Election day prayer

Dear God in whom we live, and who lives in us all,

If your purpose this year was to help us see what had been hidden, it’s working.

We have seen the corruption in so many institutions.

We have seen the ease with which others accept any lie that matches their beliefs, no matter how transparent, and reject any truth that contradicts their beliefs.

We have seen obviously misguided and ignorant fellow-citizens going to extremes to carry this country over the cliff, either with the best intentions or out of blind malice.

If you wanted us to see what has been hidden, it’s working.

One thing more needed, as you know:

Now that we have seen those ugly manifestations in others, help us recognize them in ourselves.

Help us see that a thing need not be true just because we find it comforting to think so.

Help us see that those with contrary beliefs may be no less sincere than we.

Remind us that any position may contain a grain of truth.

Remind us that we are all stuck with each other at worst, blessed with each other at best, and help us remember how to get along.

Sorry for so long a shopping list, but if I may add one thing more –

Somehow – and I know this will take a miracle –

Help us get over our present state of terminal exasperation with each other.

Help our people reconcile themselves to themselves and to each other.

I know it’s a lot to ask, but I don’t know who else can make it happen.

With gratitude for the added clarity already provided,

And with hope for a return to prudence, temperance, justice and fortitude,

Your kids.

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