DeMarco and Rita (sort of) on politics and spirituality

So I go onto facebook and I’m scrolling down and there I see “Spirituality and Politics – with Frank DeMarco” and I say, huh? Then I remember that Sofia Axelsson had interviewed me on that subject a while ago – seems longer ago than it probably is. So I listened to it to find out what I had to say on the subject! The guys always said, the better the questions the better the answers, and her questions were very good. About 16 minutes.


2 thoughts on “DeMarco and Rita (sort of) on politics and spirituality

  1. Thank you Frank a very nice interview.
    Sofia Axelsson is she living in the U.S. ?

    Woke up this early morning and looking at the news ( all about the U.S.election of course ), and your new Mr. President seems to be Donald Trump.
    There is an intuitive American lady who “can read faces” telling about the inner characteristics of an individual. What she said about both H. Clinton and D. Trump was pretty interesting.
    After their biography were shown on TV here with us…..Well, all politicians seems to become over-ruled by “some invisible forces.”

    But, when it comes to equality among men and women….you have a long way to go. The Englishmen who always have been seen as the most conservative people there is…. Even they are far ahead of the Americans when it comes to their “views” about the women.
    The Brits have already their second female Prime Minister. And then Germany having their FABULOUS female “kansler”…The fantastic Angela Merkel. She is unique. We are admiring Angela Merkel very much “over here.”.( at least in Scandinavia )..She is the right woman on the right place in time & space !

    Good luck to all … And a Happy Journey.
    B & B, Inger Lise.

    1. Yes, Sofia married a friend of mine, and lives in Nelson County, near The Monroe Institute — in fact, in the same house I lived in for four years before moving to rent the upstairs part of Rita’s house.

      As to the election, I think instead of working on my novel this morning, I will try to talk to the guys, or maybe Rita, and get their take on things. Rita in the body was very strongly for Hillary Clinton in 2008. Maybe I shouldn’t tell her what just happened — except I suspect she knows. I think they have cable news on the other side. 🙂

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