Is autism actually a step forward?

My friend Keliu Lindelien (author of Gift from my Son) said to me years ago that she thought that perhaps autism was suppression of left-brain functioning. It causes problems — to put it mildly! But perhaps more is going on here than physical malfunctioning, with or without environmental insults such as adulterated foods, electromagnetic pollution, and too many vaccinations too soon and too closely spaced.

Perhaps, as this Guardian article suggests, something more is going on.

Oregon 2005 (10)

13. Fast Forward

Saturday Sept. 24, 2005. Saturday morning Dave and Keli and Karis and Ben and I pile into their van and head for Crater Lake. Traveling with Ben is far easier than it used to be, apparently, but partly this is because they are working from long experience. One of them tells me, the secret is to always have one more thing in reserve, and they have a whole bag of tricks ready.

Ben’s game boy keeps him happy for hours at a time. (Because of the noises the game boy makes, they humorously refer to it as the GDGB.) And there is the miniature TV (it plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter) that plays DVDs that both Ben and Karis like to watch. Those are the two main tricks that stick in my mind. I know there are others. Karis, bless her, amuses herself.

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