A pretty smart horse

YouTube and Facebook make it easier to share examples of things from all over the world, and on unintended result is that it becomes ever easier to see wrong assumptions we have held.

We are getting so much evidence that animals reason, use tools, communicate, etc., that it is disproving the old assumption that there is a clear distinction between humans and other animal-based life. As that realization spreads, the way we coexist on earth with these other beings is going to have to be transformed. How will we find it possible to keep primates in zoos, when we realize that when they learn sign language, they show us that they communicate thought, not just meaningless phrases? And anyone who has owned a cat or a dog knows that they are vivid, intelligent personalities. Things are going to change. WE are going to change.

Meanwhile, this video will make you smile. She’s stolid and even plodding, but brother, when she wants to get somewhere, she gets there!



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