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Had a nice mid-day chat with Scott Colborn of KZUM radio, Lincoln, Nebraska ( about Afterlife Conversations with Hemingway. Always good when the interviewer knows the subject and asks good questions — makes the guest look intelligent! We talked last year about my book The Cosmic Internet, and I enjoyed that one too. This program will be available free of charge worldwide by Sunday 1/20/13, at 12 noon Central (1 p.m. God’s time :-)) at

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  1. Enjoyed listening Frank and I have one comment concerning your notion of the communicator having a resonance with the “deceased” personality in order to have a viable dialogue. While this is true, your expression of it seemed to assume that the deceased personality would retain its earthbound attitudes and vibration. You doubted that you would have any resonance with Hitler or Stalin. Well, that assumes that they have not moved on and/or up. As Peter Watson Jenkins has demonstrated in his book “Talking With Leaders Of The Past” Hitler has changed quite considerably and has many points of spiritual interest to make. Should you not care to explore the book in full I have made a short “wordofgord” video on the matter, “Channeling Hitler and Others” on YouTube.

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