John Wolf — A different angle

A Different Angle On Us, Mankind, and This World

by John Dorsey Wolf

One way to get a different picture of ourselves is to move to a different angle, and to do that I have been working through two questions: 1) “What does human life look like from the perspective of the greater being?”, and 2) “What is the value of humanity (and our world) to greater consciousness?”

Below is a summary of what I have been able to gather to date.  I hope you will consider adding your own findings/views on these questions.

Creation Flows.

We and our world are created out of a more encompassing and less restrictive consciousness, or action.  We are an extension of that greater consciousness, far from an independent and separate entity.  We couldn’t and don’t exist in isolation, despite how we sense it.  We are “being-like” with our own identity, but at the same time not a being, because there is only one mind and we are part of it.  We have the capacity to create extensions of ourselves, extensions which in turn also have the ability to create extensions of themselves.

It is perhaps more accurate to say we ARE a perspective (and a conglomeration of everything we perceive), than to say we are a being with a perspective.  Our creative gift at this stage is ourselves; yet, the value of that gift cannot be determined outside the context of the greater consciousness from which we extend.

From this viewpoint, mankind and our Earth are living consciousness, but not end objectives or “products”.  They are a means (and not the only means) to a greater end of formation and transformation.  In other words, mankind as a species and Earth as a living physical entity that supports mankind and other life, are beneficial in their role to help form and transform consciousness, but not the endgame.

Looking at it from this angle, the life we experience is not intended to be conflict-free, pain-free or free from suffering.  Furthermore, there is an implication that we are actually cooperating with each other and with our world, far more than what it would appear in 3D.

We are more amorphous that we typically sense in body.

(TGU via Frank, August 2016)  “You are spirits in bodies. In accepting your limitations you allowed yourselves to be bound – you in a way bound yourselves – in order to experience certain conditions and accomplish certain things, or, better, let’s say in order to give yourself the possibility of reshaping yourselves by what seem outside forces.”

I have been exploring this aspect of us, or maybe better said, us as an aspect.  The willingness to be bound provides us a sense of identity, and certainly we have that with our so called ego and physical body.

At another level, Rita elevated our thinking to see ourselves as a combination of strands, each strand being a previously lived life, an established soul, made up of strands as well.  In this way we could see ourselves tied to past and future lives, and through them having linkage to everything.  It brought to my mind a kind of network model where our minds are the nodes in the network, connected to our strands and through our strands to the entire rest of the network.  Each mind could look into the network at “see” everything, all created reality.

But that model leaves us with the illusion of boundaries.  The network analogy interconnected each soul with everything else,  but it also gave the impression of each soul being separate.

To take one further step in understanding us without our body it is necessary to lose the concept of containment.  We are not spatially limited, nor spatially separated.  Nor are we spatial at all outside of 3D.

Think of ourselves as an active perceiver.  By that I mean that we have a construction that enables us to have a unique lens on everything else, but the action of perception changes the perceiver and that which is perceived.  It is not a passive “viewing”, but an active and dynamic interaction.

Our perception is derived from those strands that constitute us, unified and amended by our physical life experience.  Every perception by every other perceiver is part of our own, but are “weighted” according to those we are most directly connected with.  Our perception constantly changes.

This “perception combo” could also be described as a vibrational signature or personality tone that uniquely interacts with energy and attracts and assimilates knowledge.  When looked at in this fashion, we are not defined by what we do or have done in our physical life, but by the “lens” or “filter” we apply to everything, and the effect we make via our observation.

Value to Greater Consciousness.

Forming ourselves, our soul as we call it, is a significant aspect of this physical life.  Before our birth on Earth, our ingredients existed but we did not.  We were purposely created as a soul, using the 3D body and world as the crucible. We build our identity and cherish it accordingly.  We extend and individuate with our freedom of choice.

Our ultimate value is not just our formation, but our impact on the transformation of the encompassing consciousness that fostered us and our world. How do we affect that transformation?

First, we knit together and modify our strands.  These strands are previously birthed aspects of greater consciousness.  We might call this process extension and knitting.  As consciousness extends itself with new souls, it forms unique aspects.  Knitting brings the aspects toward a wholeness, valuing the combined differences in a context of forming yet another soul.   We are simultaneously developing a unique and individual perspective while knitting together in a more complex way the perspectives we’ve been endowed with as strands.

Second, we interact with and modify energy.  We observe and interact with energy of others, the world around us, and by agreement we can modify and be modified by that interaction.  We gain knowledge through experience and learning, and we and the knowledge change in the process.  Every change we make to ourselves can have an impact on the greater consciousness from which we emerged.

Third, we contribute to conflict resolution.  Given our constitution as a unique combination of differences (via different strands), we come pre-loaded with harmony in certain areas and disharmony in others.  Conflict is inevitable, because at every moment of choice our strands will not perceive and contribute to responses identically.  It is a consequential result of creation that we end up in this situation.  Duality exists to support creation, producing deviation from the norm; yet, in total there is balance and wholeness to be maintained.  Individuality cannot exist with sameness.  Difference is important and vital to creation.

It’s easier to recognize differences between us and an apparent “other”; but, there are differences within us, and they can be recognized also as we become more aware of them.

The other day, I gave myself a simple example of my internal differences.  It was a beautiful day outside, but I had low energy.  One part of me wanted to get outside and get some exercise, plus work on improving my laboring golf swing.  Another part of me wanted to stay home and try to develop a further and deeper understanding of these concepts I’ve been exploring.  A third part said, “pack it in and take a nap!”.

I could look at it as three different tendencies within me pushing against each other: 1) my impatience and drive to improve myself through shear physical effort alone (brute force), 2) my increasing tendency to tune into and connect with guidance, and 3) a frustrated and cynical self that tires of either approach and wants to take some time out.  I had to decide on one of those three, or a fourth option.  It goes on like this constantly (rarely with the same internal participants and conflicts) but I usually barely think about it and just make a choice and move on, resolving the conflict exactly as my moment to moment reality is designed to force me to do.  Whether my choices provide lasting conflict resolution is beyond me to know, but I can see how the process contributes to it.  More so, I can see value in the differences within me.

It is not difficult to scale this example to conflicts between individual and groups of individuals.

Life is being lived at every level.

We can only be aware of a very small part of our total self.  Our Earth life, viewed in the context of the greater being, is created (at least, in part) to contribute to the growth and knowledge and transformation of greater consciousness, and the same is the case at every “level”.

We are created from the greater, guided by the greater, yet have our own identity and will to live our reality at our level, growing ourselves and transforming that of which we are a part of.


9 thoughts on “John Wolf — A different angle

  1. John, I can recognize myself in many of the same aspects you have told about here. And Thank You Very Much my friend.
    As with Frank`s material(s), gathering us together here with similarities in the energy exchange.

    Peculiar enough (no, it is the synch`s), when opening up this morning’s emails, there was one from another SETH-Course to begin the 28th of September … which began with a SETH-saying from The Early Class Sessions, Book 2 Page 157:
    “Now, you all have access, quite literally, to the energy that rides the universe that you know. Not indirect access, not second-handed access, but immediate personal access. The portion of yourself that you think of as higher self exists now only awaiting your recognition and while it seems to you that you are looking for it I tell you again it is within, and it is within the self that you already know.”

    Hm, hm, I am thinking I have had enough of all the courses, and telling myself I`m fed up with it ! And deciding NOT to have the time … Laughing a little of course … because my curiosity has no end, obviously. And I AM doing an ongoing course, face-to-face with an American, fantastic lady (she is not “pretending” to be a psychic, SHE really IS ), who is married with an Norwegian guy.
    We had a meeting on Saturday, and the first thing she told me, SMILING: You are bringing with you your grandmother today…. She is supporting you. Well, well, the odd thing was I have FELT my long gone dear granny to be with me lately without knowing if the feeling was REAL ( felt as a reality that is ).

    Was it not a well-known man who once said: “I walk & talk with men of every clime” or ?

    And you John said here: ” OUR PERCEPTION CONSTANTLY CHANGES.” Bingo !
    Another sentence by you which I felt as very true: “Difference is important and vital to Creation.”
    Without it nothing could ever existed or ?

    B & B, Inger Lise

  2. John, it is always a challenging delight to read how your latest conclusions are expressed. For me, there is the feeling of familiarity in much of what you say.

    Decades ago I used the term GodSoup to try to explain the idea of living in a constant flow of creative energy at the same time being that energy. It explained for me not the idea of a Supreme Individual, but the feeling that the combination of everything that existed made up what humans named deity, by whatever name.

    In working with nature, I saw the symbiotic relationships which exist between different species. We, as thinking mammals (seemingly), are part of nature by design, but it is difficult to find such balanced and beneficial relations between our species and others let alone among our own species. Interesting how hard it is to hold “perspective” in 3D-All D.

    Laughing at myself for falling back into the old.

  3. Nancy,
    As I was working on this, the image of very chunky (Campbell’s of course) soup actually came to mind! It had an uncountable number of ingredients. I couldn’t decide if I was the bit of potato, or the beef, or… Thanks,

  4. I have been thinking a lot lately on how significant, or not, the human experience is to “the rest of it” from the oversoul’s point of view. In particular I remember Eben Alexander’s reported experience, other similar ones I have read of, and Natalie Sudman’s experience. From that and my own intuitive take, I have concluded that the human existence experience of the oversoul (or whatever you want to call where humans come from) is perhaps not that large a part. One that is valuable, but in the big picture not a huge part. I realize this is contrary to what many others perceive.

  5. Thanks for this, John, as always. It helps me with my thinking. Thoughts:
    You could use crocheting vs. knitting, since it’s looser and more open? “We ARE a perspective” helps with trying to grasp our ephemeral yet enduring nature. Intrigued by “the willingness to be bound provides us a sense of identity.” I like the idea that duality gives us difference, which gives us the opportunity for creativity (within self and with others). When you talk about conflict, pain and suffering being expected, I’m reminded that Seth talks about the vitality (joie de vivre) we come in with, which is the purest expression of our inner self on earth. Seth says it’s always accessible. If we could marry that vitality to everything we experience, I think we’d uncover an expanded creativity that could lead us. Does that make sense?

    1. Jane,
      It makes sense to me. I believe we are barely aware of our creative potential that is there within us; maybe we’re just gradually waking up to it.

  6. Hi John,

    I just had an interesting thought, which I’m sure has been analogized before.

    While reading The Sphere and the Hologram describe “us” as an ameba, I actually thought of “us” as a developing embryo. “You” (any individual incarnation) is a newly divided cell (the combination of threads/traits/etc to develop something with purpose). At first, it was singular as an entity, but over “time”, it split itself multiple times, Each time a new “self” is created, it begins anew until it develops itself into the same as the first. I think of experience as the creator of the “self”. When the “you” becomes “us”, it shares the experience, and the whole is improved. Over time, specialization “cells” develop from the embryo. These special cells have different purposes for the whole. I think of these as having human experience, other physical experience, etc.; having higher and higher consciousness. When these finish growing (die, awaken, leave the body, etc.), the specialized cell has matured because it has developed its consciousness. When that happens, it adds to the embryo’s growth. The goal is for all the cells, through division, to turn the embryo into a complete “being”.

    The next thought I had was that this embryo is the also what happens to a cell. In other words, depending on my point of view or level of view, a human is the cell of the embryo, but the embryo is the cell of another larger embryo, which is also the cell of a larger embryo, going to infiniti. Once the embryo becomes a “being”, it is complete for its larger embryo. This makes sense because in our physical bodies, it’s the same. We started as an embryo with specialized cells developing. We just don’t sense the connectedness from a consciousness point of view, but we could.

    The “Ultimate” doesn’t exist. It is an infinite growth. The reason is, if a cell is also an embryo, then it too must split, which makes it an embryo at that level. It’s the splitting that creates the infinite pattern “up” and “down” the scale.

    From what I intuit, the purpose of “you” is to develop into a specialty, one that can create much more energy/vibration/consciousness. What we bring to the table depends on our ability to add to the whole. The more we can “vibrate” at the same frequency (which is why we see so much comments about love), the more we grow the whole. The less we “vibrate”, either in terms of consciousness or “love”, the less we contribute to the whole and thus require more incarnations or “cells”. The “gift” we bring depends on how much vibration we bring to the whole, and that is created through experience and overcoming obstacles through choice within the “training simulator”.

    The scenarios “we” create helps to train “you” to learn to increase your vibration, which requires not only emotion, but consciousness which is the use of free-will to direct emotion (e.g hate vs. love, good vs. evil, etc.).

  7. Simon, what I especially find attractive about your portrait is that it extends “upward”and “downward” without end and it draws our thinking outside the normal boundaries of our body and our physical world to find purpose and meaning. Thank you.

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