Is autism actually a step forward?

My friend Keliu Lindelien (author of Gift from my Son) said to me years ago that she thought that perhaps autism was suppression of left-brain functioning. It causes problems — to put it mildly! But perhaps more is going on here than physical malfunctioning, with or without environmental insults such as adulterated foods, electromagnetic pollution, and too many vaccinations too soon and too closely spaced.

Perhaps, as this Guardian article suggests, something more is going on.

4 thoughts on “Is autism actually a step forward?

  1. wonder if we are ‘autistic’ in dreams? nonphys? do we need ‘left brain function anywhere but ‘here’? (3D)

    1. It’s a good question. I am beginning to think that we experience as autism is actually the overload that results from suppression of left-brain function, rather than the suppression itself.

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