Cat’s Paw — a Dialogue

[From a reader known to me only as Cat’s Paw]

I have been urged to join the conversation using the following from 3/7/16 as a jumping-off point.

F: Well, I was thinking, they didn’t say Jesus was half human, half divine, they said fully human, fully divine. And somehow that seems to me to describe us pretty well. No wonder we’re so uneasy!

R: Half animal, half spirit, is how people often think of themselves. It doesn’t usually occur to them that they are fully 3D creatures, fully non-3D creatures at the same time – and, creators as well as creatures. Life-experience and words and sequential language are too much in the way of such understanding. But now perhaps we can begin to tie this all together if you bring in concepts I started with in December [2014].

Everybody and everything exists in all dimensions. Necessarily. There is no other way it can be. Therefore trees and moss and foxes and people are in All-D, not merely in 3D – and so are rocks and seas and nuclear waste products. Regardless which kingdom, animal, vegetable, or mineral, everything exists in all dimensions, and that include sub-atomic particles, galaxies of stars, and many things commonly perceived as relationships such as heat, light, etc.. I know that is puzzling but let’s not pursue that particular side-trail. The physicists among you may find it an interesting line of thought. Thought, too, exists in All-D.

Me: So?

Other-Me: We wish to join our and your perspective with the one Rita and Frank have provided. First, we say bravo! All indeed exists in All-D. There is no other way it can be. Whether this seems logical, comprehensible, or fathomable to any of you is another matter and one we want to address.

We offer here one-part explanation and one-part method for engagement. Stated simply, that which one might call spirit or “energy” is fundamental to and coequal with all that is. There is nothing which is not this energy or spirit. It is shared by all. All is shared in and through it. It is the basis of unity–the reason All-D is in fact All-D. Aware of it or not, each of you extends through and beyond infinity simply b/c you are composed of that which composes All.

Me: Yes, but “we” are very limited. For most this will be at best conceptually distant.

Other-Me: We understand. But you also should understand that it needn’t be. There is nothing more direct or basic. In any case, this is the point we want to address. To grasp this pure fundamental, thought is neither necessary nor unnecessary. Comprehension, as many of you would understand it, is neither necessary nor unnecessary.

Me: This is fine stuff, but it’s kinda coming off as inscrutable and Zen-ish which I’m not sure will be helpful to those reading it.

Other-Me: Yes, well, there is a reason for that! We are opening access to an experience–not a philosophical position or abstract concept. One may call it knowledge, and it is, but really it is best understood and related to as an experience; no real difference from the experience of sunlight or the sound of a chattering magpie. Perhaps the only discernible difference is this experience is yet more simple, more direct, and more given than those examples.

Me: Okay, that helps. We are talking about experience. So how can we experience it?

Other-Me: The ways and means are as varied as you can imagine. And yet they are not. The unity of all means: that which connects you in all ways to all things is always itself and nothing else.

Me: But what about the sheer diversity of forms and types? Forget the non-3D, just here in 3D the diversity of life is staggering.

Other-Me: Resist for the moment the urge to contrast, compare, and measure. Put in abeyance the fascination with paradox. Most importantly, bring to your immediate awareness the impulse to judge which is the more “real” or which is “better”–diversity or unity? Acknowledge that impulse and then put it on hold. Both are real. Neither cancels the other. For our purposes, however, the focus here is about experiencing the unity of all. In that simple experience you will know there is no contradiction, no either/or.

Me: Yes, but how?

Other-Me: It is simple. What you are, that which you are composed of, composes All. The capacity for difference and diversity is an expression of the fundamental unity that composes everything. You (your core or spirit or basic energy) “extend” in and through All. You can and do reach out to all that is “around” you–whether you are actively aware of it or not. At this “level” there can be no difference despite there really being trillions of “differences.” Simply put, your thought, feeling, sensation, being, and doing is made of that which all things are made of. Allow the experience of your being, which is all being, to come into your awareness. It is not magic. Nor is it mystical. It, the experience, is not of the elect nor of the chosen. It is of the All, belongs to the All, and thus is fundamental, simple, and wholly “natural”. There are indeed ways of “verifying” this for yourself, but we cannot go into that now as it is likely to lead some down non-helpful paths.

Me: Okay, but it doesn’t seem like you guys have provided a method to me.

Other-Me: If you mean we have not provided a method for your 21st century conditioned human mind to parse or figure out then, yes, we agree. That is simply b/c there is nothing to figure out. There is no complication to untangle or unwind. And we will further refine “21st century conditioned mind” in noting that it is mostly your immediate consciousness, the “I”, which has nothing to figure out. Just b/c this experience cannot be brought immediately and definitively into terms which (the minute tip of the iceberg that is) your common everyday sense of yourself as an “I” can easily grasp doesn’t negate the reality of the experience. Once you can consciously recognize and acknowledge the experience for what it is as it is your little “I” consciousness will learn to define and hold it better. But first you must experience the greater parts of you in unity with the diversity of the All on its own terms–not on the terms of your very, very local and immediate consciousness and self-identification.

Me: I’m tired, but reading this over it might come off as…well the “All” being this great undifferentiated mass of nothing in particular that sends people gazing off into the blue hoping for some [mystical] experience.

Other-Me: You know from experience otherwise.

Me: Yes, but I’m not up for going into that right now.

Other-Me: Of course. We will put it this way. To experience what we have alluded to may be any number of things. However, one thing it may be is the experience of your being (physical and nonphysical) in nonverbal/non-conceptual communication and relation with other beings–humans and others. It is simply experiencing the fact that “you” are not confined by the constraints of time, space, or location. Your capacity to act and be active is not confined to your “body.” It may sound otherworldly, esoteric, or magical, but once again we say there is nothing more basic or common. You are tired and should rest now.
Me: Agreed.

4 thoughts on “Cat’s Paw — a Dialogue

  1. Amazing Cat`s Paw, a very nice summary about Everything indeed.

    It seems “everything” boils down to our false concept about TIME. There IS no time (or dimensions), “everything” is “no”-thing or “every”-thing. All is within the HOlY INSTANT, eventually becoming as electrons moving about its own axis.

    The term (or concept) LOVE is a neutral non-verbal “form”….forming conscious matter out of “no-thing.”

    I`m serious and not kidding by all means!

    But how to put these “things” into our daily life, that`s the question ? To me it seems the ZEN-meditation (meditation at large) is necessary to reach “a higher vibration” within the human body….and thus experiences no longer necessary (and no more “desires” among us).

    B&B, Inger Lise.

  2. Most interesting: Lao Tzu’s great mystery of the Tao and the ten thousand things comes to mind. More concisely, the systems idea arises as a rats’ nest of processes and relationships such that you jerk one string and the whole shudders – feel your body as a whole. I seem to see Tantra scattered all over this; a Shaivist teacher was asked what practices were required and he replied, “none”, that one need only become aware. Tantra, however, goes beyond mystically melting consciousness into the One and focuses on dancing with ever fuller awareness and without constraint in this ever-wondrous imaginal 3D world. Here and now is where we “I”-nesses are collecting experiences; i.e. by being grounded in the ten thousand things without being mired in separation. The answer to “what am I?” continually lurks, which “I” feel can never be captured within verbally-stewed metaphysics; it must be lived. Or, so it seems to me at the moment. Thanks Frank, Cat’s Paw, and Inger Lisa for stirring the broth.

  3. Cat’s Paw,
    Many thanks for this. As I read it over a second and third time what comes through to me is how we are simultaneously part and whole, and it then becomes a matter of perspective and interpretation. Inger Lise, Don also my thanks for your thoughts.

  4. “We are opening access to an experience – NOT A PHILOSOPHICAL POSITION OR ABSTRACT CONCEPT [caps mine].” Not a summary … not boiled down … not concepts … not words … living experience!

    I hear Cat’s Paw’s other–me (and Rita, and TGU, and Seth [“Your point of power is in the present!”], and Ram Dass [‘Be Here Now!”]) saying my daily life IS that experience … as is each person’s daily life for them. I’m seeing that the way each person grows into that experience, expands their EXPERIENTIAL awareness is totally unique, making guidance very reticent to give instructions.

    “One thing it may be is the experience of your being (physical and nonphysical) in nonverbal/non-conceptual communication and relation with other beings–humans and others.” … coupled with trust that “All is well”, that you ARE being guided to closer connection with your larger self.

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