Did the Universe Know We Were Coming?

This isn’t the kind of theoretical thinking that I feel particularly good at, or qualified for, or even drawn to, but it does have its points of interest. From¬†http://bigthink.com/ideas/38513

The Paradox of Multiple Goldilocks Zones or “Did the Universe Know We Were Coming?”

by Michio Kaku

In second grade, my teacher made a statement that literally shocked me to the core. I have not forgotten it after all these years. She said, “God so loved the Earth that he put the Earth just right from the Sun — Not too far or the oceans would freeze over and not too close or the oceans would boil.” This was an epiphany for me. I thought “That’s right – The Earth IS just right from the Sun!” This was an amazing observation, my first exposure to an astronomical argument. I could see that there was some truth in her statement, since Mars is a frozen desert, and Venus is scorching hot. So the earth is in the Goldilocks Zone region of space, the right distance from the sun, just right for life.

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