Gone Fishing?

I know it’s been a while since I posted here. (Bless you, Suzanne, for reminding me how long!)

I am writing a book based on the TGU material, and it tends to focus my attention on it rather than on any other form of writing. No excuse, but it’s the closest thing to an excuse that I have, so I might as well use it.

The book? I have been thinking of calling it “So You Think Your Life Was Wasted,” but I have had second thoughts, so am referring to it for the moment as “he 2010 book.” After I finish, then I’ll find the right title, a la Hemingway.

Bob Friedman, my friend and former co-conspirator at Hampton Roads, has been an appreciative follower of the TGU conversations, and although we don’t yet have a contract, it looks like he will publish my book as part of a line of books he edits for Square One, a New York house.

Hopefully the neglect this blog has suffered will turn out to have been worthwhile.

2 thoughts on “Gone Fishing?

  1. Frank,
    Funny how commections work. Today I realized that I had not accessed your blog site for quite a while, nor had you been messaging on TMI Explorers (which I always look forward to reading),but not to worry because I knew you were busy with the book. So today I checked in on you and there you go. Good Show!! Good Work…Thanks

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