Back again, more or less

All done.

After a short but intense bit of work, I finished the book. Yesterday I turned in my manuscript to Bob Friedman, who is going to publish it next Spring as part of his Rainbow Ridge Books line with Square One publishing company.

Tentatively, I’m calling it Accessing the Cosmic Internet. May or may not wind up with that title, but that’s the best I’ve come up with so far.

If you’ve read some of the transmissions from the guys that I have posted here, you will have a general idea of the nature and intent of the book. It’s my attempt to put together some of the information the guys have given me, to show how the universe works. In fact, our tentative subtitle is A Guide to How the Universe Works.

Oh, there will be more for me to do before the book is out, of course. There always is. Bob as editor will have some thoughts on it, and, after a while, I’ll re-read it and see how I feel about it – see if there are glaring gaps, or afterthoughts, or whatever. And I’ll need to put together the beginnings of an index.

But for the moment, I’m done, and I can look around and tend to the things I’ve been letting stack up. In a couple of days, hopefully I will be able to start posting regularly once again. It certainly has been a while!

9 thoughts on “Back again, more or less

  1. Congratulations, Frank! I’m sure, even though it’s #6, it’s still on the order of difficulty of creating life to write a book. I’m looking forward to reading it.


  2. Frank,
    congratulations fellow author !!! And a publisher too…Will have to check into Square one when I am finished my revisions for Lucia Means Light.

    How about Accessing the Cosmic Web?..just a slight shift, but more poetic,no?

  3. Congratulations, Frank. I look forward to reading the finished product. I must also confess (prod, prod) that I would also love to read the sequel to Babe in the Woods (when you get the chance, of course). Don’t mind me, though–I’m just greedy!

  4. Frank,
    You are brilliant! I have, by now, read the Cosmic Internet. Coming up with a book title is an art I think. I find I am inspired by you and I have read many many books, especially, of the esoteric kind.

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