Black Box Session 11-10-00 (2)

Session nine of ten


[after long pause]

For heaven’s sakes! This is the living body maps, but more powerful. [pause] I’m either jumping to conclusions or I’m being prompted; I think this will help psychological problems too. I think one can fix their emotional and mental and physical and their energy level bodies – I think we can do that ourselves, starting from moving to the base chakra and going to 12. I have all kinds of back pains in specific places, and I’m becoming – underneath what I’m talking about – I’m aware of them and I can – smooth them. I don’t know how else to say it. It enters my awareness, and I rather want it corrected, and it corrects. [pause] The thing I didn’t report is that immediately I had said about the potential of it, it felt like my stomach – since I’m lying on my back – it’s like it came in about half an inch or an inch; it like collapsed down. It felt like something that had been held, was released. [pause] I’m losing that focus in there, I’ve got to get it back again. [pause]

I’ve lived most of my life without much body awareness, as a way of pushing that awareness away. That was the only way I knew how to deal with the pain or the incon—whatever the word is. Disabilities. But that isn’t necessary now. [sigh] What I get is even if, is that if we could convey the awareness, even people like Michael who’s a quadriplegic could learn to rewire their system. Basically it’s – I wonder – it suddenly hits a major block in my mental belief systems. You know, I’m thinking about teeth and I’m going “geez, I wonder if we could regenerate teeth?” and that’s too much for me to believe. So it sort of stops there. I have a suspicion that if it weren’t [too much for me to believe] it wouldn’t stop there. [pause]

It’s hard to keep my awareness there and not have it bounce up into the mind. I’m not used to that.

S: Want to try going on to 15?

F: [pause] All right, let’s see what happens. [pause] And this would be one place where I would never have focused on my body. I do love this energy here. [pause]

A sense of rippling water immediately. Like a stream in a cavern, in a grotto. There was something a while ago about a cavern, and somebody looking in, some weeks ago. This may be the cavern. It’s like nighttime. [pause] I’m holding my awareness down there by my hips, as best I can. [pause] A sense actually that it may be a woman. Young woman. [pause] Nothing else, but I have a sense that I’m blocking it, actually. Not trying to. Hmm. I get the sense that this is a major blockage, actually. [pause] She’s very connected to nature, to the world. The cave, the woods, the fields, the stars. Very much a part of it. I keep getting the sense that sex has something to do with it. [pause] It’s like she’s lying there, waiting for somebody, or waiting for sex, or waiting to be the receiver, the recipient, the receptor. That’s actually the word I want. [pause] I don’t get a sense of anything realistic like a fire or food or — things, it’s just that it may be a symbol. Not sure yet. [sigh] Now my hands feel like they’re on solids. Not the Egyptian chair. [pause] Maybe not relevant. [long pause]

Got lost, I was thinking about Kelly and her children, how she first was – her husband had had a vision that she would have a child named Keri, and she went through the pregnancy thinking it was Keri and it turned out to be Rory instead. Keri didn’t come til the third child. [pause] That was sparked I think by a pain in my lower back. Or maybe the lower back of this woman. [pause] Perhaps it’s a metaphor for childbirth. The bringing forth of things. Gentlemen, how about some clarity on this? [pause]

It’s like this cavern is the still center – like the cavern itself is a womb, and within the womb is a woman with a womb. [pause] Okay, there’s an element in us that is the carrier of the new life. [pause]

Mind flashed to [the movie] Conscious Brevity from [longtime TMI supporter and Bob Monroe friend] Ed Wilson. [pause] Uncomfortable tightness above my pubic bone but above the stomach. That whole front area. Uncomfortable awareness of it. It’s usually there. [pause]

Funny sense of little minor muscles here and there readjusting themselves, like in my arms. For the better, I mean. I think we should go elsewhere. [pause] Don’t know up or down, though. [pause] Headache says – well, I don’t know, they want to go – Let’s go back to 12, Skip.

S: All right.

F: For some reason that’s more important. I toyed with 21, but that’s not what’s on the program. Real clear sense of the crystal again, of a – I don’t know. It’s like being inside, looking out, and also being outside looking in at the same time, with the main focus being on the surface of the crystal, how it’s semi-transparent. [pause] Strong pressure above my eyes that I at first interpreted as a headache. As I’m paying attention to it, it’s going. [long pause]

Got lost. Working on my eyes. Sensed that they’re too full, which causes the pain. They’re too – too much pressure. And I was thinking about Louis as well, and wondering what this would do for him. But my toes on the one foot and the eyes are right now where my….

[change tape sides]

F: [staccato voice] …where I’m working from. It’s remarkable. It’s like, even a long-term problem is not serious necessarily, because we can now stop them form being continuing problems. A continuing problem that will develop into something or more serious other things being equal can be just returned to normal channels thus removing the problem from existence. This can be done not only on the energetic level, but directly on the physical level. The energetic level works well when you work from another chakra, but if you aren’t in the base chakra, you don’t have the same leverage to deal directly with the physical. You can actually work from the physical and the energetic from the root chakra simultaneously. Which is to say, perform miracles. This is also how you change your fortune, your luck, your – life tendencies. You get down into the root chakra the base chakra and turn your pattern. This is one reason why primitive people – that is to say primitive personalities – are sometimes so successful in competitive and external – events, or whatever that is. They are already working from this chakra, not knowing better, so to speak – from a Downstairs perspective – and function very well because they instinctively have stumbled on or live in the place that is the point of power.

People who have learned to function from higher chakras, or who function there from nature, by nature, or instinctively or by choice or by circumstance so called, are somewhat at a disadvantage. The advantage to their position is that they can learn to go from the root chakra and then have many strings to their bows, whereas someone who starts there will probably, not invariably, stop there. [pause] We say, ye are gods.

Rather than perch at the pinnacle of the crystal, live at the inside in the heart of the thing and extend to the whole thing. To live on the periphery is of course to be on the periphery rather than at the heart—the seat of power. The ultimate trick would be to live everywhere at once, but the intermediate trick is to live in the seat of power and extend to all of the periphery. Which includes not just beginning and ending places, but everything between. Or, the whole crystal.

[“whew”] Sense I’m floating. [pause] And a sense of real compassion for my lungs, actually. Not only have they been doing the best they can, but they’ve been getting verbally abused by me. [pause] There’s a small wheeze, and I’m trying to – I don’t know what I’m doing, but it’s going away. We can have perfect health. [pause] Oh, interesting. This is what Mary Baker Eddy learned, but didn’t put in these terms, and we can’t read her language easily. It doesn’t – it’s hard for us to relate to it. [pause] A lot of pain in my eyes because it’s a major problem that’s been ignored. Very hard to work on the eyes without bouncing back up to that chakra. Can be done. I say “work on,” but it’s just keeping them in loving attention, I guess. [pause] Hmm. We treat our pets better than we treat our bodies, in a way. [pause]

Remarkable feeling because different muscles are popping into prominence – metaphorically speaking – and then re- going back to n- No, that’s not it. I’m finding one after another – No, that’s not it either. One after another, a muscle calls itself to my attention, and somehow in the doing of that, seems to smooth out and become normal. [yawn]

This is in no particular order, and it’s not something I’m trying to control or direct. I hold in my awareness as a background field, individual field, individual things are coming up and surfacing and going away. Or surfacing and not going away. Depending. Cold. Oh, the cold. [pause] The cold is somehow our friend. That sounds particularly sappy. But it is – well, that’s where the chill of death comes in; they’re feeling the connection and interpreting it as losing temperature. [pause] [yawn] Plenty cold now. [pause] Again the sense of being on a space ship. The cold of space, the cold of death, same thing. [pause] Old science fiction story about a grandmother and her two [grand]kids in something with limited oxygen and she puts herself into a yoga trance so that they can breathe, and she still comes out at the end. [pause] [yawn] Oh, man. Unbelievable waves of cold. I’m going to encourage that cold up into my eyes, and see if we can’t – I get the sense that the suffusion of cold is like the suffusion of blood. That it’s a cleansing thing in some way. That it’s an access of energy. [yawn] Each yawn brings in more cold. [pause] [yawn] Stray thought about lunch. [yawn] The thought comes that this is also a way to mobilize energy when needed. And without burning the candle at three or four or five ends; that somehow this will in a way generate power. [yawn] [pause] Freezing cold.

Oh, got to stretch. [yawn]

S: It’s time to be returning, so follow the sounds back to focus 10.

F: Is it really? I was just going to say let’s go to 21, since we have some time. And we don’t need to, at all, but – huh. [yawn] How many minutes have we been, then?

S: A little over an hour.

F: My heavens. Doesn’t feel like it. You’re lying basically, that’s the answer. Twenty minutes, tops. No, maybe half an hour. [yawn] Were we by chance on the null point today?

S: You have walked in that direction a while, but it seemed like attending to the body kept pulling you back. You kept walking down a little bit further, then you’d come on back up. It was a set of normal parameters we usually see.

F: Mm-hmm.

S: Okay, let’s count you down. [He does.]

[debrief next post, 6-25-07]

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