Rita’s World as seen from a Seth perspective

Once in a while you get a really cheering validation. Bob Friedman, my publisher at Rainbow Ridge, and formerly my partner in Hampton Roads, sent a copy of Rita’s World to Paul Helfrich, an author he knows who is very well versed in the Seth material.  (His website is paulhelfrich.com). In reply he received this email, which he passed on to me, to make my day. I haven’t corresponded with Paul Helfrich yet, but I certainly will before long!.

His email to Bob Friedman:

Hi Bob,

Thanks for sending Frank’s book, its arrival coincided with the first week of school, so I didn’t have time for due diligence until today to browse the book for three hours.

I think it’s an excellent, quite sophisticated work! It’s definitely a bit more high end or challenging than the Conversations with God series, but certainly serves as a next generation for exploring the many subtleties between physical and nonphysical domains, personalities, morality/good/evil, reincarnation, etc.

I like the conversation format and agree that it should be published as two books. Also, having The Monroe Institute involved in the back story in compelling and helps to move their work forward.

I saw a brief mention of Jane Roberts and trance channeling as well, and again, this work helps to move the genre forward.

Since I haven’t read any of Frank’s previous 8 books, as a reader it took me a bit of time to catch up to all the people involved and concepts with concomitant “jargon” (not used in a pejorative way). That always takes some getting used to. But gradually I could feel into the work and think it will help a lot of people approach ineffable, esoteric concepts in a new way.

I like the way “Rita” deals with constant paradox, contradiction of language, ideas, space-time conceptual limitations to try and stretch the reader’s mind into new possibilities. It feels like a thoroughly authentic transmission and I’m proud that Rainbow Ridge Books set the bar so high!

It’s kind of a Conversations with the Bardo or Afterlife – a human personality as opposed to “god” or a Seth or other highly evolved spiritual beings. Its themes enrich the Life After Death or Near-Death realm, as well as channeled works, which appeals to many in the Seth and other communities.

There are interesting clarifications of what the after death experience may be like – that it’s a range, not a formula (which seems to be Steiner’s picture, though I’m still in the process of penetrating his work ever deeper). That helps my time-based imagination expand the possibilities.

Anyway, I’m always glad to help in any way I can. Joanne send her best regards!




3 thoughts on “Rita’s World as seen from a Seth perspective

  1. Frank, I think the Seth community (I consider myself in that community) would get a lot out of your books. There is a lot of synergism, and a substantial audience. Your material is a natural follow-on that advances the knowledge and the understanding of Seth’s concepts. I’m surprised Paul was not aware of the book before now.

  2. Paul Helfrich is also a major contributor to the Elias material (http://eliasforum.org/intro/introduction_overview.html). Elias has indicated his teachings and views are ‘extensions’ of Seth’s.

    I find Elias’ (long-winded) information a useful source of corroboration, expansion, and alternate ‘view’ of Rita’s material about the Change (“shift in consciousness.”). There’s also a lot of useful (for me) back-and-forth about basic ‘human nature’ and how it relates to/connects with one’s larger self (“essence”).

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