Sixth talk with Rita – 12-13-2014

Saturday, December 13, 2014

F: 5:45 p.m. Okay, Rita, how do we get memories of past lives, when we do? The Leininger boy, for instance, remembering his very short life that ended in 1945. What is the mechanism? If a given life is only a strand in our present life, how it that some people can read life after life a person has led?

R: A thread may be very thick, or I would say, better, may be very solid, very much made more permanent by the living of that life, and so it may be more prominent in its expression; it may also be clearer, more accessible; and it may be a good transmission medium for the predominant lives that shaped it.

F: I hear – like the successive Dalai Lamas.

R: Yes, that is a good example, for several reasons. It is transmission by intent. It is foreshadowing by clarity and intent. It is continuity through intent and prior achievement. This is a potential for anyone to begin, if one is wishing to do the work.

F: Perhaps it would be as well for you to unpack those statements you made.

R: It is transmission by intent. That is, the continuation of the line of awareness and internal access is a priority during life. A Dalai Lama works at self-development continually, and that work enables the continuity in a way that would not follow if he spent time at racetracks, or stock exchanges, or mundane family life. Nothing in life is achieved without an exchange of effort and attention.

It is foreshadowing by clarity and intent. The dying Dalai Lama hints to his followers where they will find his next incarnation. This he can do because he can look among futures and choose, and because he chooses by weighing what will be desirable.

It is continuity through intent and prior achievement. The perpetuation of the Dalai Lama line through fourteen incarnations is a project, an intergenerational agreement to provide a people with a living symbol. This could not be done if the Dalai Lama spirit (call him) was unable to continue unbroken intent. Even when young Dalai Lamas were killed by power-hungry and treacherous assistants, the intent to preserve the embodiment of the same consciousness was maintained. You will notice that the present incarnation has his doubts as to whether the long experiment/demonstration/gift should continue, because it is not intended to exalt the bearer of the office, but to serve the people, and if that purpose seems permanently lost or altered, there would perhaps be no need to continue..

The Dalai Lama serves as an example, because everyone knows the name, but not because he is the only example of such enterprise; far from it. He is perhaps the best known, the longest known, but other spirits are doing the same thing, silently, unknown, and not to be known.

So there is your answer in brief. People sometimes remember past lives if they have strands sufficiently active that they are manifest, and if it is in their own interest that they be exposed to such evidence. Many experience what you call the resonance, and never suspect it. some experience it and do suspect it, or define it in one way or another. And for some the clarity approaches normal consciousness.

F: It feels like I should continue, but no new questions occur to me. Do you have more you want to say now?

R: Keep pondering. It helps me to come through with concepts. It is a sort of stirring up the river bottom so I can arrange the sand clouds.

F: Helps you arrange the tea leaves?

R: That’s a good analogy too. More whenever you are so inclined.

F: All right; thanks as always.

2 thoughts on “Sixth talk with Rita – 12-13-2014

  1. Hi Frank,

    Thanks to you and Rita for these continuing conversations; these reposts will allow me to catch up on the earlier material.

    Today’s repeat post addresses an interest of mine: “Past” lives (or concurrent?), and the continuity of consciousness outside of one “life focus”. I recall that I felt somewhat “jolted” when I read, in “The Cosmic Internet”, TGU’s explanation of the James Leininger story, for I was still into the “linear” reincarnational model, having recently read that account. I’ve since, at least, amended my views.

    Interestingly, I was reading some material in Jane Robert’s book, “Psychic Politics”, and dog-eared a particular page, which reminded me of your conversations (as well as that wonderful painting over your fireplace!):

    (Jane): “Do we have numberless strands of consciousness, I wondered, as Rob’s (recollection of three or four Roman lives, all in the First century, CE) experience seems to imply? And theoretically, anyway, could we follow any of them into another kind of reality, even into another kind of psychological structure than the one we take for granted? In some strange fashion, are we composed of such other strands of consciousness ourselves, winding through the invisible nerve ends of the universe?
    “Do I follow my ‘I’ by concentrating on my own strand of consciousness, which is made up of other interweaving ones, each following its own? Those others might be completely aware of me…I might ride their strands, and my personality might be part of another strand that is more complicated in those terms than mine.”

    Anyway, this passage caught my attention, and seems somewhat, at least, related to your material (from what I understand, the Dalai Lama has upset his followers by saying, in essence, “You might not need a Dalai Lama for much longer; you all have the ability to ‘connect’ to Universal Knowledge…”, or similar. I think Pope Francis may be saying a similar thing, actually…)

    Susan and I enjoyed meeting you, and our time together…the TMI experience was great; nothing personally profound, and yet I’ll likely be “unpacking” my experience there for a while yet. It was more as if our collective energies were far more powerful than any of my individual experiences. Overall, I felt pleased to be a part of the “maiden voyage” of “NDE Intensive”; Scott and Charleene did a magnificent job facilitating this inaugural trip!


    1. You and the universe and a conversation last night with other friends have given me something to think about in re who we really are and how it ties in to threads and alternate realities. Possibly i’ll be able to put it together in writing at some point. For the moment, i’s concentrating on my novel (and, as always once i bite the bullet of actually working at it) enjoying the process very much.

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