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Ever notice how you can never have so many friends that you don’t miss a particular one when he moves on to other things? I got back from two days at my daughter’s to find this email from Carol Wolf about John.

Sent: Sunday, December 25, 2016 11:02 AM

To: Frank DeMarco; Dirk Dunning
Subject: John Dorsey Wolf

Dear Frank and Dirk,

I am writing to share some sad news regarding my husband, John Wolf. We were traveling to our home in CA on Tuesday and stopped for the night in Pacific Grove – a place we both love for it’s incredible natural beauty. We spent a wonderful evening at the Spanish Bay Inn feeling happy and excited about the upcoming holidays and looking forward to being with many good friends.  But things changed in the middle of Tues night.  John woke up to clear his nose and throat – he had been suffering from a terrible cold – and suddenly collapsed. I believe he passed on before the paramedics could arrive. They did their very best to revive him but it was not to be.

John was extremely thorough and had everything in order just in case …..  On the first page of written instructions to me, he asked that in the event of his death, that I e-mail you both to let you know he had made the ultimate transition.

John was so excited and enthusiastic about all he had learned from you. He valued your input as he progressed on his spiritual journey. I believe you became mentors to him.  He would read and reread and then read some more on what you had written. It definitely resonated with him. He was a changed man in all the best ways because of his new learning and his relationship with you.

If anyone can reach him, I have a feeling it is you. And I would love to hear from you if that occurs. I’m sure in his enthusiastic way he is enjoying and experiencing his new life to the nth degree.

I thank you so much for all the wisdom you passed on to my very special guy. He and I will be forever grateful.

Carol Wolf

I asked if she had any objection to my sharing the news among our community, saying “I agree with you, we should be able to contact him if anybody can, and of course we’ll let you know what we hear. There’s no knowing if it will be soon or late, of course. After Rita went over, six and a half years passed without contact (if you don’t count a couple of dreams that assured me she was fine). But, we’ll see. There was a real connection there, and I am very sorry we won’t get to have “the cup of coffee to think things over” that he had suggested.”

And Carol said:

Thank you Frank. I think John would like you to share with his TMIE family the fact that he is no longer with us – here.

He was more than prepared for this journey and that gives me great comfort. I have a feeling that as all this becomes more of a reality I’m going to be missing him even more. He had such endless positive energy – so it’s hard to not have that around me. But I am surrounded by a network of very loving family and friends – they have all offered tremendous support – so I know I’m going to be alright.

John talked so highly of you – a wonderful relationship that meant so much to him. You challenged his thinking and that was the way he lived his entire life – always seeking a new challenge – and then he’d go in 150%

With gratitude,


John was great in last April’s AIG class, and here, and as guest author on my blog. I often wondered if he had a book in him. But apparently he prefers a more direct form of exploration now. I don’t know whether to say “we’ll miss him” or “I expect we’ll be hearing from him.” Anyway, now you know.


10 thoughts on “John Dorsey Wolf

  1. Frank,
    I strongly vote for the “I expect we’ll be hearing from him.”-side. Given John’s enthusiasm for communicating with ‘the other side’, I’d guess that now he’s ‘there’ he’ll be just as interested in communicating to ‘here.’

    Carol remarks that
    – you became mentors to him,
    – he was a changed man because of his new learning,
    – you challenged his thinking,
    I suspect many of us echo Carol’s remarks about the way John felt about you; I know I do. In my world people could hardly make more positive comments about someone; glad to hear them coming out!

  2. Well this makes me sad. But I am already out of sorts…
    No telling what John’s up to right now. Hope he drops by some time to fill us in.

  3. Ditto to all what Jim says here, thank you indeed.
    And of course my deepest condolance to Johns wife Carol. She must be a fantastic lady. If not to recall it all wrong, but somewhere John told the two of them (both Carol and him) having a very special “communiction on the deepest level.” I am sure his wife Carol will be hearing from John soon. Not to mention “the small signs” from John giving hers. Nothing can be compared to the essence of love.
    Many a time upon Frank`s blog have thought : ” Wonder what John (Wolff) have written today” ?
    Anyway, I am ever grateful for what to have learned by all of you….and continue to do it of course.

    Much appreciation from Inger Lise.

  4. I’m so glad to have benefited from John’s teachings. He was always showing me where to put my thoughts next. I’m glad for his progression, but I’ll miss his support.
    Thanks for sharing the news.

  5. My condolences to all of John’s friend here (and of course his family if they should read this) … wishing each of you peace and comfort as you remember John.

    Even in my brief time here, it was easy to see that John was very engaging. My perception was that he wanted to keep the “good mojo” and momentum flowing here. What a great way to manifest!

    Given this and his training at TMI, I would not be surprised if a message came through quickly from him to one or more people here.

  6. Susan greeted me early this A.M., during a sleepless period, w/ this sad news…yet, I feel, that we will “be hearing from him soon”. I was glad to have met John in person, at the “AIG” weekend; I was not at all surprised to learn he was my room mate. His strong, positive energy was immediately apparent, and I’ve often thought of him since April, even tho I only recently began posting replies on this blog, after a long absence.

    I will miss his sharings from his “group mind”, as read here, yet again I feel “we never lose the connections; we just think we have”. The image of “thinking things over, w/ a cup of coffee” has been w/ me too; I had the image of “saluting/honoring John, and Bob (Monroe) w/ a cyber-mug of black coffee”, in thanks for his/their many contributions in learning more about ourselves.

    This community, while mostly online, instead of face-to-face (except when we gather at TMI, for e.g.), has been extremely important to me; we have our local friends w/ whom I can share these ideas, and this helps “keep my fires stoked” for continuing my own explorations. It feels it’s a time we need to “draw close together”, whether physically, or in cyber-land, in community.

    And of course, my condolences to Carol; I was honored and privileged to know him, a truly great guy!


  7. Have been having a quiet spell – no sentences/understandings in the mornings. Except today, after having contemplated John’s death, and yesterday in the night, when I did not know about John’s death.

    From yesterday: Traditionally the tribe/relatives/friends were obliged to hold the recently deceased in loving memory, and to grieve for their loss, to help them pass through the intermediate realm to become part of the pool of ancestors. Without this help from living, the deceased risk getting lost, becoming nasty ghosts. This is an important task for the living: grieving the deceased and holding them in our consciousness.

    And today: taking our shadow seriously. The importance of being true rather than nice. The importance of not judging oneself, and not repressing whatever seems unfit for polite company. Having the guts to look at one’s murderous instincts and say: I see me, that is me, too. What should I make of that? All of the conditioning we do to ourselves and each other through religions and schools and culture: be this way to qualify for friends, food&paradise.

    It is totally useless to be nice outside if the inside remains dark. And how much do we really know about how to deal with the inner darkness? Talking about it will not make it go away. Self-torture because of it will not do anything. But whatever we try to hide while we are here: it will be there, waiting for us, when we pass. I may have the freedom to avoid facing that part when I am here, but that choice is not available when we join the bigger world. So it is important to start looking at making friends with that department now.

    1. Haha, commenting myself: Long time ago, as I started to read Jung i had this dream: swimming on the deep, deep, cold and clear ocean, I tried to dive but could not. I was like a cork that just did not have the capacity to dive. To get to the (unconscious) parts that we push out of consciousness: that is almost like the work of a lifetime. It may be alright to just live life, that is good enough. But if there is (real) work to do, this is it: making one’s life, our culture and direction of consciousness be such that communication between conscious and unconscious can happen. I may still be like trash that floats only on the surface. But this is where my work lies.

  8. Oh, my goodness… Just checking this blog after a few days. John and I met in 2015 at TMI Guidelines. I interpreted a dream he had there and that began a wonderful exchange of insights between us over the next years. I will greatly miss his comraderie along the path. It feels too soon for him to go, but he surely has his own timing with that. So grateful for the support we shared of each others explorations. God speed, John. I will miss you.

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