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A friend sent me this beautiful image, which appeared in the Netherlands, and is said to be the largest crop circle to date.

Years ago, the guys upstairs delivered a lengthy description of the origin, nature and purposes (plural) of crop circles. (It’s in The Sphere and the Hologram, session 9.) The bottom line is that it is a mistake to think that these are messages from aliens in flying saucers — rather, they are messages from another dimension.

Beautiful, no?

4 thoughts on “An amazing image

  1. This looks like a message of hope for the human race. The butterfly is the symbol of transformation in many cultures around the world. What a beautiful message to use to encourage us to persevere at this tumultuous time in Earth history.

  2. Frank,
    This image reminds me a book titled “The Language of Space” in which the author, John W. Weilgart,recounts in his preamble in somewhat poetic form, his intimate encounter with a butterfly-like being when he was a small child.

    Later versions of this book I believe have air-brushed this matter out the book to position the new version for the synthetic language crowd. But John directly implies in the early version that his mind melded with that of the dying being’s, and if you read the book,you will wonder how any human mind could have created such a language. This is a case of “ontologic transmission” as we have in Buddhism.

    I have looked at this book since I found it in the 1970’s, and it has proven consistent with Jung’s four functions of consciousness, Gardiner’s 8 intelligences, and the five elements of eastern and western mysticism, besides being both a spoken language and a symbolic one. But you will lose a lot of time reading this book to verify what I just said “without a little help.”

    I am open to sharing this side adventure of mine to a small group of others who also have found their “so an so’s” upstairs because it’s an unbelievable story about appreciating someone else’s unbelievable story.

    Thanks for sharing the beauty….

    CM. 21sept2009

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