John Wolf — Spirit Energy As The Force of Creation

[Background: I have not experienced material quite like this before, and frankly I’m feeling a little like I’m on thin ice. When the following thoughts arrived mostly in one sitting via my joint mind, I felt a lot more like a “spigot” than a co-producer of the water. As always, this doesn’t make it The Truth. It is a perspective, and no doubt my part of the process can’t help but add distortion. The themes of this material are of great interest to me, but have been well beyond my working knowledge. – John]

(From My Joint Mind) :

Spirit is a force of creation, and that force is commuted through energy that permeates all consciousness. [The word “commuted” came through to me and I wasn’t sure of its fit but went on and came back to it later. It is meant to convey the idea of a “carrying between” as well as an interconnecting, and I saw in retrospect that it got the idea across.] The energy of spirit is the fuel of creation. If one wants to pursue the metaphysics of this, Seth has elaborated in depth on a form of energy he calls “consciousness units”, which exists beyond the boundaries of 3D and follows its own laws of behavior. I believe these to be the means of Spirit, or at least “of Spirit”.

This force doesn’t dictate the specifics of what is to be created. It has been called unconditional love (or as one of my colleagues at Frank’s program called it, “Big Love”); but, there is no adequate English word for it. You’ve felt it (a tiny amount of it—because that’s all we’re capable of handling), and others have felt it, in the heart. It both compels you or animates you as a creature of creation, and at the same time lovingly holds you and binds you to the Source of all. Go to your heart and you sense a strong pull to your core, your roots, the home of all. At the same time you feel the force for creation as an unending stream of energy. Call it prime energy. (Or any other name you want to attach to it.)

This fundamental of prime energy is valid everywhere in reality: a binding pull toward unity, and an unconditional loving encouragement or drive to create. It is a unifying energy greater than what a human can fully experience in 3D, and at the same time a gift to be carried forward and expanded.

(One meaning of) Jesus’ Parable of the Talents was about the entrusting of the treasure of creative energy with the intent of furthering it.

(Having familiarity with, but not really a student of, the Bible, I had to look up this parable later, and it was clear to me that was what was referenced. Also, this does not appear to be the traditional Christian interpretation. I later added the words, “one meaning of” because I could not bring myself to leave the impression that this was THE meaning.

From Wikipedia: “In both Matthew and Luke, a master puts his servants in charge of his goods while he is away on a trip. Upon his return, the master assesses the stewardship of his servants. He evaluates them according to how faithful each was in making wise investments of his goods to obtain a profit. It is clear that the master sought some profit from the servants’ oversight. A gain indicated faithfulness on the part of the servants. The master rewards his servants according to how each has handled his stewardship. He judges two servants as having been “faithful” and gives them a positive reward. To the single unfaithful servant who “played it safe,” a negative compensation is given.”)

We are a product of this gift. We exist as a piece of expanded consciousness because upstream of us a community of consciousness created themselves (with a lot of help) through living and became the seed to our blooming.

There will always be the dichotomy of pull and push to this creative energy. There will be the pull toward that which you came from, which in turn has the pull toward what it came from … and that unmistakable direct pull to Source at the core of our being. The push is to fulfill our role as creator, to use our variability, our uniqueness, to further creation.

When it comes to creation, our value is in our differences, because they set up the constantly changing constitution of the whole, the changing interconnections, and the consequential natural flows of thought and emotion. (From an earlier dialogue: thought and emotion produce prime energy.) Do not minimize the value you add via the creation of yourself!

The highly interconnected, variated and continuously changing consciousness provides an active state of being, versus a stasis. It is the basis for a self-generating and self-sustaining existence.

All That Is derives its energy from the ever changing flows within itself, and that energy is drawn to its core and recycled as purified (not in a moral sense, but more like an electrical one) prime energy to fuel consciousness itself. (This is a highly simplified and English-language version of a concept that deserves a better word than “recycling”. Also, this is no doubt entirely wrong, but the best I can come up with to describe what I feel totally inadequate to fully comprehend.)

Spirit energy is brought in and then sent back out, breathing life and giving life.

We are living in an ever-changing reality and experiencing the unfolding of creation all around us. It is a blessing and a necessity for being that the differential soul-producing process works. Of course Earth is only one of an uncountable number of these realities, and the importance of differentiation does not apply only to humans.

When we look at “our situation” (the overall mind-producing process of 3D) in this context, perhaps we can better see the unity, or wholeness, made up of an uncountable number of differentiated parts. Perhaps we can better value diversity, and even understand the benefits (as well as the consequences) of significant difference. Perhaps we can better see the necessity as well as the beauty of “planned chaos” brought on through our freedom of choice, because it guarantees continued differentiation.


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  1. Thank you John for this interesting material. Your concept of “spirit energy” reminded of the description of the afterlife “atmosphere” described by William James in The Afterdeath Journal of an American Philosopher – The World View of William James by Jane Roberts.

    In that book William James shares his perspective of the afterlife. At that particular time he was aware of his other lifetimes but had not yet chosen to investigate them. He was still focused on his “William James” life and exploring its richness. I was intrigued by his description of the pervading atmosphere that he sensed in the afterlife.

    Here are some excerpts about the atmosphere from that book:

    Nowhere have I encountered the furnishings of a conventional heaven, or glimpsed the face of God. On the other hand, certainly I dwell in a psychological heaven by earth’s standards, for everywhere I sense a presence, or atmosphere, or atmospheric presence that is well-intentioned, gentle yet powerful, and all-knowing. This seems to be a psychological presence of such stunning parts, however, that I can point to no one place and identify it as being there in contrast to being someplace else. At the risk of understating, this presence seems more like a loving condition that permeates existence, and from which all existence springs.

    The feeling of safety mentioned earlier is definitely connected here, in that I know that no evil or harm can befall me, that each of my choices will yield benefits, and that this loving condition upholds me in all of my ways. As in life I was always aware of an underlying melancholy, I am here always delightfully conscious of an extraordinary sense of safety that leads, say, to heroic acts and courage—naturally. There is the constant feeling that the universe is with me, for me, and with and for all others at the same time. Not only does it not conspire against me, but it ever lends its active support.

    This willingness to help is everywhere apparent and promotes, of course, a sense of ease that, at the same time, stimulates the personality’s abilities in ways most difficult to describe. While I mention this presence as itself so thoroughly does it pervade everything that attempts to isolate it are useless. All theological and intellectual theories are beside the point in the reality of this phenomenon. I know that this presence or loving condition forms itself into me, and into all other personalities; that it lends itself actively to seek my good in the most particular and individual ways; yet that my good is in no way contrary to the good of anyone else, but beneficial.

    Each person living or dead is somehow a unique materialization or actualization, psychologically “perfect,” of this basic loving condition or psychological, atmospheric presence. Each person is himself or herself, and an agent for the universe at the same time. The universe leans in each individual’s direction, gives, and is compliant, for each person is part of that psychological fabric, coming to life. It is as if the universe were a multidimensional cloth with infinite patterns, and figures which did not remain flat but sprang alive, lived, moved, and died and came alive again, while the fabric of which they were made never wore out but miraculously revitalized itself and rewove its parts.

    The patterns and figures are constantly changing, and the very stitches with which they are made are composed of the basic fabric also, so that there is everywhere communication between all of the parts at that level. Each figure changes the quality of the fabric, however, adding immeasurably to it through experience, for each life multiplies the actions possible to all of the others, on this common level. Yet this is not known to me without evidence. That evidence is a kind of direct, built-in-knowing—self-evident— and I realize that I possessed it as a child and let it go, on purpose, so that I could discover it again from a different angle.

    Each living person goes through that process to some degree, and what is discovered is not the same truth that was momentarily discarded, but involves a new comprehension of the self from a different angle of reality. Each time we take on a new identity this process is one by which the universe realizes itself anew—as us and as itself–and in which the identity comes upon its invulnerability from a different standpoint. Obviously there is much here that I have not learned, but each new life is begun with the knowledge of basic safety, from a threshold of security large enough to sustain a physical existence.

    There are, again, other groupings of consciousness, alliances in which identities group together psychologically, as people do on earth, physically, in nations. These consciousnesses retain individuality while joining together in joint purposes, pooling separate viewpoints into psychic composites that I do not pretend to understand.

    The living often equate death with darkness, for how can the dead see? Even if the spirit hovers beside the body, the corpse’s eyes are closed. How can the spirit have vision, disconnected from the organs of sight? Yet here I am surrounded by illumination that emanates from every- where—colors more sparkling than any I knew on earth, a light of enchanting varieties, not even or monotonous but seemingly alive in its own fashion. It emanates from what I see, but also seems to be inherent all about me, whether or not there is anything to be perceived otherwise

    I connect the knowing light with the well-intentioned atmospheric presence mentioned earlier, since both have been a constant in my afterdeath experience thus far, and I study this phenomenon rather steadily at times, reminding myself of a caveman or other prehistoric man looking up at the sun and trying to understand its properties. Specifically, I have not called this knowing light an entity, in terms of personhood. Yet I am sure that it possesses a psychology far divorced from any with which I have ever been acquainted; that it knows of my curiosity and examination; and is not annoyed, but invites it.

    This presence must be termed atmospheric. Again, I can think of no better word, and it (the presence) cannot be pinpointed as existing in any “here” as separate from there, but coexists in all places. Searches for an analogy do not particularly help either. The closest idea I have is to compare this atmospheric presence with the quality that exists on the most ideal summer day: the delightful, enchanting scent and touch of the air itself seems to be imparted everywhere, so that flowers, trees, grass, people, mountains, valleys—all seem to lie in its enchantment and add to it. So this atmospheric presence with its knowing light has the same effect, both psychologically and in my experience of everything else that exists outside of me.

    Above excerpts from: The Afterdeath Journal of an American Philosopher – The World View of William James by Jane Roberts


    1. Karla & John.
      Thank you very much. It is a long time since to have read The World View of William James by Jane Roberts.

      Sometimes it is as the saying of old in us ” not seeing the Forest because of all the trees. ”

      Actually some ancient biblical quotes telling exactly the same but not properly understood, just because it is ” biblical.” Such as the one saying: ” What you do to others you do to yourself “…..and vice versa. All-in-all spiritual science.

      We are connected with ” The Force ” all the time (quote from Star-wars ).
      It is a necessity with the reminders, and thanks…
      B & B, Inger Lise.

  2. Karla,
    I really appreciate this. It is very fulfilling to have a sense of his thoughts you (and Jane Roberts) have brought from him to this forum, and to enjoy how beautifully it is said. My copy is on the way. Thank you.

  3. John, just wanted to say that I really appreciate the contributions of you and your joint mind here. Your words and descriptions in this post really seemed to resonate with the atmospheric descriptions of William James in the afterlife. Thank you for taking the time to share. The incredible work of Frank and Rita and the contributions of everyone here have been a tremendous catalyst in expanding my own understanding of “self/Self”. Inger Lise, thank you for all the wonderful stories and information you share. I appreciate this whole community.


  4. Karla, ditto to what you say !

    I do believe we are learning most of all by each other`s experiences, the common participation, all the way. And here comes another story from yesterday. I was looking at the “Norwegian” evening news ( not very often )…. And then upon the screen came the pictures and “a story” from Africa, Nigeria…. You know these African villages with all the poor people. And there came a young, blond Danish lady traveling by the area and stopped…. She must be about the age of 30 I guess. I was not listening at first and could not hear what she was doing there (missing what she said at first).

    BUT, in the midst of the village, among the African village people there came a tiny skeleton of a two year old starving little boy. And nobody of the village people cared about him. The Danish lady sitting on her knees and giving the little boy water from her own water bottle. The boy could almost not stand upon his feet.
    When the Danish lady asking the folks around her WHY nobody cared about the boy … the village people (including the family of the boy) said the boy was BEWITCHED. He was A WITCH…. and left alone to die.

    Of course the Danish young lady took the little boy with her and bringing him to a hospital and a nursery. Today the little boy is all fine at a nursery home in Nigeria. She is still in touch with the nursery home and the boy.

    BUT, here comes what made me almost fell off the chair … as the Danish lady said (when she was in Africa and brought the boy to the hospital and nursing home) … She had brought with her the own two-year old son to meet with the little African poor boy, asking her own two-year old in to give him a newly bought Teddy Bear as a gift.

    And when her two year old son did it with reluctance and began to cry, because he obviously do not wanted to give the teddy bear away … THEN, the Danish lady said, the poor village boy (she said the poor boy had stayed in the hospital for TWO DAYS ONLY at the time), looking at his Danish same aged gift-giver (smiling), wiping away his tears and held his one finger over his own lips and told him ” hush, hush” to stop his crying because of giving away his teddy-bear to him.

    AND then I have thought from my first view upon the pictures at the screen of the poor boy… HIS FACE had A CALM outlook ( very different from all the other pictures I have seen from the starvation in Africa ) … I was staring upon the little boys face and thought by myself…. It is an old man, and a old soul.

    The Nigerian Government knows about these superstitions among their own population, but they do nothing in to stop it. Obviously it is not the first case about the same there.

    Well, I have book by Jack Kornfield titled “After the Ecstasy, the Laundry,” subtitled “How the Heart Grows Wise on the Spiritual Path.”

    Hm, it is demanding a lot of courage to be born upon this earth, or nowadays dimension…. this one level of consciousness.
    All-in-all it seems to become a matter of life & death, a creation of time modules. Within OUR system of mind. It cannot be other than ” an evolutionary ” system of mind.

    I have come to see (my own opinion of course) all the cruelty in the world (especially the abuse of children and animals), will be about THE LOSS OF LOVE…. or as ACIM puts it …. the self-defined separation from ” The Holy Spirit ” which is the original source.

    I do not think all the suffering and the cruelty created by us are about love, it cannot be, it is a mind creation done by us… because love IS love and nothing else…..LOVE of Spirit cannot be cruel no matter what ! Cruelty is cruelty. A spade is a spade.

    Heartily, Inger Lise.

  5. I agree completely about the learning from each other. Often we don’t see and therefore don’t appreciate the support that we are giving each other in this experience. The internet and this blog makes some of the support a little more obvious: First from Rita and TGU, from Frank, from our own guidance, from books (like the one Karla noted), from stories (like the one Inger Lise just shared) are not at all accidental. Even people who read but don’t write are part of the process; we just don’t sense it in our externally oriented world. I am grateful.

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