Reasons to pause

Friday, July 16, 2021

3:45 a.m. I have questions, the first being, why did we stop just before getting to the point of the series, which was going to be, our life after 3D?

We paused for more than one reason. For one, to begin to accustom people – you included – to the idea that you will not be around forever to do this. Two, to enforce a spacing so that what came in a series of 30 sessions could be absorbed. That material provides a stable basis for further exploration, but it will not integrate itself. It needs to be worked. Three, your re-reading the year’s sessions is important so that you will refresh your awareness of connection. Providing headers for the sessions does that, and you are more likely to do it out of the energy saved from these sessions than you would be otherwise.

So far, almost excuses.

Yes, but four, it requires new ears. You, and your readers present and future. Do the work now to fit yourself to receive more. The “more” may or may not come right away, but it is as important that it not come prematurely as that it does in fact arrive.

You say “not prematurely,” but of course you can’t know what state of preparation any given reader will be at, at any time in the future.

Oh, listen to yourself!

Yes, I get it. I wasn’t thinking.

  • “Premature” refers primarily to your state of awareness, as the conduit that may or may not be able to convey accurately.
  • Present-day readers, somewhat the same, but you and they are linked actively, so the same caveat applies.
  • Future readers will be drawn to it as all of you have been drawn to Seth or to whatever source, according to need and to state of preparation. It is never “at random.” Even when you “stumble upon” something before you are ready for it, that will be held for you in a state of suspended comprehension (you might say), available for what will seem like a belated “aha!” when the time is ripe.

Sparks at the right time.


So, it is for each of us to resume work on ourselves – which amounts to following guidance.

Is it ever any different?

No. Another question: The biopsy came back negative, but my reaction was not one of relief, but of no change. I have tentatively decided that this is because I was not very concerned in the first place, but I don’t know that I’m quite satisfied with that as an explanation. It is true as far as it goes, but I don’t get that it is the whole story.

You’re merely feeling the warm breath of mortality at your back. If it isn’t this, it will be that. If not now, at another time. it has always been true, of course, but it is more pointed now.

In order – I sometimes suspect – to prod me to take care of so many loose ends.

That may be an effect; clearly it cannot be a cause. It would be truer to say that it is a reminder that “the bird is on the wing.”

Thank you, Omar Khayyam.

A lot of 3D wisdom there to be plucked.

Yes. I suppose I should re-read it. Wonderful work.

You had more questions.

I did, but I don’t remember them at the moment. Presumably you do: Why not just answer them, my intent being the – oh yes, I remember. But it wasn’t exactly a question.

The record and the needle. Briefly sketch our background on that.

You were giving Rita and me explanations of 3D v. non-3D in function. (At least, that’s how I remember it.) One analogy you came up with is that you in non-3D are the phonograph record – you have all the information, or anyway all the access to the information. We in 3D function as the phonograph needle that pinpoints what the record will play. Even at the time, I twitted you that your analogies were technologically obsolescent.

And yesterday it occurred to you that the same analogy applied to the afterlife.

I did. I was sitting quietly, wondering what you were going to tell us, when and if we ever got to such a session, and this was one thought I had. There were others, but I have forgotten them as I had forgotten this one. So – commentary?

After death, you become more the record, with other parts of life being the needle. This isn’t wrong, but it is far from the whole story, and would be misleading without context. We’ll provide that context in due course, so don’t push against it, trying to hurry future understandings.

You will, unless something happens to prevent me from recording it.

If not you and us, it will be others. The universe does not refuse sustenance to those ready for it. As Jesus put it, you won’t ask for bread and be given a stone. But you have to really want it, not go through the motions because you think you ought to want it.

In other words, do the work.

You can’t get anything as a gift, not really. It often seems that way – appears that way – but the inner truth is that you can’t get what you aren’t prepared for, and you don’t prepare by accident or behind your own back.

But, ask and it will be given.

Exactly. Ask. And you ask by what you are, quite as much as by anything in particular you may do. This isn’t about ritual or about earning anything, except in the sense of earning it by making yourself capable of receiving it.

I get that this one little crumb of information – this spark – is meant less to tide us over a dry spell than to help float us over it.

“Dry spell” is meaningful only in terms of a predecided idea of what is normal. Not every pause is an obstacle. Not every long slog is productive.

Okay, live in faith, I got that.

Also, remember that the needle and the record analogy is a spark, nothing more. It is not an explanation nor even a conduit to an explanation, only an opener of doors.


4 thoughts on “Reasons to pause

  1. Frank, although we do not know each other, I wish you a full and satisfying life. Whenever you choose to actually “know” what non-3D life is like, yours and that of your greater self’s sharing and participation with others is and will continue to be greatly appreciated.

  2. TGU were right. By enforcing a spacing, I no longer have my daily reading/think session and a-ha moments. I miss it. So I shall start again from the beginning and now linger and deep dive without the feeling that I’m falling behind.
    I am a (somewhat undercover) free thinker in a rural state in the Bible Belt. I was not that worried about being ostracized; there was just an inability to fully articulate what I knew inside other than it sure wasn’t ‘that’. All my life I knew I was different from my norm and had no idea how or why. Then Muddy Tracks fell in my lap a few years ago which led me to all your other books then to your website. You put words to my knowing and expanded and challenged me. I am grateful. Thank you.

  3. Carla,
    I’m also a free thinker from a southern rural area. I remember the big people telling me stuff as a kid, and I knew they believed what they were saying, but that quiet voice inside would say, that’s not quite right, or God’s not that way. So I just bookmarked those thoughts until years later when I could finally look for the answers on my own. I concluded, after many years of work and also getting a master’s in theological studies, that some people want something simple to believe. They’re too busy with life to give it much thought. Some of us want to know more and are willing to read and ponder and search until we find answers, however provisional.
    Frank’s writings have stretched my thinking in ways it wouldn’t have normally gone. I’ve read channeled material, followed several trance channelers over the years. I prefer having a human mind in the loop to ask questions and to challenge ideas that don’t make sense.

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