Coming (very) soon, to a bookshelf near you, I hope


Official publication date is the 22nd, but it’s up on amazon and can be pre-ordered. (Oddly, the first book, that I think of as Rita One, has disappeared from amazon’s page, but we’ll get it back again.

If you have read Rita One (Rita’s World, green cover), you may wish to read The Sphere and the Hologram, which began it all.

The Sphere and the Hologram

And that’s my commercial for the day!

6 thoughts on “Coming (very) soon, to a bookshelf near you, I hope

  1. I wanted to comment that I am reading Rita’s World and I am wholly engulfed in its disclosures and guiding commentary (about half way thru). This is great stuff!

    While I have been a seeker for decades, I am a newer traveler (my 1st OBE was in April 2015 and changed everything for me). Your books have come along at a very serendipitous moment for me – when I have recently had many questions emerge about my soul’s heredity (emanation) and my guidance (who I met out of body last year for the 1st time). You and Rita have provided many clarifications about these two particular topics.

    In case you had not heard this from anyone else, I wanted to briefly share that I am finding many parallels between Rita’s comments and Abraham (of Abraham-Hicks). Many puzzle pieces are falling together for me.

    Thank you! The green Rita’s World has provided many confirmations and new insights for me. I am now looking forward to reading much more from you including Sphere & Hologram, Rita’s World 2, and your book with Paul Rademacher about your TMI booth sessions in 2000.

    I am also appreciative of your work here on your blog.

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