Black Box Session 11-17-00 (1)

Session ten of ten

Friday, November 17, 2000


For this session only, Skip video-taped the monitor so I could see later what was going on real-time rather than only in the summary graph. I went into the session without any change in intent, still ready to receive whatever they had to give; still receptive to, and confident in, and trusting of, Guidance. I told him I hoped they would bring the series to some sort of closure, but wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t, just because I half-expected it. (-:

It seems a long way from where we were when we began this series, 11 weeks ago.

The session

[resonant tuning.]

F: Trying to report without getting out of the state. In the pyramid, and it’s all mixed in with my Gateway and other Gateways. It’s all the same process. Part of the invisible government of the world form the other side. Or the guidance of the world. [pause] One of the reasons for priesthoods is mutual support because they have to give up so much of the rest of the world to do what they’re doing. [pause] Political power only, is only for decayed priesthoods, because it’s so – pathetic, silly – next to what the real priesthoods do. [pause] Sometimes it’s a cover for what they’re really doing. [pause] Hmm. Yeah, sometimes it’s a camouflage. Being seen as corrupt can protect you from the corrupt. [pause] What I am experiencing I would call loving waves of cold running over me.

S: Again, welcome this energy.

F: Absolutely. [pause] Puts tears in my eyes, in fact. [long pause] Between the waves of cold and my having moved to the base chakra, obstructions in the flow become obvious. There’s a spot in my back that is – that I’m going to – that I’m now changing, to let the flow – flow. [pause]

S: Move on to Focus 12?

F: That’s fine.

S: Very good.

F: [pause] Better, in fact. [pause] It’s funny, I’m aware of talking to you and I’m also forgetting you’re there. [pause] Oh, there’s two of us in here, I guess. [long pause] We can be much more aware of our bodies doing this. The obstruction’s very obvious. [pause] Like a stone in the stream. [pause] All right, gentlemen, I’m at your disposal. What would you like to be showing my today? [pause] Maybe 15, Skip?

S: Very good.

F: [pause] Show me what you’d like to show me. Or tell me what you’d like to tell me. [pause] Feeling of being held rigid in a sheath of cold. It’s like the cold is a rigid sheath for this time. Up to my thighs; it’s cold up to my thighs. It’s cold and rigid. [pause] I’m getting that if I can just let go, I’ll get it, but I don’t know how to let go. So let’s rephrase that: I’m letting go, whatever I’m doing. [pause] There’s a mountain. And a broad road or a path on the side of the mountain, part way up. The mountain is to the right of me. I’m looking at that side of the mountain, and this wide wooden – I mean, dirt. Wooden? No, dirt track, it’s wide and – [pause] It’s wide enough for a cart. And horse. [pause] Very rugged, it’s not treed. I can’t decide if the mountain itself is cold. [pause] Well, it may be a horse and cart, and I’m seeing it from inside the cart – or from the floor of the cart, open cart. That would be the wood, maybe. [pause]

Well, I get that I’m lying much like this in the cart, head toward the back. [pause]

S: You may ask Guidance, where are we going?

F: Yes, what’s going on here? I get the feeling he’s dead, actually. [pause] Why am I being showed this, or give me more of – I don’t understand yet what I’m seeing. [pause] It’s pulled back, because the point of the scene is the mountain somehow, and not the cart and the horse and the man.

S: Mm-hmm. And remember that sometimes it’s necessary to experience rather than understand, like, “I don’t understand how to ride a bike”; it’s a matter of experiencing.

F: Umm. Give me a clue here, what am I doing?

S: I was just suggesting that perhaps, rather than trying to analyze or understand what’s happening, to give yourself over to the experience. As you were saying before, let it go.

F: All right. you may not hear from me for a while here. [long pause] Oh! [long pause] Well I think it was a soldier. I think he — Might have been a German soldier, but that’s the pain in the left leg that I’ve been perplexed about. The pain that I feel here, but not really, not in the outside world. And the cold! particularly in the feet, and hunger and – something in the – it’s like he might have got shot or something in the teeth in the back. [pause] I don’t still see the relevance, but that’s what’s there. [pause] I think I’d like to move on, if we can.

S: Yes. Expanding once again, using the method you’ve learned now move to the colors to focus 21.

F: [pause] When I first visualized 21, it was an elevator through a mountain, coming up to the top of the mountain, on a cleared spot, where I could meet other energy forms. And that’s where I am now, and there they are – not that I’m seeing visions but – [pause] That elevator is a symbol for another symbol, us moving along our awareness to another part of ourselves that exists whether we’re visiting it or not. But here’s there’s – it’s like, we’re on a plateau, at the top of a mountain, between the earth and the sky. The meeting spot. Another symbol. [pause]

Now my legs are suddenly warm, and I’m getting that that’s a symbol as well, that it’s – that it’s – it’s bone-deep – it’s – the connection is bone deep but the nature of the connection is warmth. [pause] And I feel that. [pause] I talk of them, but there isn’t any them-ness, it’s all just all one. But it’s another part of one. [pause] And the Egyptian sitting on his judgment throne, is here, as a symbol perhaps of that – [pause] even though we don’t experience it this way commonly, since it’s – since it’s all out of time, it’s all now, and he’s as near to them – if you want to put it that way – as I, or as I will be. [pause] That [pause] it’s curious, it’s all about the same question. It all exists, and yet there’s that little wave of the present that we surf. That wave is our awareness [pause] I’m having difficulty because I’m fighting with the concepts. They started to say that and I say, “well, okay, but everybody happens to be in the present at the same time.” So let’s see. [pause]

The wave exists. And everybody who is attuned to the wave is on the wave. In other words the present as experienced only contains the people who are magnetized to that same present. [pause] It’s as though the frequency or the character of the present changes, predictably, forever, and each new change magnetizes a different part of the same being to awareness. It’s like a wave – flowing over a long expanse. Wherever it is, is the part that is aware so-called. No, that is. It’s an activator, somehow. Something can be done there, that can only be done there. Things can – It’s like polarities can shift in the present, right under that wave. [pause]

And I’m getting the sense that that wave moves predictably and regularly in the same way that the tides move to the moon and the sun; that there are other bodies or influences that move it along in a regular way. [pause] Part of me is going, “I wonder if this makes any sense?”

[pause] If we – it’s as though we are electrical units in the presence of a field, magnetized by that field in a certain way, if we are magnetized crosswise, so to speak, it causes disruptions, and those disruptions can lead to a degree of freedom. [pause] I don’t have any idea what that means. [pause] This really strong visual of a wave of energy – not a water wave – sweeping steadily and predictably across the entire surface of a globe, just as – going around in a big circle, just as the tides would. [pause] This has something to do with our ability to become aware of the parts of us that are not in that wave. That’s what we’re doing now, somehow. The Egyptian, or the soldier, or anybody, aren’t under the wave, — I want to say, “as far as we’re concerned.” Like we’re being carried on the wave, over this surface that exists. But I don’t know – [sigh]

[pause] Little bit of a headache, around my temples. Welcoming it in, and asking what can be learned from it. I think we want to move, Skip. How ‘bout we go up to – 23?

S: All right. We’ll pass through 23 for a few minutes, and on to 25.

F: Well, actually, let’s linger in 23 if we can.

S: All right.

[continued next post, 6-29-07]

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