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You know how people are always saying they’d like to make a better world?
How about at least not helping make a worse one?
Speaking energetically, what do you suppose hatred can produce but more hatred? And hatred is good for us as individuals, or as a culture — how?
Next time you are tempted to hate Obama, or the Koch brothers, or (fill in your own blanks), ask yourself, is this what I really want to contribute, energetically? Is this going to look really stellar on my past-life review?

3 thoughts on “Your contribution

  1. Thanks so much, Frank. I often use that past-life review concept to evaluate choices in my behavior. I think it provides a good context, also when I figure in that I will be experiencing the feelings of all those involved.

    My perspective is that the state of our common world is the sum of all the emotions, thoughts, etc, we all are broadcasting – like 7 billion cell towers. So what is my contribution to that group-soup? As you say, if I am in hatred that is projected, that is my contribution to everyone. It doesn’t matter whether it is justified or who/what it is in reponse to. Hatred is broadcast out into the group-soup as hatred.

    I also would add that I am inspired by knowing that people who are congruent have a larger impact in what they broadcast. The more congruent, consistent and unobstructed my broadcast is, the more powerfully I affect the overall mix of the group-soup. So what I do to clear out and align my own broadcast is a contribution to everyone.

      1. Absolutely, and thank you.

        Quote Edgar Cayce again: “What you do to others, you do to yourself”.
        And vice versa of course.

        I have “begun” writing intuitively again as I once did in many years before.
        And I am using the time in doing it when “the impulse comes”– A couple of days ago TWO very important things were “given” to me (sitting down to write, it is NOT automatic writing, it is coming from “elsewhere” and my handwriting changes.
        It was “written”:
        “You must find back to your inner JOY and Happiness”, and the other sentence became underlined: “You have become a Master-Chief in Self-Criticism. Go back to your impulsiveness in The Self…Driving in you car fully.”
        Oddly enough Rita came to mind.

        Rita is still “in the background,” obviously.

        As always grateful, and appreciating your encouragement Frank.

        HOPE,Inger Lise.
        P.S.Came to recall E.C. also always underlined “The Hope”, in us never to lose Hope.

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