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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

F: 6 a.m. Rita, you gave us the multiplex-reality-game analogy to describe how we can be interacting with other lifetimes regardless of chronology. You reminded us that we are all part of one thing. Then you walked us through the contradictions about reincarnation – or, didn’t walk us through, so much as remind us, or hint at it. And then you seemed to imply that the nature of compound beings such as ourselves is involved. Not really sure where you’re going with this.

R: Laurie – Uri – reminded you that Katelyn at two said she could see her last future life. You concentrated on “last” rather than “future” – but it is merely a matter of nuance.

One’s last life clearly implies a sequence, and an understood sequence. One’s future life merely orients it with regard to the moment it is viewed from. What was a future life in 1700 could be a past life from 1900, of course. But last is last.

And “last” implies “first,” and implies a sequence, be it long or short. It implies the equivalent of a life span such as is lived one at a time in 3D.

F: I understand that, but I’m not sure we actually said it. You mean, just as a life in 3D has a beginning, growth, and an end, so does the different kind of life which experiences individual 3D lives as moments or incidents.

R: Yes, only not only 3D lives.

F: Oh?

R: Well, let’s invent some more shorthand, to make discussion possible. We both know what a 3D life is. It may be regarded as the journey of a soul: created, developed, then continuing in the non-3D and available in its pattern to be used in future 3D souls as a strand.

Beyond and before 3D lives, there is the larger being of which they are made and to which they return. We have explored this somewhat, and we note in passing – and only in passing – that the larger beings themselves are not independent units but are, similarly, parts of a greater organization in the way a 3D cell is part of an organ, and the organ [part of] of a body, and a body of the larger being.

F: As above, so below.

R: Precisely. But, as I say, in passing. We want to keep our focus on the level of being that you can experience first-hand.

There is another level of organization not so easily seen that is less fragmented than 3D lives seen separately, or even 3D lives seen as one larger being –

F: Getting tangled, huh?

R: Let’s go back to shorthand. The skein of “past lives” and “future lives” you connect to by resonance – let’s call all that complex the extended soul’s lifetime. In your case, John, David, Katrina, Joseph, Bertram, etc. You are all individuals, seen one way. You are all part of a unit, seen another way. But. What unit? To leave it (as we have, implicitly, till now) as The Larger Being is to skip a step. And that step now becomes important to consider.

There is an arc of experience that is less than The Larger Being yet more than any individual life. But, see, here we risk getting confused by terminology. So let us arbitrarily –

F: Yes?


R: All the lifetimes you are closely connected to are not only human. You could say, they aren’t even all animate. You extend across vastly more than you experience. But if we stretch our definitions too far, they become meaningless.

F: Because All Is One and there’s no place to draw the line.

R: We have been evading that limitation as we went along; that isn’t quite the problem. It is a logical problem that I am considering.

F: Care to share it with the class?

R: A 3D life is easily defined; just center it on the physical life of the body and it defines itself. But when you look more closely, you see that that life was a lot more – porous, let’s say – than it appeared. More was always going on than showed. More was shared “elsewhere” than appeared.

So if you follow those threads, you find that the 3D life was in fact one integral part of a larger individual entity comprising many 3D lifetimes. It is that entity that I am struggling to name. And this entity in turn is an integral part of what we have been calling and perhaps should not continue to call The Larger Being. We now need to separate them out.

F: Just as you said time separates out as we perceive more of the higher dimensions.

R: Very similar, yes. Now, we could call them something meaningless like LB1 versus LB2, but that wouldn’t help, not really. What we need is a description that reminds by its name.

F: Perhaps the larger-3D-being and the larger-non-3D-being?

R: No, but that’s in the right direction. The distinction to be made is the degree of separation from the soul in its 3D lifetime, which is always going to be people’s starting-point in examining this.

3D life – Soul

3D lives in association – Greater Soul

Container of all 3D lives —

F: The crucible? The Larger Being?

R: We may have to retire the term Larger Being now that we have moved beyond it. To now use it in a more restricted sense might add more confusion than the additional precision would warrant.

F: Greater Soul echoes (to me, anyway) Emerson’s Oversoul, but that isn’t necessarily helpful.

R: No, it isn’t. Nothing that encourages a reader to say, “Oh, that’s only X” is useful. That is merely substituting labels.

F: So then, for the vast crucible that contains us and our potential?

R: A crucible sounds like an inanimate thing, you understand. That is going in the wrong direction. And “the creator,” or even the “created from,” leads people insensibly to the idea of God, with whatever associations they may happen to have with the word. It is neither helpful nor correct nor, in fact, more than a vague idea.

F: Well, if you’re making up the term, can’t you just – find it?

R: I see what the problem is. The third level up is not the “container of all 3D lives,” but “the container of all these particular 3D lives and thus their Greater Souls.” The container of all 3D lives we may (or may not) look at another time.

So let us agree to see it this way.

The Soul is the 3D life you experience, which means not only the one physical life but all its associates (“past” and “future” lives).

The Greater Soul is the higher-level unit of which a Soul is a part. And this is what we will look at next.

The Greater Soul Community (until we find a snappier name) is the higher-level unit of which Greater Souls are a part.

And beyond that we will not go until exposition requires definition. Further definition

F: Should that have been that hard? That doesn’t seem like much to come to, after so much work.

R: Little by little. Careful plodding has brought us this far.

F: So it has. Okay, I gather that we will continue to pursue the implications of Katelyn’s statement when we return?

R: Tomorrow’s program is always To Be Announced. You should be used to that by now.

F: Oh, yes! Okay, till next time, then.


6 thoughts on “Rita — defining terms

  1. Frank, I have enjoyed very much these last conversations between Rita, you and Rita`s daughter/granddaughter.

    And the explanations above gave me associations to what is called Pluralism…. We are all intertwined in all directions. It is a Spider`s web and we are caught within it as far as we are the believers about the same.

    The day, or time, eventually, when we no more consider the physical world to be true (mind-setting the belief in it, because we are what are the focus is )… it`ll disappear for good… and it may include all the universes/galaxies as well.

    But I participated this last week-end with some fantastic and wonderful people face-to-face angels…. THE ENERGY about us felt as ” out-of-this world “.
    And the wonderful American beauty of a young lady with “an open line” directly to the “universal mind/consciousness.” She is connected ALL THE TIME, and I am NOT kidding.

    It is the SECOND TIME in my life that I experienced driving for 4 hours with a lot of trouble from the very start, in the early morning. And where the 4 hours seemed to become as 6 hours instead along the trip because of all the troubles along the road. I experienced all sorts of difficulties and problems from the very beginning of the trip. And I had to stop several times looking for a toilet… AND I thought by myself sitting in the car all alone… This trip and the course seems NOT to be made for me, since I am coming all too late for the arrival to the course (and I HATE to be late for an appointment, really HATE IT), and the Angel Course to start 11 O`Clock in the morning. AND my GPS in the car never functioning, because the place and area where the course would be held was not on the GPS map. The GPS address` often is not there, because it is a summer-residence along a FJORD (at the coast of Norway). The fjord is on the GPS of course but not the scattered summer residences and the cabins along the fjords.

    I became really stressed. In the end I tried calming down, parking the car somewhere, and telling my angels, “Okay, no “I am lost” and almost giving up…. PLEASE help me. AND then, easy as it goes…. Intuitively driving up hills and down hills, the remote narrow roads ( & beautiful views upon the roads), until I was asking at a gas station where to go further. And THEN, BANG, straight ahead toward the summer residence where the course to be held.

    AND here is the point. I never dared looking at my watch, because I was highly embarrassed to be coming too late for the course, as I had used 6 hours to drive instead of the estimated four hours. WELL, it was not too late at all, they told me, the course was just to begin, and I had ten minutes left to reach it when I arrived there.

    And thank you very much The Galactic Command in helping me out ! And I am NOT teasing. The wonderful American lady ( she is married to a Norwegian guy) told me so. And she had NEVER, ever, heard anything before about “The Ashtar Command.” She was asking me WHAT OR WHO, IS THE ASTHAR-COMMAND ?…..as she could “hear” it ! She “received” the message when I came, and when I told her about my “timelessness” journey.

    Love ye all ladies and gents ! Always grateful to you !
    B & B, Inger Lise.

    1. I for one would be interested to know what you thin k the delay and anxiety was all about; how it set you up for the weekend. And I have not heard of the Ashtar Command. I trust it is not headed by Captain Kirk, but I know nothing about it. More?

      1. Frank, thank you very much in asking me because I have pondered about the same in several days…..But I am caring of three granddaughters in the last week, since their parents are away and working night-shifts… Their dad in the North Sea, and their mom as a Nurse. And now at first to have the time in asking myself about what happened at the Angel Course.

        I have been looking up a website about ” The Ashtar Command “……and came to be thinking about Madame Blavatsky, within Theosophy, once have mentioned ” The Ashtar-Command. ”

        And if not to recall it all wrong but Norma Milanovich, the author of the book named ” We, The Arcturians ” telling about ( and to be ” in contact ” with the same ) The Ashtar Command.

        Actually, I have never really believed in it ….. before now.
        AND, therefore I do believe to have made myself a lot of hindrances/problems and “restrictions” along the way ….. just because I could NOT really believe in it !

        And you know I have ALWAYS loved the old Star-Trek series.
        Well, what we once called as the Science Fiction, seems to be close to another Reality…. or rather, it is always about us, and not “elsewhere.”

        Another point for me, in hesitating to really BELIEVE in it, is perhaps learn to TRUST myself, and maybe learning in the hard way before “to believe” in “the unseen forces”….. and eventually to learn about DISCERNMENT of what is meant as ” a clear channel. ”

        Sometimes the things flowing easy, and sometimes not…..And then wonders if I am ” making it all up.”
        Under what influence about us ?

        Please beam me up Scotty !
        It is nuts & bolts down here…. Heartily and B & B,
        Inger Lise.

        1. I know what you mean about sort-of-believing but in the end not fully believing. I went through DECADES of that. It is what has fueled my inquiries, really –= the question of how much of this is true, and how much is made up and how much is only imagined and how much is Psychic’s Disease and how much is somebody trying to make him- or her- self important. Gurdjieff said somewhere that there are many kinds of lying, and the worst of them is pretending to know when you don’t. I have tired, not always successfully, to avoid that last.

  2. Thanks to both of you for sharing. It seems like an endless debate about these matters, whether it’s real or made up, or worse yet even made up for the wrong reasons. I agree completely that ultimately it is learning to trust yourself. Then we recognize “ourself” extends to everyone else, seen or unseen, so then it’s trusting what comes through yourself, really never knowing its origin. I’m going to send to Frank some material that I’ve been “sitting on” for a few days, having this same debate with myself. As Frank has counseled over and over, I asked myself if it made sense to me. Just as what you both experience helps the rest of us , I finally concluded it might be helpful to others, maybe even meant for them too. Frank, I guess this kind of agonizing never ends!

    1. Well, it doesn’t end until you get sufficiently bored with it, and (as I like to say) consult your inner Italian, who says, “Meh! Go with it and see what happens.”

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