observe and learn.

Anyway, it is very early in the process for me and I will continue and hopefully gain confidence.


7 thoughts on “John Wolf on sharing process and practice

  1. John, thank you very much my friend.
    I have absolutely no doubt about you whatsoever. And not Frank or others in the group here.

    I have come to see Franks Blog as ” a resting place.” We are all accepting each others.

    Bliss & Blessings, Inger Lise.

  2. The chord this struck for me was the connections it seems to have to the phrase “I’ll pray for you/him/her/them” that I hear so often in various contexts from my Christian friends. Plus the studies that show both that prayer has discernible effects, and of course, that it doesn’t. I’ve never understood what it is people who pray “do” when they pray, since I personally have never understood the concept of either praying or worship, despite my Catholic background (likely due to never having had any evidence of anything to worship or pray “to.”) But it seems to me that your description is the first I’ve read that explains it.

    1. Mary Ann,
      I admit, I previously thought of praying primarily as “asking” or even “begging”, which I’m sure is a very limited view. And to be honest, I didn’t have much than a vague idea of who/what I was praying to. In this format I feel much more of being a participant in giving and enabling whatever may be the greatest good. I think of it in fact as a “giving prayer” and do feel the energy flowing. It feels good to give!

  3. What you write is always so aligned with where I am. I have become so aware that the more focused I am in asking for help, the quicker it comes. It is amazing. This is true of my writing as well. Trusting and allowing, which used to be harder, “…access to and use of the power of Spirit.” We are ‘shifting,’ and I think it’s good to note it when we see it. This seems a pretty profound way to be changing.

  4. Hi John:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. When I read your 2nd post this evening, I thought of this tidbit from Tom Kenyon’s site. Rather than quote him directly (e.g., a channeling from Jeshua), I will put this in some of my own words …

    There is an immediate lie present and mental trap set when we are in a lesser realization of who we are, because then we call on power or assistance as if it is external to us. The kingdom is always within (along with the power). Our mental construct of “god” is too limiting. Do we worship (or esteem more than inner being) some power external to us or do we take full embodiment of it?

    The more I ponder the communications of Rita, Abraham and other non-physical beings, I think that we are built much like Russian ‘Matryoshka Nesting Dolls’. We are physical extensions of our non-physical inner being … who has an inner being … who also has an inner being … who has an …

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