John Wolf — Crosscurrents of Becoming Aware of Our Connections

[by John Dorsey Wolf]

 The recent material flowing from my joint mind has been on “living in conscious connection”.  First, it was focussed on guidance.  The emphasis was on thinking of a guidance relationship more as a peer or very good, trusted friend, than a parental, angelic or God-man relationship.  The relationship described was one where you could “pick up the phone” and talk about anything any time, in a helpful, respectful manner, with no judgements involved.

Then a different aspect came out, a little unexpected by me.

(From My Joint Mind:) Let’s talk some more about living in conscious connection.  If this is going to be a development for your civilization, it would be appropriate, to understand why we were where we were; that is, “unconnected”, or better said, unconsciously connected.

Was “unconnected” a necessary pre-step to connected?  Or was it just another experience worth having?

The “unconnected” state isolates the individual.  In many ways it is consistent with granting free will in making difficult choices relative to your core being.  How will you choose to be, when you believe you are really on your own?  Do you choose to extend a helping hand, when you really believe you are just a separate unit in a physical wilderness?  Do you choose to love others, through “thick and thin, or do you bail when things get tough?  What path do you choose, when it’s only up to you?

The isolation and separation felt is illusionary, but quite effective in helping you form you.  Changing to a more connected state brings issues as well. You can see some of them, mirrored in the world as countries debate isolationism.

In today’s world there is no such thing as complete isolationism.  But psychologically there is obviously more going on.  Behind the politics is a battle between selfishness and altruism that is part of the nature, or polarity, that man can choose to be.

As consciousness becomes more complex–or as we desire to develop in more complex ways—issues and choices become more complex.  What is the balance between “security”, whether it’s protection of physical, economic, cultural territory, and selfishness on one end versus the welfare of all?  What is the balance between individual opportunity that motivates a striving and feeds our creative nature, versus a culture where a gifted equality might breed complacency?

In a possible future of less separateness, the choices will be made differently, but there will still be choices.  As the new era of connection emerges, assuming it does, what differences will there be in the nature of choice?  And what is going to be that nature during the transformation from isolation to connection? You are in transition.  A few are living in conscious connection.  Many are not.  How are you experiencing it?

Consider these early stages as prototyping and learning on both sides.  How is free will maintained, advice administered, foresight used?  What are going to be the challenges that bind communities together, whether they are your own strands or larger groups of forming souls?  What connective knowledge can be broadly understood and utilized in daily living (for example, health)?

But, “an era of greater connection” is not limited to connection between you and your “guidance”!

What you see going on “externally” can be perceived as the objectification of the inner turmoil in choosing and moving toward greater connection.  To be (aware of being) connected, means to all not just some: those you are “well aligned” with and those you are not.

Can you become highly connected internally, while remaining “separate” and “selective” externally?    The latter reflects the former.  Can you sense how becoming “more connected” might be useful or desired by greater consciousness?

[John: In case it isn’t clear, the message here was that the current “external” angst we are witnessing against immigration, for protectionism, is a symptom of inner turmoil being churned up by a movement toward becoming aware of our connectivity, between individuals and their greater selves, among many individuals, and among greater communities of consciousness.  Whether an accurate perception or not, I admit I had never looked at it this way.]

7 thoughts on “John Wolf — Crosscurrents of Becoming Aware of Our Connections

  1. John,
    Thanks for this. I like the progression from useful illusory isolation, to an expanded sense of self, to more connection with (non-3D) guidance, to more connection internally and externally. That resonates for me. I am sure I will walk around with that new awareness and see things differently.

  2. Living in conscious connection is a message I’ve been getting, too, and taking it to the next level and wondering what that will look like and what it means for who we are now. Thanks for your post. It is helpful clarification.

  3. Thanks John.

    Always something “new” coming forth…..Hm, I have come to see ( when it is coming to myself as the time passing by ): ” The more I learn – The more I do not know.”
    How come we as individuals experiencing the life all differently more or less all ” the time ” ? The common ” BEING ” ( or nonbeing ) is still conscious no matter what is ?
    I am doing the meditation on peace & patience all the time ( I am a libra ) ….. and now for the first time in my life have experienced an inner ANGER for not to have “spoken out” my innermost feelings instead of to bury it ? Not to have done it outwardly as yet thanks heaven, since I am very civilized human being ( laughs ) and in my weakness not able to manifest emotions objectively. Sometimes wishing to have a machine gun….. No weapon is allowed here in Scandinavia ( which mostly of our new citizens cannot take in seriously at all of course ). But of course we do have some cowboys here with us too !
    But I wonder:
    WHAT is ” arising ” inside of me in these days ? Long forgotten and hidden (supressed) emotions ? OR, the sensitivity of the emotions & feelings from ” all the others ” about me ?

    As you have told ” nobody living alone.” But I am in the mood for detachment in everything…. Compassion is necessary anyway.
    How much do we accumulate these things within us as individuals all the time unconsciously ? We are surrounded by the energy and vibrations from everywhere about us if not properly aware of it.
    Thank you very much again John.
    B & B, Inger Lise

    1. I don’t know, Inger Lise, but from what I have read between the lines, it seems to me you are due and overdue to speak up for your own beliefs. When i stopped apologizing for what i believed (which amounts to what i concluded from what i saw and experienced and thought about and read), my real life began to unfold. Sounds to me that your current challenge may be (I said MAY be; how would i know?) to firmly express your right to have your opinions respected. You don’t need anybody to agree with you, but they don’t really have the right to make fun of you just because you know things they don’t, or even because you are wrong where they are right! I am coming to see making fun of someone’s beliefs as a form of cruelty, of abuse. Maybe it’s time and past time you stopped letting it happen unprotested.

      1. Frank, I do believe you are right about it (saying Bingo)……Peculiar enough a couple of days ago have got some Doreen Virtue emails about how all of us many a time re-experience our ” former ” (not to mention nowadays world traumas), as all of us having traumas, therefore we are ” here ” on earth —
        And how important it is listening to those feelings according to many spiritual Masters. And how important it is to release those feelings before the feelings becoming addictions (addictive dramas playing out). Doreen Virtues` advice is learning to be free of dysfunctional & toxic relationships.
        If not to recall it all wrong Edgar Cayce telling the same as Doreen ; ” it is better to leave any toxic relationships. ”
        Forgiveness must come from within as nobody can do it for you. Hm, well, it is close to ACIM……wrestling with the survival of the Ego.
        Quite the opposite of what Seth is telling about the ego…. The ego, which is useful as ” the tool ” according to Seth.
        While ACIM telling us in ” to overcome the ego.”

        One might really wonders ?
        Thank you as always Frank & all, glad you are here !
        B & B, Inger Lise

        1. You’re welcome as always. 🙂 I think that’s using the word “ego” in two different ways. Ego as consciousness of the world, as the soul we are, certainly is to be protected and developed. Ego as in “me first, and everybody else nowhere” is a distortion that is to be overcome. That’s how i see it, anyway.

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