Conspiracies, fear, and our inner connection

Some years ago, I contributed to a monthly on-line magazine called The Meta Arts. It occurs to me, it may be worthwhile to share the columns that appear particularly relevant to our time today.

Conspiracies, fear, and our inner connection

Many people fear that hidden powerful groups are manipulating events to produce events such as outbreaks of terrorism, war with various countries, and, ultimately, control of all the world by a few people. A few weeks after Sept. 11, 2001, in an altered-state session, we asked The Guys Upstairs whether such fears were accurate, and got a long and illuminating answer, a silently edited version of which appears as this month’s column.

F: [pause] When a good and decent person gets into a state of fear, the fear conjures up the shadows in all directions, and if they are not careful they will wind up in a labyrinth of shadows that leaves them feeling powerless, threatened, oppressed – and they can wind up becoming some of the worst oppressors the world has ever seen. We’ll give you specific examples. The first is the Great Terror.

Back in the 1700s, in the French Revolution, the peasantry and the lower middle classes overthrew the aristocracy, which had kept them very severely downtrodden. In their initial freedom, for the first time in recorded western history the great terror came, because, having gained an amazing change in their lifetimes, they feared that that change would be overthrown. They knew full well that the old order would counter-attack them. Having no way of gauging what the counter-attack would be, or of the limitations and abilities of the aristocracy, the minds of the people began generating more and more fears, and the fears had no limits, because they had no data.

The Reign of Terror was started by people who themselves were in terror. They were fearing to lose what they had gained; they knew they had real enemies, but didn’t know where they were; they knew they were facing real dangers but didn’t know what they were, and they knew they had to take action, and the action took on a life of its own. As it always does.

The Russian Revolution happened in more or less the same way. The peasants freed themselves from a thousand years of oppression; they were attacked by real forces from the west and from their own aristocracy. Again, not knowing who the enemy was, not knowing what the enemy could do, not knowing the limits and nature of the threat, their terror created a terror that was aimed outwards. Evil came directly from fear, and the fear came from people who were doing something that they regarded as good, countering something that was too vague for them to be able to attack.

Now, let’s come more directly to the question.

The people in America and certain countries in Western Europe are beginning to realize that government is not good. They know there is a threat, they cannot judge the threat, and they’re willing to listen to someone who tells them with great confidence, “this is the threat, I know what it is, here’s what you need to do.”

Now, we’re probably going to offend everyone in sight. A government functionary is in business primarily to protect his own function, and secondarily to profit from that function as he can, depending on his own level of what you might call corruption, and what he might call self-interest. There was a congressman who said that the motto of Congress is “nothing for nothing”; that is to say, having the ability to make a decision that will make major money for one sector, or cost money to another sector, they see no reason not to profit personally from that decision.

It’s worse than that, though.

In your time, your governments have totally become captive of those who have the money. Money has always run politics, but in this case, you now have your criminals running your institutions. People know this, but they haven’t thought it through to realize that it isn’t a few criminals who threaten an otherwise good institution, and it isn’t that some people are good and some are evil. It is that your society as constituted is predatory. Once organized criminals overcame the reluctance that they had to take over civil society – and they did have such a reluctance – there was nothing to stop them from doing it.

In such a situation, predators rise to the top of the heap, and for you to assume that your secret services, or your law enforcement officers, or your government officials of any kind, have anything that they hold higher than their own self-interest would be naïve to an almost unforgivable extent at this point. Very bleak picture that we’ve just painted here, but it’s important for you to realize that we see this.

Having said this, this is not the whole picture, and the people who are following the trails of the Illuminati and the other secret societies that they think are running things don’t realize that they’re making an assumption that government is usually good and is being threatened by a takeover by these people. In actual fact, governments are always in one way or another a conspiracy. You have had the unusual experience of having governments that were more or less neutral, and in fact in the perspective of history almost startlingly idealistic, particularly the British, the American and the Scandinavian governments. Almost uniquely their ideal was to do the job, rather than the ideal and the necessity being “milk the job for what it’s worth so that when you’re out of office you won’t be destitute.”

If you have a civil servant who has to make a zoning decision, or a decision between contractors, the idealistic way of looking at it is, to do what’s in the public interest. What seems like realism to him is, “these people are going to make a fortune on this; there’s no reason why I shouldn’t have some of it myself. I would be a fool not to.” So your average citizen is taught an entirely incorrect view of civics and politics, and is kept in the dark about the real way that your society is managed, because it is not in the interest  of the people who own the media and the means of information to make those things known. In that vacuum of information, people see that things are rotten, but they don’t know why, and they don’t know how, and so there comes the great terror, you see. Now, the joker in the deck is this.

That’s the grim situation as it looks from a Downstairs perspective, but guess what. The deck can be stacked from the other side, and we’re stacking it every day. We, as one, have our own game plan in order to move your society from where it is to where it will be more effective in bringing us to the next level that we’re talking about. We don’t really care so much who gets a sewer contract, or whether cocaine flows between countries. We care whether we move toward the next level of being, where you will all live more conscious of other aspects of yourself. We will begin to create One World, all right, but it’s going to be one world of people who are aware of their connection to us.

In other words, your next step is, you’ll recognize yourselves as individuals, and you’ll also recognize yourselves as part of us. And when that happens, the political problems and the social injustices that many of you attempted to concentrate on will fall off by themselves. You know, when people change their view of themselves to realize that it’s not just that all men are brothers, but that you’re much closer than brothers, when people realize that they themselves are part of an immortal being, and their neighbors and friends and lovers and opponents and enemies are part of that same being, it changes everything. So, we’re not concerned with politics or ideology except in terms of pushing the society.

R: And so all is well.

F: All is always well…

R: I’d just like to ask, what’s an appropriate response for people to make?

F: Oh that’s an excellent question! The appropriate response is what we just said; learn to live in faith. That doesn’t mean to put blinders on and walk around saying “all is well” as a mantra, it means reaching within yourself and developing your own consciousness and getting a better relationship with us, and a wider and a deeper relationship with us, and at some point you’ll know that all is well. That says nothing about whether or not a person should get involved in politics or should get involved in civic affairs, or put on camouflage clothing and head for the hills. But it says that to our mind the one effective response is to become more closely tied to your own Upstairs development, and to live your life according to your guidance. Everything else can be and often is only a distraction from your real task.

R: I am still wanting to speak to the people who are supporting these organizations that seem to me are so awash in fear.

F: We don’t think there’s really a rational counter to such fear, if it doesn’t come out of a person’s personal experience of knowing that they are protected and that all is well. And we don’t know any other way for them to get that experience except to deepen their relationship to their larger being. If that deeper relationship tells them there is a danger, well and good. But we think that many people fall into fear because they fear that there is nothing policing the universe except Downstairs. And so they engage in romantic or desperate dreams of guerrilla warfare against an all-encompassing state, or of political campaigns that will overthrow the corrupt, and all that. To our mind, that’s escapism.

You’ll notice, we have not said they’ve made up a threat that doesn’t exist. We’ve said that they are being inappropriately concrete about the threat. They’re thinking they know more about it than they do, and they’re not addressing it in the most effective way, which is to strengthen themselves as individuals by connecting with their higher selves. That will seem to be nothing by quietism or escapism, but “seeming” doesn’t have much to do with what really is.

8 thoughts on “Conspiracies, fear, and our inner connection

  1. At first I was confused by the F’s and R’s seeming to be backward. Then I remembered that in your work with (the then living) Rita around 2001 she asked the questions and you answered (channeling TGU, presumably). An interesting reversal from the more recent dialogs. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Oh, how can it be that this was just what I have been thinking about today morning before reading this? The more I look at what is going on from the bigger me perspective, the more jolts I keep getting.

    My perspective is a bit more personal. The fear and aggression are shadow aspects of mother and father archetypes. They are constellated whenever we meet/connect/relate. Especially in man and woman meeting. And our task is to simply work through whatever the archetypes have constellated on the fear&aggression front, clear them so that the energy can be used in a more useful and productive way. Something like in the fairytales a great treasure is protected by monsters. If we just concentrate on wringing our hands at the horribleness of the monsters or run away, or invent other creative ways to distract, this is avoiding the work of taming the monsters. And killing the evil monster will not do, because it is part of us. Knowing it fully (taking in the polarity) makes the transformation possible.

    I so wish I find some way to write more about what has been coming to me lately. The archetypes and how we are, in a way, clearing the ground, making the soil ready so that a different kind of life can take root and thrive. Leaving behind the survival mode enacting the entire fear&aggression cluster. It seems possible but it is not easy. Many more people think they are doing the work, but thinking yourself loving is not the same as being loving. I know it through my own precious self – have been having some really revealing looks into the mirror of myself and my relations. To me it has a lot to do with embodied consciousness-enhancing practices like yoga, dancing, how we relate to each other. In these ways what is stored in the archetypes can come out in safe environments to be witnessed and recognised. And then transformed. Taking back in the projections (as in Jung-speak). This is, what I think, Jung thoght humans should do. And what we do not recognize inside will be enacted outside. Right now it seems to me this is a whole body work. Talking therapy is not enough. It mixes up who we really are with what we think we are. To know what is in me is a process. One needs to find some kind of structure that feels firm, giving a minimum of safety to explore. Yoga was that for me. Then you start to explore, get a bit out of the comfort zone – that was shamanism for me. Then you need more structure when you have reached the limits of the paradigm you work from. That structure was Jung’s psychology for me. Then you explore more, and find more, and always there are phases where some structure is needed to establish a point of departure to explore more. Always growing and moving out of comfort zones. And in Jungspeak the child archetype is constellated when renewal is needed. Puer aeternus is the difficult one. Christ&antichrist, renewal/stuck in childish neediness. So here we are, here I am, in the process of growing up and taking to work, gardening the energies so that they help growing and thriving.

    1. Well, I don’t know. You say, “I so wish I find some way to write more about what has been coming to me lately.” It seems to me you write it very well. If you would like to write it a more detailed fashioned, one way would be to hang it on your personal story, as i did when i wrote Muddy Tracks. Start where you are moved to start, then tell your story as to a close friend, or rather, to a person of insight and sympathy who doesn’t know your background. That requires you to explain as you go, but allows you to talk about what really interests you, rather than what social small-talk would suggest. Why not try it?

      1. I will , I will – as you recommended. Most days I have been able to write at least the 15 minutes in the morning. But it seems that I’ll need to book some weekends for myself to process further what has come through. Reflecting and refining. Would be something new to me. How strange, I have never thought reflecting&refining would be something I could do. I will look at that, thank you 🙂

  3. “There was a reason you have created this separation of essence and physical focus originally. It is difficult to truly experience anything if you have prior knowledge of it. In your essence state, you have knowledge of all these things, obviously because you have created them! In order to experience in a physical focus, you chose to forget your essence. This, for a “time,” in your terms, (smiling, and we all laugh) served its purpose. It allowed you to experience in all full measure of a physical focus. Many individuals are still quite focused in this situation.

    You all assembled here have come to a point where this is not completely necessary. You are completing your circles, as I have stated before. This does not mean you will end your physical focus! It merely means you will experience a fuller focus, if you wish. (Pause)

    You have the ability to experience physical things, and simultaneously be aware of things of your essence. I have stated before that the only division between your essence and this fragmented focus of it is your fear, at this point.”

    This quote is from Elias’ eighth session (in 1995 through Mary Ennis). He uses the word ‘essence’ for what we’d call our larger self. The phrase ‘You all assembled here’ refers to the nine people attending; in what I’ve read ‘you’ usually refers to those in the room.

    I see many similarities in John’s post, Frank’s post (from a 2001 session), Rita’s comments about ‘the Change’, and what Elias says:
    – we (larger self and 3-D-me) have been separated for reasons (experience, boredom, growth … take your pick) as part of a process beginning about 2000 years ago and accelerating from the 16th century on.
    – we (all of humanity, individually and uniquely) are now actively ‘reconnecting’, producing a VERY volatile human/cultural/world-wide situation.

    This process is unique to each person, particularly for those in this (somewhat) early wave. Elias says it will be complete by the end of the third quarter of this century; Rita said the youngest of us (readers) won’t live to see the Change completed. My feeling (hope) is that enough people will have made enough of that (re-) connection ‘soon’ (next 50 years?) to calm things down. Each of us, out of our own increasing connection, help the process in our own small way by living that increased connection each day.

    Kristiina, I like the way you articulate you own process, and second Frank’s suggestions: write your feelings, write your life, write what you see. Like Frank that seems to be your way of ‘adding’ to the Change.

    1. Jim & all.
      Much wisdom here thank you very much.
      But it is felt as a kind of rehearsal — what is time ? Nothing else but here and now, is it not ? The biology of belief is an intricate man-made creation.
      I do believe our self-constructed framework of time making us “stuck” somehow.
      After all the SELF-DISCOVERY works throughout the years have found it is an endless circle of repetition more or less…especially after yesterday`s outburst of a sudden anger (obviously a construct by me) ! What am I to be angry about ? I am not beaten by anybody in the surroundings at all ! Here on the remote small countryside it is all peace and quietness, and surrounded by a beautiful nature.

      BUT, when to EXPERIENCE the illusion of TIME ( and recalling it; the experiences of LOST TIME ), it made EVERYTHING to change in a new way.
      The matter of fact what happened when “losing time” appears, then (to me), it is a kind of to realize our conscious world as nothing other than a fantastic mind-boggling creation whether it is a physical or non physical existence. And especially with the illusion of “life & Death” as a main construct.
      I will believe nowadays science can be close to reveal space-time travels ( the science has done it but met by the skeptical minds )….so-called “wormholes.” Which in fact is nothing but OBE`s…. Robert Monroe all over again.
      Nothing exists but here and now:
      The Beatles: All you need is Love (true)….more than the human “take on it.”
      LOL, Inger Lise (B&B).

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