Down the rabbit hole again

Thursday, September 3, 2015
[Last night, while working at pulling together materials from my blog, I watched again, via Amazon video, a 106-minute documentary on Jung I had bought called “Matter of Heart.” At 6 p.m. I had said, “Dr. Jung, I am, as so often, haunted by the fact that so much time has passed and I have done so little. Is there anything to be done about the feeling?” Crisply, the reply came: “Choose another, and continue to work.”]
[Somewhere after 5:30 a.m.]
F: I notice I am reading of Yeats [re-reading a biography by Norman Jeffares] with some irritation. I was going to talk to him but now I realize, David Poynter it is who wants to talk to me. So, go ahead, then. [I think of David as a “past life,” the Welch journalist and psychic investigator who has been a major influence on my life.]

DP: You are wondering why, but surely the answer is easy enough. Revolution, mysticism about race, even romantic thought – you are out of sympathy with them all. And to some extent you are looking at Yeats, now, as from an older man to a younger.
F: I suppose so. Hadn’t thought of that.
DP: Willie in the 1920s, though full of years and accomplishments, was yet younger than you now.
F: Well – 1865 – 1925 would be 60 years, yes I guess that’s right. I hadn’t thought.
DP: Plus there is Kelly and our reaction to Kelly.
F: I’m about to learn something, aren’t I?
DP: Not learn, so much as, become more aware, perhaps. You already know it, your impatience with her [Irish nationalist] politics particularly, but more your impatience with her intolerant zeal.
F: Yes, I knew that. Yours, I take it, too?
DP: You have to remember, I knew you and her before you were you and her. That is, “I” am more
F: Okay, I get it. We’re ready to move along with the lessons again, aren’t we?
DP: We are, and you are, and this is why your last few days have been filled with old blog posts and busy-work. None of it is labour lost, but it kept you focused a little more on your own self and a little less on the world of other people’s books, etc.
F: And watching that long documentary about Jung while doing so, last night.
DP: Yes, and you might do more of that. They are available for the purchase, and as you saw, you can watch in a reduced screen while doing more mechanical things.
F: Do I not want to be talking to Rita as we re-embark on this quest? I mean, I’ll go along with whatever is planned, but I would have thought – Oh.
DP: Yes, oh. You’re now moving a step beyond. First it was TGU, unattributed sources. Then it became a bit more honed, more conceived of as one person speaking, and this led you far. Me, Joseph, then a succession of souls, Rita. Now we move beyond souls to address the question of spirit that has vexed you.
F: Well, there’s always something new, isn’t there? Not that I mind.
DP: You are thinking, more or less, that as soon as you get used to something it gets taken away. But it is as true – truer – to say that as soon as you get used to something, that very familiarity allows you to clamber up to the next step, as
F: Yes?
DP: You are trying to pull it from memory.
F: Oh. Okay, then. As—
DP: As you have been led through concepts from one staging-point to the next. TGU as a concept, the anima, various souls – to a degree they were all constructs rather than reality. They were, and are, a way of seeing things, rather than an irreducible place to stand. Your places to stand, as long as you consent to the procedure, will always be staging places rather than destinations.
F: I see that. And, it is true, I did and I do consent. I know this is my only talent, the recording of new journeys. I am not a settler.
DP: No need to go into that analogy, but let us agree that you enjoy and appreciate the exploration process, the falling-into-place experience. So, onward?
F: Sure. That’s what I’m here for.
DP: You have often tried to fit things into a coherent whole, and failed, of course. (Your desire is less to have one final understanding to be admired than to have successive places from which to launch new expeditions from a greater level of understanding.) One such area is the relationship of what we have described so far to the overall greater being, or higher self (though not quite in the way New Age thought may think of “higher self”; that is, not merely as non-physical extension of yourself.)
This is going to take a while to set out, and it may bring you back to revisit earlier stages of anxiety because you have no idea where it is going, or whether it is there at all. But you know enough by now to live in trust. Think how far Rita’s material brought you in a few months, beginning from what seemed simple restatements of what you knew.
F: Okay. You may fire when you are ready, Gridley.
DP: You have pretty well in mind the nature of soul. Now we need to set out the puzzling nature of spirit. When we have done so, when you see how spirit and soul interact, you will have a little firmer understanding of certain things.
F: I have become aware of some things that don’t seem to quite fit, though I can’t think of them at the moment. Talking to Guidelines groups always brings things up, and interacting with TMIE.
DP: Of course. It is in this interplay of minds that new perspectives are most easily glimpsed. They must be sympathetic and equally exploratory, but they need not be – will not be – seeing things from the same point of view. Hence, perspectives will differ. Hence, a new light will be shining on previously dark corners that had been unnoticed.
F: Although it is only 6:15, I get the sense that you are winding down for today rather than beginning to attack the subject. You want a fresh start, I take it.
DP: No, another equally valid way to look at it would be to say that you are hesitating, a little, against the prospect of a tremendous expenditure of energy.
F: Am I? Maybe.
DP: And the usual trepidation about whether the material will actually be there.
F: More like, not knowing quite how to cast about for it, and yes, I know, just trust that it will be there.
DP: It isn’t like you haven’t had practice at it, and reward for it.
F: Oh, I know, well, shall we start, or is it too late today?
DP: It isn’t too late, and it’s good that we start, to help you over the first jump.
There is you in the body, a newly created mind – a new soul – tasked with holding together multiple strands until they learn to function as a new unit (or until they don’t).
There is you extending into non-3D (or, equally, there is you as gathered in non-3D, extended into 3D via attachment to a body).
There are all those strands, and perhaps we need to take a moment to think about what those strands really are, because for convenience and for the sake of drawing certain relationships, we have been content to consider them in their relationship to a given soul. This is true enough, but is not the whole story, for they remain units from their own point of view. Or, better said, any part of anything is always more than just itself. Better said even than that, any part of anything is always an undivided part of a larger reality.
F: Seeing things separate is always a necessary distortion.
DP: That’s right. It can’t be helped, but you have to keep going back to remember that you cannot understand a clock by closely examining only any one piece of the mechanism. If is closer to say you can sort of intuit a plant by close examination of any of its parts, but only “sort of.”
Each strand may be considered to be one soul. Each soul may be considered to be one “knot” binding together previously separate strands. Each new knot extends the macramé.
But now we enter into examination of a new level of things. Having looked at the threads, and the knots they form, and the spaces between, now we need examine the net formed of the strand and the knot and the space enclosed by the pattern.
F: I’ll be intrigued to see how you approach it.
DP: Stay tuned.
F: Stay tuned and work in faith that there really will be more to come.
DP: aIs that any different from the usual procedure?
F: No, of course not. Okay, till next time, our thanks.

8 thoughts on “Down the rabbit hole again

  1. Downright exciting! Thanks so much for letting us tag along on the trail to new insights. There is reserved a home in my computer memory for whatever is discovered.

  2. Frank, I have so much admiration and appreciation for all you do in the way of exploring and bringing forth new, exciting perspectives. I guess it really is all about the journey, eh? And what a ride it is. Thanks so much!! I look forward to reading what comes next.

  3. I’ll add my “thanks” as well, Frank, for your sharing of your journey (plus reading about how others are doing this gives me more impetus to continue w/ my own journey). Recently, I hit a rather depressed state, feeling as if “I’m only ‘doing Human 101’ as a newbie”; I’m now realizing that I seem to get my information, ATTM, thru other channels (for me, dreams are predominant).

    And, paradoxically (for many, not “into” this kind of exploration), I am (I think) quite comfortable w/ not “reaching some end-understanding of what it all means”. The journey continues…


      1. …and I think that is okay, as long as (for me) the “ignorance” is remaining unaware that “I am more than my physical body.”

        1. Hmmmm….On second glance, that last statement seems to imply its opposite…should be “…the ‘ignorance’ doesn’t include remaining unaware…”

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