Out on a Limb, long ago

It was, if I had only known it, the beginning, finally.

It was 1987. I was 40 years old. I was writing editorials for the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot, a  job that paid well and had rescued me from the world of computer programming. But my primary interest in life, besides writing, was psychic exploration, if I could ever figure out how to do it.

For reasons I have set forth in my book Muddy Tracks, suddenly there I was, attending the first of Shirley MacLaine’s Higher Self Seminars in nearby Virginia Beach. When I came home, I wrote up a piece about it, which appeared in the Commentary section of the largest newspaper in Virginia on Sunday, February 1.

This article turned out to be the end of some things and the beginning of many others, including my chance to participate in the creation and growth of Hampton Roads Publishing Company. What Shirley MacLaine did was a good thing. The sentiments I expressed at the end of the article remain true today.

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